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Got this email from a someone.  Thought I post it and my response here.


Hi, I was looking at your posts on a forum about prostate massage and have always been interested but have never tried it. You had three pictures of your cock where it appeared you had ejaculated but you had no erection. It wasn't clear to me what you were doing when this happened, were you massaging the prostate with your other hand or what? Can you give me a little info on how that happened as the idea of ejaculating with a small limp cock is intriguing...I'm thinking it would be great to follow up with a normal pumping and orgasm with an erection.

Hey!  I'll be glad to try and explain it.  Yes, I was massaging the prostate... with my finger if I remember correctly.  The prostate is what contracts during orgasm forcing the semen out, so stimulating it gives you the same pleasant sensation as when you're ejaculating.  But... in the pics, I was not ejaculating at all.  When you rub the prostate, it can make it release prostatic fluid... which looks and smells (and tastes? not sure) just like semen.  This can come out on it's own... but it helps if you "push out" like when uh... shitting (sorry for that lol).  It might feel like your gonna pee, but you probably won't... it's just cum.  (Just make sure you pee before you start this to make sure about that.)

So push out really hard, then contract your muscles (like your trying to stop peeing), then repeat.  When I push out hard, I can sometimes feel the cum releasing inside.  And when I do the contracting part, I'll feel the cum slowly moving through my cock... and after contracting more, it'll start coming out.   And if you ever wanted to taste your cum but chicken out after cumming... well, here's a good chance lol.  Cuz this is just like cum... but you're still horny and going at it.
And yes, I was not hard.  Usually, I cannot stay hard when doing this... even while it's feeling really good.  My cock seems to be out of the loop lol... which is probably hard for most guys to understand.  But with my prostate feeling good, if I rub my soft cock, I can very easily have a full-blown ejaculation and orgasm... but it feels totally different than a cock-stroking orgasm.  And yes, you're right... ejaculating with a soft cock is not ony intriguing... it's weird, different.  Plus, it's not your cock that's pulsating during ejaculation... it's feels like it's more inside of you (all in the prostate).
Anyway, it can feel really good.  In fact, some guys can have an orgasm from massaging the prostate without touching their cock... and without even ejaculating.  It's a wide-open and exciting territory to explore... especially if all the "normal" stuff is getting boring.

Here, LT bursts upon the scene to relieve me as the one-and-only prostate expert.  Thank you LT!  LOL.  I'm putting LT's words in blue.

Quote from: Nyale

I felt like I was having an anal orgasm the other day, with all the signs/feelings etc that others have described. However, each time I orgasmed the fluid spirting from my flaccid cock was very thin and colourless.

When loads started coming out I thought I was pissing myself so went to the bog, and I did urinate, but I'm not sure whether the two are connected as I had been at it for a few hours!

Therefore, when loads started spirting and shooting everywhere was this cum or piss? I am a bit worried if it is the latter. Some people have said the ejaculate is very runny but does this sound correct?

Any thoughts much appreciated!

LoveThyself! responds:

It's hard to stimulate the prostate for two hours and NOT have to go pee... there are both physical and neurological reasons for that.  But clear, syrupy discharge is more than likely pre-cum (prostatic fluid) so congratulations.  That doesn't mean you didn't pee also, or start one and finish with the other, or a mixture of the two.  As you get more experienced with anal play and prostate stimulation, you'll learn the subtle differences between the feeling that you need to urinate because you really do, versus the feeling that is a result of smooth muscle tissue contracting around the prostate (which gives that feeling of urgency) as your body gears up for a prostate-induced orgasm.  Best idea of all, lie somewhere so that no matter what happens, it's easy to clean up (bathtub or outside) and just go for it... if you feel like you have to pee, go ahead and give yourself a little golden shower... and then if you feel like you need to pee again shortly thereafter,hang on and get ready for an explosive ride!!!

Quote from: Nyale

...each time I orgasmed the fluid spirting from my flaccid cock was very thin and colourless. ... Therefore, when loads started spirting and shooting everywhere was this cum or piss? I am a bit worried if it is the latter. Some people have said the ejaculate is very runny but does this sound correct?

If there was lots of spurting and shooting, I would think that was urine... although it might've included some prostatic fluid.  With prostate stim, I've never had more than a little "spurt"... unless I fully ejaculate.  And the fluid is always either white or at least a little cloudy.  Of course, precum (a completely different type of sexual emission) would definitely be clear... but I've never had precum "spurt" out either.

If you urinate before doing this, you should be pretty sure about NOT getting urine while doing this.  But as lovethyself said, if you go at it for a long time, you might need to take a another pee break... or just let it all loose and not worry about it.  (I'm not a big fan of peeing during this though... that kinda turns me off.)

This is a PM I received today:

Quote from: KT

Hi, am new to the site, (35 f Scotland) and have read and reread your thread on PIO with interest. I have a question, but am unsure where to post it, as it is not really about masturbation as such. Feel free to post my questions in the appropriate forum, or tell me where to post it myself.

Thanks to a very enlightening male gay friend I have been aware of the joys of stimulating the prostate for many years and include it during hand jobs, oral and full sex (where partners were willing) with happily satisfied results. I just didn't realise the amount of time necessary to milk it to orgasm like you describe. Reading your thread has enlightened me further. Being single at the moment I have no one to ask/try this out with, and I like to come to the table with all the info available.

Your thread gives lots of tips for combined hand job and PIO, but have you tried PIO combined with oral? As cock is not not errect during PIO would oral stimulation interfere and lessen the pleasure? Would oral work best once you start to precum? Loving the idea of lapping all that love juice up.

Thanks in advance.

Loving this site..

Wow KT!  Your interest in this is awesome... I only wish ALL women were as eager to please.  Any guy that gets you is sure to be very happy... and very sexually satisfied.  As for your questions, I'll answer them as best I can....


Your thread gives lots of tips for combined hand job and PIO, but have you tried PIO combined with oral?

No, I unfortunately haven't tried PIO combined with oral.  Wifey is not a fan of blowjobs... and I'm sure she'd think prostate stimulation was disgusting.  But I can tell you for sure that it would be one of the BEST things a guy could experience.  IMO, adding skillfully-applied prostate stimulation to a blowjob would transport the guy into an erotically-charged alternate universe.  In other words, be prepared for the guy to blackout for brief periods of time lol.


As cock is not not errect during PIO would oral stimulation interfere and lessen the pleasure?

Well, the cock CAN be erect during this... it just USUALLY isn't.  The biggest problem would be that stimulating the cock to keep it hard could easily result in premature ejaculation.  When the prostate is feeling really good, it doesn't take much cock stimulation to make the guy cum.  So it might require a balancing act to keep the sensations at a peak in both locations... without triggering an orgasm.  You could try doing this after the guy has recently cum, so he'd be less likely to cum again... but I'm not sure if the prostate sensations are as good with a mostly-empty prostate.  It might just require some experimenting on your part.  (Damn, I would love to be your test subject lol.)  Ask the guy to tell you to back off on the oral if he's getting too close to orgasm.  But know this... ejaculation can sometimes come without warning with a PIO.  Anyway, if you try this out, please educate us on what you discover.

Oh... to answer your question, oral stimulation would definitely NOT interfere or lessen the pleasure.  In fact, it would greatly INCREASE the pleasure.  Even if the cock stays soft, it would STILL be a great sensation.  Just lick and suck on the soft little thing lol... and don't forget to do some of that to the balls as well.


Would oral work best once you start to precum?

Not sure on this.  Again, experimenting would be the best route.  In my experience, I can cum very easily with very little cock stimulation if my prostate is way turned on... so you'll have to guard against making him cum too quickly.  You could start out by doing 10-15 minutes of prostate stimulation, then when the juices start flowing, start in with some oral.  Having a girl massage/milk my prostate... then watching her lick, slurp and swallow the fluid that comes out... would probably rate at the very top of my "Ultimate Experiences" list lol.

BTW, the good thing about making him cum from a PIO is that he should still be ready for more.  You won't get much cum after the first time or two... but the orgasmic sensations and ejaculatory contractions will still be there for the guy.  Try going all night long with multiple PIO's lol.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask away.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention... there's two ways to make the guy cum with PIO: (1) prostate stimulation ONLY and (2) prostate stimulation with added cock stimulation (such as oral).  Your questions were regarding an oral combo, so I didn't cover #1... but that's another thing you could shoot for as well.  It takes more time than #2, but it would be a very different experience for the guy...


Loving the idea of lapping all that love juice up.

...and you could still lick up all the resulting "love juice" during the prostate milking... and then attack his cock and suck him really good when his prostate goes into the ejaculatory spasms.

Quote from: JS2000

I've been playing around with this technique for about a week now. It's quite slow going, and at first it was downright uncomfortable, but just today I finally was able to relax and found the prostate and caught a small glimpse of the sensation.

Anyway, right now what's holding me back is that I have been doing a lot of reading on prostate massaging, both for sexual purposes and medical. There are some medical sites that talk about this "vigorous" prostate massage used for acute infections, and that it can seriously damage you, and even cause death. There are a few other warnings as well. I'm just a bit scared that I'm going to break something!

So, my question is this: How hard should you press? Is it really easy to damage your junk from doing this? A wikipedia article states that you should only press as hard as you would an eyeball, but right now I'm having trouble getting any sensation from very light pressure. I've tried applying a bit more pressure, and it didn't hurt or anything, but these warnings scare the crap out of me.

JS2000, yes, I've read that massaging the prostate if you have an infection or prostate cancer can result in it spreading much faster.  On the other hand, prostate massage can help prevent these conditions from developing in the first place by purging stagnant seminal fluid.  That's why there's a medical procedure to milk the prostate.  Anyway, if you're unsure about this at all, you should get it checked out by a doc before doing this (especially if you're 40+ years old).  With a healthy prostate, you can (IMO) massage it quite vigorously without any negative side effects at all.  Just make sure whatever you're using doesn't have any sharp edges lol.  Myself, I press MUCH harder than I'd press on my eyeball... because the harder I press, the better it feels.  Of course, there are limits.  You wouldn't want to overdo it and hurt something in there.


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