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by A_Yarndd on Yesterday at 09:01:43 AM
Well, masturbation month is drawing to a close, so maybe we could all get together for a group masturbation session in O Chat?

Since I created the thread, I'd like to nominate an Australian-friendly time of 11:00pm May 31st  Cool smiley
by Bellefiregirl on May 23, 2019, 07:02:36 PM
So today, I have spent the entire day naked. Not something I usually do but kind of liberating at the same time.
I know this is probably not headline news on here or anything, but I feel that it has helped me be a little bit more comfortable in my own skin.
So often I have hang ups placed on me by societal ideal, and I am the most critical person of myself. So I forced myself to look in a mirror. To really look at who I am on the outside. The parts of me I don't like that actually have a story around them. A story that should make me proud to bear them yet somehow I edge back from them and allow myself to be ashamed. Ashamed of what life has thrown at me, ashamed of how I handled it, ashamed because I feel people will treat me as less; different- not as good as them.
But that isn't how it should be. I should be able to look at myself with pride- to see the thing that make me strong, caring, considerate, passionate, feminine.
I should stand tall and not cower. I should embrace who I am and be free to be me without seeking the acceptance of people who may only pass through my life.
Sure, there are people that I would love to really see me, and to take me as theirs without fear, however I cannot live my life on that hope. On the ideal. Because if I don't accept myself, then how can I expect anyone else to embrace the me I am?
Sometimes naked truth is needed to be able to truly start living.
My truth may be scarred and marked, but it is mine- and I need to start living it.
by Bellefiregirl on May 18, 2019, 06:14:01 PM
So I have been here for a while in many different guises (Thank you Mani for letting me stay xxx), however recently I have found it a little tricky. I think instead of promoting each other and supporting each other there seems to be a little competition (maybe a female thing and I may write myself off from half the people here however I am just interested). It seems to me that a picture is posted- someone has to go one better. A comment is made- someone has to go one better. A discussion is had in chat- someone has to dominate.
I love this community and I love the many friends I have made here, however as controversial as it sounds I have flitted on and off this site due to the fact that people cannot just accept that not everyone is a target. Not everyone is a prize. People like who they like and that is all good. This site is not a popularity contest- it is for people to find someone who gets them. Someone who matches sexually and someone who wants some fun. It isn't a points scoring process- rather it is a site where people can express themselves without judgement and find like minded people.
I wish sometimes that it didn't seem like a clickbait popularity contest and would stick to its original purpose- this is nothing against the people who set up the site- I have the upmost respect for them and have chatted to them often- it is more to do with the fact that some users abuse the original purpose of what this site is for. It is not a self esteem boost. It is for those who genuinely want to explore the idea of getting off on the kinks and interests of others. I did learn the hard way that it is not for finding someone genuine to love you. I love this site and the founders and everything it is geared towards. I just feel that maybe some users do not feel the same.
Thank you Mani and the other people involved in the site for providing a place I genuinely feel myself. You guys rock hard and are the crux of a turning point in my life. I hope that others appreciate the effort you put in and respect what the site is for.
by BestinDK on May 11, 2019, 10:20:46 AM
In my own list of things below that I have yet to experience I haven't included items that don't apply due to gender (eg due to not having a vagina):-

3, 6, 10, 11 and 13


Nobody here is judgmental so don't be afraid to be open and honest

Edited slightly by Bestindk
by thejoyofcum on May 11, 2019, 08:43:33 AM
I am interested to see how many virgins of one type or another visit this site.  Not sure how to create a poll so will just list the headings:-

1. Male: Never inserted my penis into a vagina

2. Female: Never had a penis in my vagina

3. Male and female: Never had anal sex

4. Male and female: Never given oral sex

5. Male and female: Never received oral sex

6. Male and female: Never had gay sex

7. Female: Never had my vagina licked

8. Female: Never had sex during my period

9. Male: Never had sex with a woman who is on her period

10. Male and female: Never tried BDSM

11. Male: Never tried CBT

12. Female: Never given CBT

13. Male and Female: Never taken part in watersports (urology)

In my own list of things below that I have yet to experience I haven't included items that don't apply due to gender (eg due to not having a vagina):-

3, 6, 10, 11 and 13


Nobody here is judgmental so don't be afraid to be open and honest

by thejoyofcum on May 04, 2019, 06:36:04 AM
We are now four days into May.  Would any members like to fill us in with how many masturbation sesssions they have had during this special month?  Diddle Jerking cock
by Mani on May 03, 2019, 10:08:27 PM
I am posting this to save y'all some time and aggravation...

There is a Big Nasty Bug that will probably affect everyone that uses the latest version of Firefox (66.0.x).

At 9:00 PM (your local time) on May 5th, Firefox will unilaterally mark many/most of your browser extensions as "Legacy", and will disable them.  Angry

The only workaround is to set your computer's system clock back a day (although this does not seem to work for everyone).

NOTE: if you do roll back your system clock, you risk having all kinds of problems logging into bank accounts and the like. So I don't recommend this!

The good news is, Flash still works ... so Orgasmanic Chat still works.  Thumbs up

If you want gory technical details, here is one of many reddits about the problem:


And here is the official Mozilla bug:


Let's hope this gets fixed Real Soon Now!  Undecided
by Avco on May 03, 2019, 04:32:20 PM
So this just happened to me. My GF since 4 years came home from a two month trip abroad. A first leg of an unknown time abroad. During this trip (about 6 weeks in) our relationship was feeling like it was coming to and end when she told me she didn't know how long she was gonna stay and she didn't want to hurt me and leaving me stranded at home. She essentially broke up with me, then I rang her back and told her what I felt and that we should wait until she got home until we actually make that decision. We both cried but agreed since we both loved each other very much.

Now she got home a few days ago and she levels with me, telling me she actually cheated on me and it was that guilt that drove her to wanting to break up that day two weeks ago. To actually not hurt me and to kind of not wanting to need to tell me what happened. Turns out though that during the final weeks between our talk and when she came home and confessed. Things were looking kinda up again. Of course I didn't know at this time she cheated on me, i just though we had hit a snag but were slowly working it out. When she came home she wanted to confess in order to be honest as she was sincere in wanting to make it work again. She didn't want to hide what she did. This I commend her for.

Here's the kicker though. When she told me, of course my initial reaction was pain and sadness. Heart broken that she could have done this to me... to us. We talked for a very long time about it. She said she wanted all cards on the table so she answered all my questions truthfully (at least it felt as such). In a weird way I wanted to know exactly what happened. I asked her what they did. What it felt like. If she had an orgasm, if he had an orgasm, if they used a condom. I felt like I needed to know it all.

I was still sad and angry but surprisingly calm about it. And then i started feeling something i did not expect in a scenario like this. I started to feel horny. My dick started to pulsate a little like I was watching a dirty movie or something. I told her what I was feeling and she was surprised but curious. I couldn't really explain it but I was starting to feel a strong urge to have sex, or anything. She got horny because of this and we ended up having some of the best sex of our entire relationship. We went to bed almost like a normal couple that night only to be extremely horny again in the morning, having even more incredible sex. We even went out shopping for sex toys and spent that night exploring new ways to have fun in bed.

I searched online for this and apparently it's more common than you'd think but it is still confusing as hell. The heart ache is still there but somehow I got turned on by my GF being with another man. I just kinda, sorta wished i was there when it happened almost. We even talked about fantasies that we both have but have never talked about before. It even looks like a threeway is in play.

It's the most confusing time of my life right and I am curious if anyone else have ever been in these shoes and felt the same way?
by gatord on May 02, 2019, 06:54:29 PM
May is Masturbation Month!  It's also Mental Health Awareness Month and I've seen weeks dedicated to Self-Care as well.  The common theme is to make some time this month to think about your physical and mental health and decide if you want to make any changes. So masturbation naturally fits in here, I think! I personally like to experiment a lot so this month I'm going to try some new masturbation techniques I haven't tried or haven't succeeded at before. I have a lot of things I could try, but I'd also like to hear from everyone on suggestions and techniques that work well for them and I may pick up on one of those. Like what makes for a really satisfying masturbation session for you?  Initially I'm thinking Fleshlight or getting a Progasm for Prostate-initiated Orgasm, but not sure yet...

Please post anything you're thinking about trying, links, or pics/vids here.  Both men and women! Smiley

A couple of links on Masturbation Month.
by HOMinCanada on May 02, 2019, 11:03:53 AM
She's got a point!
by A_Yarndd on May 02, 2019, 09:24:03 AM
who else will join me in celebrating with a wank?  Grin Jerk it Diddle Jerking cock Jerk n cum
by blueflame on April 28, 2019, 02:20:20 PM
Because this is opening weekend for Avengers: Endgame, here's a spoiler-free bit of NSFW fun from comedian Wyatt Cenac.

(Well, no spoilers for the movie, but you might not look at Cap in quite the same way again  laugh )

by cosycock on April 27, 2019, 02:19:30 PM
Is anyone here, female or male, a fan of erotic comics? In France, bandes dessinées adultes as they're called are extremely popular and easy to find. They're also often extremely explicit, but works of art nonetheless. I'm a big fan of Milo Manara and Erich von Gotha, among others, and find this stuff extremely erotic, much more than regular porn. This site has a great collection: https://zizki.com/
I defy you not to get aroused!  Jerk it Diddle
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