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The only real massage I have ever had were from significant others or very legitimate spas. I am need of a massage due to some tension I am experiencing and I know some "less legitimate" masseuses / establishments will offer a happy ending. I do not want to go to some slum establishment but one that is middle of the road I guess.

My curiosity is whether the masseuses massage in the nude or semi nude and how they or I go about bringing up a happy ending or any of these preferences. Also, I would like it to be a bit on the slow side not some "fast as she can jerkoff". I would love the benefit of a good relaxing massage, the sight of at least some perky nice tits, and a nice slow ending. Also, do they usually let you touch?

If anyone has experience with this let me know as I am curious.

Hi now I've had several massages with happy ending the best ones to look out for are the ones that advertise as naturist massage this way you know that you will get a great massage as most are fully qualified in massage plus the HR is normally nice and slow I have become a regular with one ladie now and the massage is the best I've ever had and she spends about 15 to 20 mins on the HR while you play with her nice shaven pussy
Now the ones who advertise as massage with HR I've found to be a crap massage where the girl hasn't a clue then they pull your off as quick as pos so from my experiance go for one advertising as naturist massage. Let us know how you get on  :up:

Man, it is posts like that that really make me wish I didn't live in a small town.

Nevada is the only state in the US where one can legally obtain a "happy ending" massage, and then only at one of the state-licensed brothels. If you want a happy ending at one of these legal brothels, all you have to do is ask for it (oh, and be able to cough up the moolah, lol).

If you want to figure out how to get a happy ending massage someplace else where they are not legal, you should be aware some jurisdictions actively investigate and prosecute providers and customers of "happy ending" massages. Seattle is one such location. :-\

NW - there are numerous websites that discuss the protocols for obtaining these services and even offer reviews of providers. As they say, Google is your friend.

BTW, Jonn, an interesting fact is that Nevada's legal brothels are all located in rural areas; none are located, for instance, in Clark County, where Las Vegas is situated. Nevada does not want to tarnish the family-oriented image of Vegas, I suppose.  ;D


Thanks for the reply Mani. I was aware of the issues of legality and that was part of the reason I asked. I assume you are probably pretty safe if they ask you if you want one but somehow I'd want to stay away from asking. I also would never pay with a credit card. Bottom line is that I am not sure the h.e. is something I want to flirt with unless it is offered. No law enforcement undercover person would ever ask - that would be entrapment.

I found an article or two a few days ago that apparently women are getting into the act more now. Apparently a number of spas are quietly offering happy endings to women...from both male and female massage therapists. I do not think it is common but I think it is gaining popularity. I assume the law would apply to them as well but most reputable therapists won't offer as they do not want to loose their jobs (goes for offering to both men and women. But good for the women...why not get a total relaxation session?  :up:



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