UK Channel 4 - Sexperience sex ed site


Hello lovely people, just wanted to share this link with you. This is a great site for young people, and has a good question and answer section and touches on issues of sexuality as well as physical and emotional aspects of sexual activities including sexual health and contraception. Its linked to a TV programme thats on now (not sure if you can watch it outside of the UK). The tv show also touches on the oversexualisation of children through media and clothing. Theres a link on what porn doesnt tell you - its not anti porn, but its about helping young people to see that porn is a. for adults and b. doesnt always represent real life  - which i think is helpful for young people trying to navigate their way in a world where porn and sexual imagery is perhaps more readily available than before :up:

Take it you watch the programme then naughtee lol? It is actually quite informative for younger people.

Sensual Sharon:
So impressed with that site after checking it out, I added it to my blogroll on my website.


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