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by SF Stroker on Yesterday at 08:15:53 PM

I agree with the last guy…….go find a monk!  Grin
by AstroMan on September 28, 2015, 02:28:28 PM
I swear, it is nigh impossible to find women to cam with anymore.

That's all; just venting.
by jonn on September 21, 2015, 08:59:12 PM
I am curious how everyone else experiences physical, sexual pleasure and whether it differs between people and genders.  Obviously we all enjoy it or we wouldn't be here, but maybe we are all used to different feelings?  Maybe we can learn something from each other.

Obviously there are highs and lows, so I am asking about average experiences.  Answer or don't answer whatever you like, but try to be honest without exaggeration, even if it sounds boring.  Grin

Here are four specific questions:

1) What is the pleasure like during an average masturbation session?  Not including the orgasm, that question comes later.  What type of stimulation creates this pleasure?

2) What about during sex with a partner?  Just whatever you would consider to be normal sex.  Again, not including the orgasm.  If you don't have a concept of "normal" sex, that is perfectly okay too!

3) What does an "average" orgasm feel like, when masturbating alone?

4) What does an "average" orgasm feel like, when having sex with a partner?

Those are still very open-ended questions.  To give you some idea of what kind of answers I am looking for, here are my own answers to those questions.

1) Most of the sensation during an "average" masturbation session is neutral.  It is no more pleasurable than washing my hands in warm water.  That is to say the usual feeling of stroking my own erect penis is merely pleasant, and not something I would bother with if that was all there was to it.  I'm doing this for physical pleasure.  Mild to moderately intense pleasure sometimes accompanies a stroke of the penis.  The pleasure is very irregular, in that it is hard to predict when it will happen.  The pleasure is mostly focused around the head of my penis and is created by direct stimulation.  The pleasure is there and gone in a flash, and it is hard to quantify.  I would say one pulse of pleasure every 3 to 20 seconds is possible depending on my level of arousal and the type of stimulation.  I'm sure a lot of this is psychological!

I usually use toys when I masturbate, because the added stimulation increases the intensity and frequency of the pleasurable feelings and that makes the whole experience more enjoyable.  But the pleasure still only comes in brief flashes most of the time.  If I am very turned on, the pleasurable feelings are more intense and more frequent.  It can approach intense continuous pleasure (great feelings from every stroke). But when this happens it means I am about to cum and it will all be over soon.  Edging is so difficult!

2) I have never been with a partner for sex.  I recently got a sex doll (not a cheap inflatable one) but it doesn't change the physical pleasure I feel with my penis very much.  After all, it is more or less just a fancy case for a masturbation sleeve that is made out of the same material as a fleshlight.  There is something real gained by going hands-free and having a body to touch, but it isn't directly related to the sensation of thrusting in and out, which remains about the same.  Not continuously pleasurable, but there are moments of moderately intense pleasure long before orgasm.

3) There is a huge difference in orgasm with different types of stimulation.  Masturbating by hand, without lube, orgasm is continuous and pleasurable, though the intensity varies and sometimes it is not intense at all.  It lasts perhaps 5 contractions, maybe 10 on a really good day.  The slower the contractions, the longer it lasts, but it is always over too soon, and pleasure quickly subsides to neutral sensation as the refractory period starts.

If I masturbate by hand with lube, the orgasm is actually much less intensely pleasurable which I attribute to there being less friction and less stimulation.  Otherwise if I'm doing it without lube and cum gets on my hand, it immediately adds a lot of lubrication around my penis head and that reduces sensation and pleasure the moment it happens.

If I use a masturbation sleeve or doll, I always use lube.  But even a lightly textured sleeve makes the orgasm overstimulating to the point I often can't continue moving throughout the orgasm, and the orgasm feels wasted because the intense pleasure ends when I stop moving.  If I am stroking manually with a fleshlight and using both hands, with some mental discipline I can keep it going throughout and it is mind-blowingly intense, bordering on painful.  But if I am doing it hands free and thrusting with my hips, the stimulation is too much and I haven't been able to train myself to not stop.  So actually I have not had very many great orgasms lately because of this overstimulation.  The rest of the experience is good enough to make up for it, but I wish it wasn't a trade-off to use a toy.

I recently started experimenting with condoms to make the orgasms less overstimulating.  I got a box of regular Trojans and it turns out these are some of the thickest available.  I have only used one so far.  I still stopped moving during that orgasm, perhaps more out of reflex than necessity.  My penis had a very nice pleasurable tingling sensation during that orgasm, quite different from what I am used to and I wouldn't mind feeling more of that.  But the other downsides of the condom were significant.  Normal thrusting before orgasm lost most of its sensation and pleasure, and despite the condom being very tight it kept slipping up my penis and the end would scrunch up, fold over, and be uncomfortable.  And did I mention the smell of latex on those things?  Yikes.

4) Again, never been with a partner so I can only imagine.
by JOmaster on September 19, 2015, 11:12:24 AM
This past week has been very busy with work and that made me fall behind on my usual daily masturbation; my body seems to have felt the lack of release, and now that I have time to myself I can't seem to stop masturbating.  I have encountered this syndrome many times before: even as a young prepubescent masturbator, skipping a day or two of my daily wanking regimen would cause a buildup of horniness that would require multiple sessions to satiate.

So here I go again.  It's as if some inner voice has told me, Don't even think about going out. We have a lot of masturbating to do. I did it twice last night, falling asleep lubed and semen splattered; again this morning; and now I'm typing this one handed, as one hand is busy keeping my rigid cock at attention. This solo sex orgy is going to involve hours of edging and multiple loads.  Thumbs up

Any other chronic masturbators out there experience this? Does an interruption in your masturbatory routine lead to a compensating bout of extreme wanking?
by HOMinCanada on September 18, 2015, 09:38:09 AM
I tell you, I fucking Love Science has some good articles!
Here is another

by mikedog69 on September 16, 2015, 11:25:08 AM
35 years of masturbation, 29 years of having sex and I'm still learning what feels good. I thought I was pretty in tune with my body, I knew how I liked it, what felt good, what didn't, how to have the strongest orgasm possible. When masturbating I mostly use my hand, but I do on occasion use a flashlight, and have tried other toys through the years. I edge whenever I have time which always makes the orgasms so much stronger. One thing I have always done, as most of us probably do, is pick up the pace as we near orgasm. We want to cum so bad and we can feel it building and we jerk faster to bring it on. Well, just last week, for whatever reason, I decided to slow down. Savor the moment so to speak. Instead of going faster when that feeling started, I kept my pace slow and steady. It took some conscious effort, but the payoff was awesome. The orgasm was stronger and longer. It allowed me to concentrate on the feelings, rather than just wanting to "get there." Just maintaining that controlled pace I felt every convulsion of my cock, every pump of cum out the tip, every ball tightening twitch. It was a big O like no other. And from such a simple, subtle change. Allowing a better mind/body connection. I felt completely spent. My legs were quivering. I just laid there catching my breath.  The only problem, if it even is one, it resulted in quite a mess. Have a towel ready.  Wink
by mikedog69 on September 16, 2015, 09:43:48 AM
Science says yes. Thank goodness, because I had no plans on stopping in any event.


by BigLove88 on September 12, 2015, 04:05:16 PM
Beginning of august I was in a car accident resulting me being in the hospital for 27 days and unable to walk until dr. Says so. Im cooped up without computer access, just my phone. So I will be out of chat for some time until I can  get to my pc. If anyone wants to chat about anything in totally down to, just to occupy my time. Thanks
by passionateguy_india on September 09, 2015, 05:34:57 AM
Hi, Gorgeous women of the forum...
Share with us your experiences of being tied & teased to orgasm...I personally do not like to make it very humiliating and harsh but just edging....
 Love Love Love
by Anyeldiablo on September 04, 2015, 12:43:43 PM
So nice to see them enjoying the finer things in life.  LOL

by IJohn on August 31, 2015, 04:43:16 PM
Sheila Nicholls Streaking Nude at Lords Cricket Ground, London, 29th May 1989
by IJohn on August 31, 2015, 04:40:01 PM
BW Skinny Dip - Guinness World Record Attempt Gisborne 2012 (UnCensored)
by varmint1234 on August 31, 2015, 02:56:28 AM
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