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by Dismalgirl on Yesterday at 09:56:42 PM
I can see there are chatters in there, but all I get when I click on the chat url is a plain grey screen....This is the first for me...
by SF Stroker on November 22, 2017, 11:34:33 AM

Which is your favorite?
by Dismalgirl on November 20, 2017, 02:36:37 AM
I looked high and low all day, and I know i saw it before, a post explaining how to use the small icons above the message box, also, how to change font color.
by Dismalgirl on November 17, 2017, 08:29:55 PM
I seem to have lost the comment section at the bottom of my profile Page.  Is that normal?
by cumwhore on November 15, 2017, 07:52:51 PM
So if a dirty whore was traveling to Portland alone in a couple of weeks and wanted some fun where could she go safely?
by ilikeitalot on November 14, 2017, 11:14:59 AM

The Scavenger Hunt game last night was really fun. We had 12 participants in all. The game was basically me naming an object or an objective, then having everyone show it or do it on cam. Most of the requests had bonus options for more specific objects/objectives. For those that couldn't make it, here are some of the happenings from the game.

We had people produce... working flashlights, porn magazines, wine bottles, butt plugs (with bonuses for giving it a handjob), cats (but no rabbits or rats or ferrets*), magnifying glasses (with bonuses given for magnified sexual body parts (they were so big!)), panties (bonus for green panties and disney-themed panties (nobody had the latter)), nipples (but no bonus given for nipple ring), phones (with a bonus rotary phone!*), bite-sized candy bars (with one bonus red M&M via Obabe :P), DVDs (with lots of bonus porn DVDs), VHS tapes (and yep, got some porn VHS tapes too), store receipts (with bonuses given for Walmart receipt and porn receipt (we counted HSB's Victoria's Secret receipt)), sex toys (with bonuses for toys you can put a penis into, toys you put inside yourself, and toys that vibrate, lots of points given out on this one!), something skin-colored (with lots of bonuses given for genitals), expired food items (with bonus for whoever had the most expired item, goth_lover won that with something from 2009?!?!), something hard (with bonus for hard penis or hard nipple, lots of extra points on this one too).

Stuff that wasn't shown: no basketball (and no bonus for humping it), no strap-on (along with no bonus for wearing it), and... nobody tied their penis or labia into a knot.

For the game's happy ending/gland finale, the objective given was: EJACULATE. And wow, did our participants "produce"! I believe we had six ejaculators in all (bigboi, goth_lover, hot.sexybabe, huntergreen, jayc, reggie). Pretty amazing, given the 5-minute time limit!

Winner: hot.sexybabe (with a whopping 2,064 points!)

Thanks to everyone who played! And also to those who watched and helped Obabe record points accurately (so many cams, it was difficult to see all of them at once).

*I forgot to mention it was dann45 with not only a rotary phone, but also a hedgehog (ya just gotta give points for that, even if it's not a rat or ferret)!
by Atxtouch on November 10, 2017, 09:52:03 AM
Hi All.
So, not that I have any terribly awesome photos to share, BUT, when I am trying to add a new one to my profile, it is always posting in landscape layout, not portrait. I have tried rotating it every which way, but it always ends up sideways.
It is just a regular JPG file. Any advice on how to fix?
by A_Yarndd on November 09, 2017, 06:55:00 AM
or the same sex, if that's a more exciting story.
consensual non-age specific stories only please (in line with the guidelines of the site)

who was it?
how did it happen?
what did you see?
how did it make you feel?
what did you think?
by Dismalgirl on November 07, 2017, 06:07:09 PM
I had to get a new email account.  How do i change old to new?
by poo bare on November 06, 2017, 02:07:25 PM
I use my laptop when I am on o. The only webcam I've ever had is the one on my laptop but that doesn't work very well for getting good angles and I can still see the laptop so I found an app that I can use my cell phone as a webcam it works well with Skype and other sites but when I go into chat on o it just freezes so I was thinking about going and buying a webcam is there something particular I need to look for can I change something in settings so that my phone will run smoother after all the phone has a better cam than most webcams you can buy
by Cum4me on November 05, 2017, 02:49:01 PM
Hi everyone!  I thought it could be fun to have a photo contest. I know we've done them in the past, but wanted to see if there was enough interest in bringing it back to make it fun. Give me a Thumbs up if you would participate by submitting to the contest.

Here is what I'm thinking for the contest. It's still in progress but I think it is close. I wanted to open it up for discussion and suggestions. Feel free to add comments on the rules and scoring as well.

The contest is open to any member(s) within the Orgasmanic community. The photo must be new, and taken for the purpose of the contest. As with any posts within the community, the model must be fully aware that the image will be posted for public viewing and subject to drooling and/or wanking. The poster must have express permission to do so. The photo must not depict any illegal act. Nudity is encouraged, but not required. For creative purposes, standard photo filters are allowed, but "photoshopping" or changing the actual body image is strictly prohibited. All photos must be submitted by x date. After submission, the entire community will have 7 days to score photos 1-5 within any category and as many categories and as many photos as they believe is appropriate. The highest score within a category wins that category. The highest overall score over all categories, wins “Best all around.” In the event of a tie in a category including Best all around, there will be a run off. The community would get 2 days to vote on one photo they feel is best for the category as opposed to “scoring” multiple photos, as in the first round. There is no theme.

  • Most creative
  • Best use of props
  • Best location
  • Best photography
  • Most outrageous/ shocking
  • Best all around (highest combined score)

Extra points or point multiplier?
  • both partners
  • Nudity?

*We in no way want any prejudice to body type, age, or race and only want to support and encourage healthy body image amongst the community. Please respect our members and the community. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.*

Let me know what you all think.
by JOmaster on November 05, 2017, 02:40:38 PM
This a the text of a post I put up on another forum and thought it might generate a bit of interest here.

My Dictionary defines chronic as: "Marked by long duration or frequent recurrence." Since I have been a masturbator since I was in the crib (long duration) and have had a daily masturbation habit since age five (frequent recurrence), I can say truthfully that I am a textbook Chronic Masturbator.

But there is more to the question, isn't there? A question of attitude, perhaps of philosophy. Can there be a philosophy of masturbation? Of course there can, just as there can be a philosophy of any aspect of human behavior. And that philosophical take on my solo sex life is what illuminates my answer to the question.

Taking the second part first: Why did I become a chronic masturbator? In short, because I could. I was apparently born with a high interest in sexual feelings and touched myself in that way long before I knew it had a name. I had no knowledge of sex at the time, but I definitely knew that I liked the feelings I could give myself and did so frequently. Another key factor is that I grew up in a household of sexual openness: not that sexual things went on around the house, but that my parents' reaction the their masturbating son was that I was normal and should keep my activities private (though I was less than obedient--the chance of getting found was too exciting, even at that tender age). Growing up without any guilt or shame about masturbating (even the amount I was doing it) was a major influence.

I might add that it was a little jarring, upon entering grade school, to quickly learn that this sex-positive attitude toward self-pleasure was a minority view, to put it mildly. I remember being ten or eleven, hearing a classmate describe (with disconcerting relish) how his father had punished his brother for masturbating, and being appalled that anyone should do such a thing. I learned that I must be circumspect about to whom I revealed my "secret." Which I hated to keep secret! I longed, even at that innocent age, to talk with my fellows about this amazing thing we could do to make ourselves feel good. But it would not be until my teens that I would achieve the self-confidence to bring up masturbation in conversation with friends.

As to the question of when I became chronic, that is a little bit subtler. I have masturbated virtually every day of my life, so was I born chronic? Or was it at age ten, when I first jerked off to a Playboy Playmate of the Month? When I discovered the sublime process of edging and prolonging the pleasure at age twelve? My first weekend-long masturbation marathon at 14?

I think if there is a point at which some sort of line was crossed it would be in my early-to-mid teens, when my view of masturbation changed. In my earlier years I had no idea of the sexual nature of what I was doing when I masturbated--it just felt too good not to do it again and again. Then as puberty hit and sexual desire and fantasy came into play, I started to think of my wanking sessions as kid stuff; I recall Dr. Reuben's book denigrated self pleasuring as just that, a phase to be gone through on the path to adulthood (how Freudian!). I recall feeling sad at the thought of giving up something which was so much fun.

Along came Penthouse Magazine, and particularly the patently absurd "Forum" in which readers sent in accounts of the most improbable sexual escapades imaginable. Amongst these pornographically explicit tales would sometimes appear a submission from a man or woman describing a masturbatory adventure, and these effected me strongly. The very concept of female masturbation enthralled me no end (and still does), and these tales of fully grown, adult masturbators showed me in my naiveté that adulthood need not mark the end of my own masturbatory career. Around that time I also stumbled upon a copy of Betty Dodson's Liberating Masturbation: Her premise that masturbation is the basic form of human sexual expression meshed perfectly with the views I was already forming on the subject and my status as a chronic, joyful, shameless masturbator was sealed.

Today I would consider myself a masturbationist, in that masturbating is a long-cherished hobby that I am unlikely to give up. As much as I love to jack off, I would not consider myself a "Solosexual" as I understand the term, since I do not limit my sexual expression to masturbation alone. But I really, really like masturbating: I do it frequently, collect books and articles on the subject, talk about it when I get the chance and generally find it endlessly fascinating as well as erotically stimulating. And so, a masturbationist I regard myself and so I shall remain.
by caligirl69 on November 03, 2017, 06:57:23 PM
I have a friend of sorts (she's lesbian and we only really hang out when we want to fuck) and she's coming over tonight. I told her about this site and she said I should post this and ask you guys what we should do tonight. She won't let me take pics but she gave me permission to "describe every little detail" later on so I guess that's better than nothing.

Anyway, if there's anything you've ever wanted to see (or hear about) 2 girls doing, we're open to suggestions. We'll consider everything that's mentioned but we may not try everything depending on how kinky it is...but send me a message or comment below and I'll update later Smiley
by Dismalgirl on November 01, 2017, 04:43:49 PM
I used to cam between 2013 and 14.  I had a moral struggle so I'm tempted to go back to camming.  I miss the excitement, but don't want it to take me over again.... And I feel I'm pretty much to aged out to do it... dillema *sighs*
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