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Orgasmanic Video Chat FAQ

How do I access the Orgasmanic chat room?
You can find the chat room at this URL:
Does this chat room have any rules?
Yes, it does! And it's very important that you follow these rules, otherwise, you could be banned. You can find the rules for our chat room by clicking here.
What do I do if someone is [disturbing, harassing, stalking] me?
If someone is causing you discomfort, please notify an admin or mod. We want to keep this chat a safe and comfortable haven for everyone. If someone is causing problems, let us know and we will take care of it. If an admin or mod is not in the room, go to Orgasmanic and send a PM to ilikeitalot, Mani, Bayouguy or Donna and explain the situation.
What else can I do to avoid people who are annoying?
You can block anyone that may be bothering you. To block someone, click their name in the user list, then click the "Block" button. Once they are blocked, you will no longer see any of their comments and they will not be able to IM you.
I accidentally blocked someone! How do I unblock them?
At the bottom-right corner of the chat page, you'll see a tab called "Block List". Click that to see everyone you have blocked. You can unblock the person from that list.
I can't upload an avatar pic to my chat profile! What the fuck?
If you're using a Mac or Linux, this is a known bug. I hope to have this fixed soon. Until then, your best option is to find a PC to use to upload a pic.
How do I specify my gender, age, status, etc?
Click on the Settings button at the top-left corner of the chat page. It's an icon that looks two gears. In the Settings window that pops up, go to the "Profile Settings" tab and enter any info you want to show up in your profile.
My age is showing up wrong! WTF?
Your age may show up as one year older than your actual age. This is because you can only enter the year you were born, so it doesn't know when your birthday is. If this happens, you can make the year in your profile one year higher. For example, if my birthday hasn't come yet this year, I have to put 1965 instead of 1964.
What is the pink VIP titties by some peoples' names?
All girls are VIP. This is to make it easier to identify girls vs. guys. They do not get any special privileges for this, except for access to the "Girls Only" room. FYI, VIP status is added manually. This is to help prevent guys from pretending to be girls. If you see a girl who does not have VIP status, please notify an admin or mod.
Can I "whisper" to someone?
Yes, you can! You can whisper by typing /whisper jerkindude hey, what's up? In this example, the user named "jerkindude" would see your message "hey, what's up?"
How do I PM (private message) someone?
To PM with someone, click their name in the user list. This will open up a window where you can chat with them privately. FYI, the recipient will not get a pop-up window from you until you send an initial message to them.
How do I know if someone is on cam? How do I watch their cam? Do I have to ask permission first?
If someone has their cam on, you'll see a cam icon beside their name. Click on this to open a cam window. Once this is open, click the View button to see their cam. Please note: If the cam does not show up when you click View, click the Cancel button, then click View again. That should do the trick.

You do not have to ask permission before watching someone's cam. Just click their cam icon and start watching. The cammer will see a pink eye icon beside your name, so he/she will know you're watching. If you cannot view someone's cam, it's probably because they allow "friends only" or "girls only" to watch (see the following FAQ question for more on that).
Can I control who can and cannot view my cam?
YES! If you don't want everyone to have access to your cam, you can set it to "friends only" or "VIP only" (VIP users are girls). To do this, go to your settings (click the gear icon at the top left).
How can I tell who's viewing my cam?
If you're camming, you'll see a little eye icon beside each user who's viewing your cam. FYI, you will not see an eye for admins or mods.
My cam doesn't work! Help!
If your cam will not display after clicking the "Camera On/Off" checkbox, right-click on your cam window (top left, black box), then click "Settings" in the popup menu. In the Adobe Flash Player Settings cam tab, make sure it's set to "Allow". If your cam still doesn't work, make sure it isn't active somewhere else on your computer. And as with most problems, you could always try rebooting.

If you're using a Mac, right-click on your cam window (top left, black box), then click "Settings" in the popup menu, then select "USB Video Class Video".

FYI, if you're cam is not plugged in when you join chat, you'll probably need to close and reopen your browser before it will work.
My mic doesn't work! Help!
After clicking the "Voice On/Off" checkbox, you must click either the TALK button or the HandsFree checkbox. If you click TALK, you must KEEP it pressed down while talking into your mic. (The mic icon beside your name will turn red while your mic is active.) If nobody can hear you, right-click on the cam window, then click Settings. In the Adobe Flash Player Settings microphone tab, make sure the microphone you're using is selected. Also make sure the record volume is not turned down all the way. If you still have problems, make sure your mic works by testing it via IM with someone.
I'm using a Mac. How come ___________ doesn't work for me?
There are some issues that affect Mac users. At this time, Mac users cannot upload pics, so you won't be able to specify a custom avatar (see #5 above). Some Mac users have problems getting their cam to work (see #16 above for the fix).
What's coming? I mean, are there any exciting new things in store for the chat room?
I'm always trying to enhance the chat room here. For example, I'll be adding more X-rated smileys in the weeks and months to come.
How do I have an orgasm?
Grab hold of your penis with your dominant hand, then lovingly rub, stroke, jerk or otherwise manipulate it until it begins to contract rhythmically while spurting (or oozing) semen.
But I'm a girl! I don't have a penis! How can I experience this thing called "orgasm"?
As a girl, you have two main options: (1) Lovingly rub or otherwise maniplate your clitoris until you experience sweet spasms of ecstacy or (2) fuck your vagina fast and hard with a dildo until your g-spot convulses violently in orgasmanic bliss. Fluid oozing, trickling, gushing or squirting from the urethra is optional.