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Author *Topic: Game, Set & Match  (Read 2199 times)
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« on: April 15, 2015, 05:41:40 PM »

Let's just say I got inspired...you know who you are! Anyway, here is my first attempt at writing something that I hope isn't boring...enjoy!

It was my serve and I had you down 5-4 in the 3rd set and you and I both knew you were in trouble. I wasn’t going easy on you…not this time. Your competitive nature is one of the things that drew me to you in the first place. You never back down from a challenge and never fail to make sure I know it…intimately. The weather was perfect…a light breeze and just enough cloud cover to tame the heat of the sun into ideal conditions.

I serve. Perfection. An ace to your forehand that is just inside the line and you don’t even get a racquet on it. I’ve got you.  Next serve; blazing to your backhand and this time you reach it, but just enough to pop it up to the net where I rush it and put it away…30-love. You’re mine.  Next serve I try to recreate the first ace, but your are wise to my strategy and are ready. You crush a forehand that drives me wide to the deuce court where I get just enough racquet on it to drop it over the net. As you rush the ball, I rush the net to close down your alley. You lunge forward for the ball and as you do so I can see your cleavage…not a lot of exposure, as sports bras and tennis outfits aren’t that revealing, but enough to distract me to the point where I miss your return. You then give me that look.  I know that look… ok, it’s on now.
30-15…so be it. I crack the next serve to your backhand and not only are you ready, but you fire a return with such verve that I’m still flat footed as it sails past me out of reach. 30-30 and I’m getting ruffled. The next serve goes right at your body and you return it and get to center baseline and are ready. We exchange several ground strokes as the chess match ensues…who’s going to blink first? I gamble a passing shot to your forehand knowing that it’s not as strong as your backhand and you slice it with such precision that it drops a foot over the net and dies. I’m down 30-40 and less than enthused about the predicament.

I serve to your backhand perfectly and yet you manage to return it with such confidence that what should be a defensive shot becomes offensive…in every sense of that word! We exchange strokes until you hit a winner just out of reach of my forehand.  We’re tied. As we go to switch sides you smack me on the ass. As I turn to look at you, you flash me a smirk that says, “no sir, YOU are in trouble”, and as you walk towards the baseline you lift the ruffle of your skirt at me.

Your game is on fire. Your serves are perfect.  You’re in complete command of every aspect of your game. You’re pulling away from me! I’m playing some of the best tennis of my life and I’m chasing you! We continue to battle for every point, every stroke, every position.  I want this so badly, yet, my focus keeps getting interrupted by that image of your cleavage…and that flip of your skirt. I know what’s under that outfit…I know how shapely that ass is…I know exactly the feel of…WHAM! You send another ace past me and it’s now match point in favor of you!  “C’mon boy, FOCUS!” I think to myself.

You mistakenly serve to my forehand and I crack it down the alley better than I ever have. You anticipate this and crush a backhand cross court. As if my feet were made of concrete, I lurch and yet cannot get close enough to your shot to even get a racquet on it. You have brilliantly defeated me…and I hate you. Oh, you will get yours I think to myself…  “Game, Set & Match!” you say to me wryly with that same smirk, and you kiss me on the cheek.

You have had me in the palm of your hand since the first time I saw you play all those years ago. Your natural beauty and grace of athleticism…I was instantly aroused.  I wonder…all the times I’ve beaten you…did you let me win?!

In the car on the way home my mind begins to wander as I drive…the images that filled my mind on the court of you are now beginning to take over my body…  Our scents permeate the car, and yet, I can make out your specific scent… It’s as if my olfactory is reading you like braille. There’s a musky aroma that is so primal, so erotic that I can begin to feel my member begin to swell.

“You played pretty well today”, you say as you put a hand on my knee and pat it patronizingly. “Pretty soon you’ll be able to play with the big kids”.  I glare at her and she’s smiling from ear to ear. That smile pierces my soul. “We’ll see who REALLY wins today”, I say to her as I grab her hand and move it to my crotch. You smile and cock an eyebrow at me. “Is that right?” you say.

You softly feel the bulge in my shorts and gently squeeze and rub feeling the hardness developing.  You do this for several blocks and remove your hand. My now erect penis is straining to break through the fabric.  You then move your hand to my face and gently stroke the side of my unshaven face and encircle my ear with your finger.  My heart is pounding as we arrive home. As we walk through the garage and into the house I follow you. The smell of your sweat drawing me like moth to flame.

As we approach the kitchen, I can see you beginning the motion of lifting your gear bag & purse up onto the kitchen island. As you do this, your skirt lifts up just enough and I slap your ass with my hand which makes a clapping sound that fills the room with electricity.  As you spin around with a gasping mouth open, I cup your face in my hands and pull your mouth to mine as I press my body into yours and pin you against the island. Our tongues wrestle one another with every bit as much passion as we had just experienced on the tennis court. The scent of your sweat, your musk, your sex all permeate my being and my cock begins to swell with desire as I press into you. Your arms wrap around my back and you pull me into you even more.

Throbbing with desire I lift you up onto the island and in one motion set you down and slide your panties off.  You expertly lift your legs and slip your toes into my waistband and slide my shorts to the floor with your feet.  “You think you won earlier?” I say, “I got your ‘Game, Set & Match’ right here:  I’m now going to cum all over your precious, little outfit!”  “We’ll see about that”, you say and with your arms you push me back with such force that my back thuds into the refrigerator. With the agility of a cat you jump off the counter and fall to your knees and grab my throbbing cock in your hands and begin to stroke it up and down. “not if I can make you cum first!” you say and with that envelop your perfect mouth around my aching shaft. You bob your head up and down and swirl your tongue around the head of my member. With your other hand you cup my balls and gently tug at them seemingly becoming more enthused as the musky reminiscence of our courtside battle permeates your senses.

You look up at me and I can see in your eyes that you’re reveling in the power switch you have yet again so deftly performed; changing me from hunter to hunted. The glowing feeling of your touch is sending electric sensations through my body so intense I can’t help but begin to moan. I grab your hair with both hands as your head continues to bounce up and down over my cock. Suddenly you stop and look up at me and begin to jerk my cock vigorously knowing that I’m about to explode any second.

I grab your hand and pull it away. ‘You’re not winning this one!’, I think to myself and I then put both hands around your waist and lift you back up onto the island and drop to my knees. The scent of your moist pussy now infuses in me a desire so primal I can focus on nothing else but this magnificent flower between your legs glistening w/ wetness. I pull your towards me and encircle your shaved sex with my tongue. I can taste the saltiness of the sweat and my cock throbs harder. Your wetness is begging to be licked and I resist. Teasing you, I merely lick lightly in circles around the folds of your labia. You grab my hair with both hands and begin to squeeze as if to say, “NOW! LICK ME NOW!!!” Still I continue to resist and lick only lightly…every so often glossing barely over your now swollen clit. I can feel your hands tighten on my hair and you begin to pull my face towards your delicious folds.

I then plunge my tongue deep into your pussy…as deep as I can extend my tongue and I waggle gently. The taste of your pussy is so intoxicating I am dizzy with desire and can feel my cock throbbing with anticipation. I now move up just slightly and suck on your clit while occasionally licking it back and forth with the tip of my tongue. A moan of pleasure escapes your lips and I hear you…”oh, God! Mmmm” I continue to encircle your clit with my tongue and then insert two fingers deep into your wanting flower. A guttural “Ooooooh!” escapes your lips and your grip tightens on my hair. You’re so wet now that my face is covered with your love juice and you shudder and I know your orgasm is coming. I stand up and in one motion plunge my rock hard cock into the depths of your womb and remain motionless for just long enough to take in the moment and feel the temperature of your pussy warming my now engulfed cock. I lean in to you and begin to kiss you deeply as we begin the motion of love being passionately moved back and forth, in and out. You can taste your own pussy on my lips and you kiss me deeper and begin to thrust your pussy into my cock faster and faster.

We both begin to moan more loudly as if to beckon the approaching orgasms to move towards us faster! The sound begins to fill the kitchen…the deep moans of pleasure coming from both of us, the wet sound of my cock sliding in and out of you faster and faster. We grind each other mercilessly as the pleasure begins to build to a crescendo.  My moment is fast approaching…I’m going to pull out and spray my semen all over your skirt…yes, here it comes… and as I’m about to lurch and unleash the power of this orgasm all over you, you lock your legs around my waist and pull me into you. I can’t break free!, NO, WAIT…. And with that I explode a series of jets of cum deep into you and I feel you shudder as your orgasm overtakes you and the primal scream from your mouth matches mine precisely and we squeeze each other tightly as the last few convulsions hit me and squirt the last few drops of fluid from my member deep inside you and your fingers dig further into my back.

Breathing hard, I lay over you motionless on this kitchen island for several minutes as I feel your fingers now lightly move up and down my back and time is now neither here nor there… Consciousness slowly begins to descend back upon us, and you lean in and whisper in my ear, “Game, Set & Match”.
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Nicely played.  Game, set, match, indeed.
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2015, 12:56:30 AM »

Cht_wilcox!  Magnificent.  You articulate the events so intricately.  You had me from the beginning.  The heat and passion that poured out of this story was mesmerizing.  You need to keep running with this!  I want more! Love Love
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« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2016, 09:06:57 AM »

Oh Dear !
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« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2016, 06:06:54 PM »

Wow, well done.
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