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by RockHarder on June 27, 2016, 12:16:57 AM
Sometimes I am unable to see cams from my buddies. I get a msg Cam set for Buddies Only. Anyone else have this issue?
by sexyVector on June 26, 2016, 03:00:43 PM
I now believe this study is a fake -SV 6/27/16

I found this yesterday and I thought I was new, however it was published in 2013 and I don't think we covered this here. I found the conclusions to be provocative as my personal study of breast is largely with a small number of American born woman. A 2013 study on the distribution of breast sizes world wide (http://www.sciencedatabaseonline.org/ADB1/Scientific%20Article%20JOFHS.pdf)

Where you read the paper you find that this study was intended "as a guideline for example for the product development and targeting of marketing actions of clothing industry and cosmetic surgery providers".

The study included nipple location which may be useful for design of seams garments, something a guy never thinks of. The study claims have data from 108 countries of birth and has consolidated other studies in a statistical reliable methods.

General Size Distribution

"The study analysis revealed that there is a considerable variation in the breast tissue volume, i.e., the factual bra cup size, of women depending on their country of birth. For example women born in the U.S.A have by far larger breasts than women in any other country, while women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes. "

3D Scanning was used

"3D Breast Scanning was used as the primary method in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the U.S.A. and most Asian Countries."

with numerical measurement data consisting of:
- Breast volume
- Length of the bust line
- Length of the waist line
- Location of the nipple
- Shape of the breast:
o hemispherical (“round”)
o pear-shaped
o hanging
o hanging with narrow tip
o hanging with wide tip (“saggy”)
o flat
- Bra Cup Size (based on the breast
- Mass of the breast tissue

Nipple location

"The statistical analysis revealed also that the average position of nipple of North American women differs significantly from the average nipple position of women born  in the other parts of the world. The nipple of the average U.S. woman is pointing up with an angle of 24 degrees to the horizontal and it is placed 3.84 cm above the center of gravity of her breasts. Among women in the other countries the nipple is on the average placed 2.42 cm below the center of gravity and it makes an angle of -14 degrees to the horizontal."

Things I wonder about

1) American Woman have the largest breasts

"Caucasian women born in the U.S.A. have by far the largest breasts of all women. Their average bra cup size, when converted to the European measurement system, is substantially larger than "F", which is the largest standardized cup size in the EU. "

2) American Woman have "Round breasts" in most other countries "pear-shaped" is the rule.

"The statistical analysis of the study data shows that the shape of the female breast varies to some extent depending on the country of birth. Also in this respect the breasts of North American women differed very significantly from the rest of the study material. U.S. women have most commonly a hemispherical breast shape i.e. “round breasts”, while the hemispherical breast shape is uncommon in the other countries. In most other countries the most common breast shape is “pear-shaped”."
by Mily on June 25, 2016, 08:53:26 PM
hello i am wondering how i can send a pic with email, what kind of code i have to use? in many sites you need a link like, <a href='https://postimage.org.........
but here no know if that work. Thanks
by lance49726 on June 25, 2016, 01:04:33 PM
The Perfect Penis According to 105 Women

New study had women rate eight "factors"—you'll be surprised where length falls on the list.

A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine gathered 105 women to, in addition to other research goals, determine exactly what "factors" (things like cosmetic appearance, shape of glans, pubic hair, etc.) were most important to them.

Study authors sent out a questionnaire to the women (ages 16 to 45) asking them to rate eight penis parts by level of importance. Then those women observed, judged, and rated images of men's penises on a scale from one to five.

Interestingly enough, they changed their rankings once they viewed images of the men’s penises; and surprisingly, penile length proved to be only the sixth most important factor to women throughout the study

Female rankings of importance BEFORE viewing images:

1. General cosmetic appearance
2. Appearance of pubic hair
3. Penile girth
4. Penile skin
5. Shape of glans
6. Penile length
7. Appearance of scrotum
8. Position and shape of meatus

Female rankings of importance AFTER viewing images:

1. General cosmetic appearance
2. Penile skin
3. Shape of glans
4. Appearance of scrotum
5. Appearance of pubic hair
6. Penile length
7. Penile girth
8. Position and shape of meatus
by Mani on June 25, 2016, 10:37:06 AM
The defacing of another site's message boards is not an acceptable topic here.

This topic has been sent to the Recycle Bin.
by joshpond on June 15, 2016, 05:39:45 PM
I'm trying to get the wife to do something clothing optional, but it seems like every resort and every cruise is geared towards swingers.  I'm looking for something WAY more low key and more just nudist.  Any advice?
by ilikeitalot on June 12, 2016, 08:42:44 PM
by sylent1 on June 12, 2016, 01:36:39 AM
I don't know how this came about, but is it sad...or some other adjective...that I think I could...and maybe wonder if I...give a better blowjob than my wife?
by Bha27 on June 08, 2016, 01:19:39 PM
Hello Everybody
I had a few concerns regarding online privacy, maybe I could get some clarity from users of 'O'. Does anyone use any softwares to protect their identity online and also what they upload/share ? If, yes what are they?
by Rosie on June 06, 2016, 11:12:46 AM
Had a conversation recently with my (female) friends about this and we verbally compiled a list.
As for men, there was the obvious - a good looker* (*define that one if you dare!) - someone who dressed well/not always expensively, a good kisser, someone who washed (!) and smelled good but also someone who listened, who made us laugh, who showed that he thought about things - the small touches like being more of a gentleman in manner. Someone who was thoughtful about sex - who has an open mind and essentially someone who can talk about sex - what he likes and what we like and maybe importantly what isn't liked. So ... not a big cock/car/bank balance - someone with whom we can have fun - doesn't mind some of our "kinky natures".
We all had our major likes and dislikes - a few hate oral sex whilst a few said they love it. One preferred anal sex. Big cocks, adequate cocks, thick cocks, cut or uncut ... one pal even said "Hell, any cock!" although she is definitely the slut of the group LOL  Grin. The use of sex toys was unanimous. Most had been to a sex club. Half had been with another girl and two had enjoyed a threesome (or more!). We all love shoes ("love" as in " we all love to breathe!") and well made, good fitting lingerie - whilst one never wears undies. Two have piercings (one in her clit hood). Two have tats - one is of a black cat over her pubic mound! We all agreed that we needed "warming up" before intercourse - kissing, touching, petting (do people still say that?), oral (for as long as the guy can do it!) - but once there, we generally agreed that it was essential to have sex - "hot", "dirty", "fucking", "slow", "multiples", "finding my G-spot", "going at it like rabbits"  Shocked ...  were just some of our thoughts.
So - a melting pot of desires, turn-ons, turn-offs between the 12 of us. I have my own - just like you - any thoughts?
by charles36 on June 04, 2016, 12:53:34 PM
Particularly as a designer or tester. I would like to hear from those people. In the meantime here are a couple of my fantasies.

I imagine being a designer of E-stim devices. I come into the office in the morning and take off my pants. I am wearing no underwear. I attach electrodes to my penis, scrotum and elsewhere. Connect my test set. Begin running a series that I had been working on yesterday. My penis had been half hard as I did the preliminary setup. Now as the pulses begin I am completely aroused.

I turn down the intensity because I am getting too close to cumming. I concentrate on the sensations and realize that there is a jarring note. I step through the sequence and fix it. I play the sequence at varying speeds until I find one that quickly sets my penis throbbing.

My boss walks in and inquires of my progress. He too is pantsless. I show him where I have my electrodes placed . He adjusts his and plugs into the visitors jacks. He presses the play button and adjusts the amplitude. Almost immediately he has an erection.

He adjusts the amplitude as his penis acclimates. I bring up my amplitude and quickly my penis is painfully hard. His belly begins to twitch and long ropes of semen spurt. I too lose control. My semen spurts farther than usual. I have created a winner. He disconnects and congratulates me.

OR [continued...]
by RockHarder on June 04, 2016, 12:31:03 AM
Asked my Dr for a prescription for Viagra.
 When I went to the pharmacy to pick up, Pharm Dude sez "Your Dr prescribed 30 pills but they are kinda expensive, so I filled it for 6 pills. That will be $310!!! That's over $50 a pill! WTF!WTF!WTF! I've bought the same drug in Mexico and Costa Rica for $10 ea and it was OTC, no Doc needed.
What gives?
Fuck You Big Pharma.
Anyone else had a similar experience?
by reggie on June 02, 2016, 03:02:46 PM
Is it possible to move videos from my gallery to other places, such as members vids?
by Mani on May 28, 2016, 02:23:11 PM
It's best to post these kinds of pics in Member Pics, Vids & Audio. Since it's a members-only forum it keeps Google and other sites from indexing the pic.

Accordingly - this topic has been moved to Member Pics, Vids & Audio.

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