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by Donna on Today at 05:15:03 AM
65 Views | 3 Replies
by Donna on Yesterday at 10:00:48 PM
I had to share this.

116 Views | 8 Replies
by Like2show on Yesterday at 08:03:30 PM
This morning I was at Starbucks getting coffee and on my way out I saw this gorgeous tan blonde with a mini skirt and plump ass and huge breast... As soon as I saw her I wonder how her ass and Pussy would taste if she sat on my face...I tongue started craving her haha...to bad she was with her hubby.... Any one else here ever go through this craving?

Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
132 Views | 6 Replies
by Dirk11 on April 18, 2014, 06:22:44 PM
Thinking of taking some new pictures of my cock and me next week. Any particularly type shot's you like to see. Love to here from the ladies on this one too. If you have links to an examples. post the link for me. What would you like see:
shave or unshaved?
In the shower
in the bath
What? give me some ideals what you all like?  Thumbs up
253 Views | 3 Replies
by Cgn21 on April 16, 2014, 09:00:16 PM
After having a forskin for 46 years I am booked in to have it removed
I am finally going to have sex without pain
My forskin hasn't grown with me so when I have an erection my forskin is tight and leaves me with little tears in it
I normally have a P Albert piercing but have had to remove it because of the tightness
Wish me luck
I have my shaft tattooed and that will be altered
260 Views | 4 Replies
by Donna on April 16, 2014, 10:26:29 AM
I know some members are waiting to hear how my Nyotaimori/Nantaimori Japanese themed dinner party went last weekend.  I ended up wearing a robe which was Japanese designed - double sided, one with a dragon and one with cherry blossoms.  As I wasn't sure of the weather, and for modesty as the robe kept coming undone, I wore a black skirt and see through shirt, with an underbust corset under the robe, plus stockings and boots.  I put my hair in a bun, made a headpiece and stuck a couple of chopsticks in my bun and decided that was it.  I wore a little red makeup, not too heavy as I don't like too much makeup.  As it turned out, I did get hot for a while, so took off the robe, left on the corset, skirt and top. 

When I got to the party I was greeted by a Samurai, who took my name and gave me a run down of proceedings.                            (contd)
198 Views | 2 Replies
by DMinted on April 16, 2014, 09:42:51 AM
So beautiful. A youtube montage of Native American men.

61 Views | 0 Replies
by Pornogamous on April 16, 2014, 03:01:25 AM
As a new member here, I was wondering what level of rapport is generally expected before clicking "Add To Buddy List" on someone's profile?
362 Views | 12 Replies
by Superaverageman on April 15, 2014, 12:25:12 PM
This is extremely funny, but it's not a joke, and the internet is all abuzz! I'm not sure if this is a huge mistake, or a brilliant ad campaign! Wink Either way though, I laughed my ass off!

278 Views | 5 Replies
by HOMinCanada on April 14, 2014, 04:28:46 PM
This is some of the best use of artwork I've seen. Amazing work. Love the canvas. Good video of the work also. (You may have to look very closely, don't assume.)

200 Views | 5 Replies
by Creamy123 on April 14, 2014, 04:26:11 PM
I've only been married for a few months and my husband is so hot. He licks my pussy for 45 minutes and plunges his long tongue inside of me. He buries his face in my soaking wet vagina. He laps up my creamy cum and plays with my swollen clitoris with his flicking tongue until I burst. When I get home from a sweaty run he wants my pussy even more burying his face between my lips, and kissing, licking, and sucking my genitals until I've cum what seems to be 300 times. My sweet husband then turns me over sometimes and spreads my cheeks to expose my butt hole which he fingers and massages. Then he starts licking my lower back and slides down my crack and kisses and licks my asshole. He once again buries his face in my butt and penetrates my sensitive wet asshole with his wonderful tongue. Finally it's time for him to Fuck me and I get wet just thinking about it. He grabs my hips and I spread my legs while he enters me with his long thick cock, he is so big that he has caused multiple trips to the doctor. The walls of my vagina start flexing and quivering as he enters me and all I can do it cum, as I get through the first orgasms he is moving my legs far far apart and teasing me with the fat head of his cock popping in and out, dripping my sweet creamy cum all over our sheets. He contorts me in all kinds of positions so that he can fill me up with his huge cock. When I can't take it anymore I beg him to fuck me in doggy position and as he slaps against me penetrating me deeply he plays with my butt hole and caresses my wet pink clit. The rim of my anus starts to pucker with his touch and I want anal so bad. First he drops to the bed so I can play a little and keep my pussy wet so we can make it last well into the night or day for that matter. I mount him with my knees and shins on the bed and flick my hips forward to push his cock inside me deeper and rub my clit on his pelvis. He let's me have a few orgasms and then butterflies my knees out with his strong but gentles hands. As I'm taking in his cock while sitting like a frog he watches his cock go inside my dripping pink pussy and I bounce up and down. He then picks me up and and he holds my quivering body as he holds my butt cheeks and and rubs me against his naked body with his cock inside of me up and down for 5-10 min., when I've cum so much my pussy convulses with any touch he puts me on my knees and fucks me until he fills every square centimeter of my pussy with cum. He is usually still hard and penetrates my wet asshole if my pussy is too tight. He has to be gentle because this is new and he doesn't want to hurt my body.We moan for minutes at a time and I cum harder than I do all night. My husband satisfies me to the depths of my soul and is making me an addict for his cock. The described sexual encounter is our most basic of days, every day is slightly different and unbelievably gets more intense and kinky every time.
216 Views | 3 Replies
by Donna on April 14, 2014, 06:48:25 AM

And for all the men that have ladies in their lives they care about. A reminder of the dangers of not touching yourself in different ways. 
144 Views | 2 Replies
by myselfAndI on April 12, 2014, 06:36:28 PM
Lets have some fun!  Anybody have ideas to finding clues that your partner masturbates?   Shocked
230 Views | 4 Replies
by feeltheheat on April 12, 2014, 12:43:58 PM
hi everyone this is my first post in 3 years(used to have another persona)

I am curious to know what you're thoughts are on masturbating outside our having sex.
for me it's a little tabo, but I have apapartments overlooking my backyard so I only go out and best of when it's dark. it feels great though. I kinda want  caught.

anyone else like this? thoughts??
233 Views | 4 Replies
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