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Author *Topic: Blindfolded  (Read 2724 times)
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« on: December 03, 2016, 01:21:36 AM »


So, it was my birthday. I was determined not to let the thought of passing 50 get me down, although it was a battle. My day had been filled with meetings…meetings w/ younger interns. Then I had to deal with insurance crap…and that requires listing one’s age. When the mail came, there was even an AARP envelope addressed to me… AARP? ME? What the fuck?! Every task during the day made me aware that I was not as young as the people around me.
But I also knew that my incredible wife had a surprise for me at the end of the day.

When I left for the office that morning she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Have a great day, sweetheart! I have a surprise for you when you get home, but you must do exactly as I say, ok?”

I smiled, put my arm around the small of her back and pulled her close. “I will do whatever you say, my love!” I kissed her on her soft red lips, patted her ass and left.

I was thinking about this all day long. Was she going to take me to a show? Go play music w/ some friends? A surprise party at the house when I get home? What? Maybe take me out to a nice dinner w/ some friends! Yes, that has to be it. I’m sure she’s getting us together with some pals, good food and plenty of adult beverages! This will be fun evening!

The day finally ended and it was dark. I drove home thinking about what restaurant I thought she was going to take us to, as well as who would be joining us, the laughs, the fun.

As I pulled up to the house, the porch lights were on and a soft glow was emanating from all the windows…candle light. There were no recognizable cars around so I relaxed in knowing that I probably wasn’t walking into a surprise party.

I opened the front door and the room was in fact, bathed in candle light. It was warm and so welcoming to my spirits. My wife appeared barefoot wearing a lovely skirt and a white, billowing top that was pulled down just below the shoulders and was ever so slightly see through to the point where I could just make out her perfect breasts, braless beneath. Her blonde, curly hair was pulled back and with a shimmer in her eye she handed me a cold glass of my favorite ale, took my bag and kissed me sweetly saying, “Happy birthday, Love! Come, sit down!”

I looked behind her and the dinner table was set so beautifully for two. I knew now that we were NOT going out to dinner. Two lovely settings, candles, and the perfect music playing…this was so nice! Really perfect!

We sat down at the table and shared a few drinks. She let me go on about my day and helped me laugh it off. Finally she said, “Let’s eat, shall we?” and got up and went into the kitchen. She came out with the most gorgeous plate of sushi I’d ever seen.

“Wow!” I said, “That’s amazing!”

“I thought you’d like that!” she said and we proceeded to eat and drink and laugh. All the while I couldn’t help but notice a gleam in her eye that I’d not seen before. I’ve known this woman for 30 years and thought I knew every look…this one was new.

I got up and cleared our plates to the kitchen and as I walked in I saw the rice, seaweed, veggies, as well as some new knives laying on the counter and realized the sushi had been prepared right here! “Holy shit!” I exclaimed, “You MADE the sushi?” I asked her. “When did you learn to do that? That was sensational!”

“It’s really a very simple process”, she said. “Much easier than I thought when you see how it’s done. I wanted it fresh for you, and so the only way to do that was to make it right here.”

I was stunned. I walked in and gave her a big squeeze and kissed her passionately. “Thank you”, I said. “That was the best birthday present ever!”

She giggled and said, “Remember this morning when I said you must do exactly as I say?”

“Well, of course”, I said. “I just sat down at the table like you asked and we had the perfect dinner! Did I miss something?”

“Right, well, sit your ass back down”, she ordered and pointed to the chair.

I sat back in the chair and she walked behind me. “Don’t you fucking touch this no matter what”, she said, and proceeded to put a black, silk blindfold over my eyes. “Can you see anything?” she asked.

“No,” I said, “but I can smell your perfume on this blindfold.” 

“Perfect,” she said.

She then grabbed my hand and slowly made me follow her. As she carefully walked me through the house, I could tell she was guiding me to our bedroom. The room obviously had our candles going because I could detect the familiar smell of lavender, citrus and musk. I could also hear the music coming through the speakers in our bedroom. And though I couldn’t see it, I know her well, and the look of this room would be perfect and romantic to a degree mere mortals would not be able to achieve. It was a pity not to be able to actually see it at this moment.

She seated me on the edge of our bed and kissed my cheek. I then felt her slowly unbutton my shirt and remove it. She caressed my chest and kissed the side of my neck, slowly working her way down to my nipples which she lightly flicked with her tongue, and with that, my erection began.

Then she lowered herself to the floor and removed my shoes and socks. “Stand up”, she said and I obliged. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks and carefully removed them. And then a peculiar thing happened. She just left me there standing in my boxers for longer than felt comfortable.

“Sweetie?” I asked to what I feared was now an empty room.

“I’m here,” she said, obviously standing right in front of me. “I just wanted to look at you for a moment, you handsome man.” I smiled and felt myself blushing in the dark.

I then felt her bare chest against mine and felt her hands slide around my back and down towards my ass where she slid her hands inside the band of my boxers and proceeded to work them down to the floor. Gently she moved me backwards, so I sat on the bed and she helped me maneuver myself so that I was laying on my back with my head on the pillow. I felt her get on the bed. She straddled me and then grabbed my right hand and began to kiss it lovingly. She moved it to her breast and allowed me to caress her precious skin and chest. And then she removed my hand, laid it down and I felt something I’ve never felt before…a soft, wide cuff wrapped around my wrist. When she let go, I could tell my arm was now restrained. “What the…” I said and I felt her fingers on my lips.

“Shhhh”, she said and proceeded to do the same with my left hand.

There I was; lying flat on my back, buck naked with my hands restrained and my wife sitting on top of me. I was feeling delightfully anxious. My heart began to speed up and I could feel my sex beginning to swell. She could feel this, too and began to slowly gyrate on top of me to the sound of the music while rubbing my chest with her soft hands. At different intervals she leaned down and kissed my neck and chest. I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around her, yet I could not.

She then planted her mouth on mine and our tongues began to dance around one another in a familiar and delightful communication of adoration. All the while I could feel her sex on mine as she continued to gyrate her hips in a slow soulful motion that made me sense that she was getting wet which made me even harder.

She ran her fingers all through my hair, then cupped my face in her hands and began to gently kiss my chin…all over my neck, slowly working her way down to my chest, gently licking and flicking my nipples with her tongue. She methodically worked her way down my torso making certain to kiss and lick what seemed like every square inch of me until she worked her way down to my now throbbing cock.

I felt her gently grab it in her hands. The mere touch of her hand on my penis made it throb harder and gave me chills. She softly massaged it and gently stroked the shaft up and down. With her other hand she cupped my balls and would then occasionally gently caress my asshole. I then felt her lips lightly tease the tip of my cock. I inhaled sharply as the incredible sensation of pleasure rippled across my body. I could feel her tongue swirl around the head of my shaft, tickling the underside and her hand wrapped around the base. Suddenly she lowered her head on my cock taking most of it in her mouth and proceeded to bob her head up and down while still lightly fingering my ass with the other hand. She knows how I love this.

My breathing began to slowly increase as the tingle of electricity began to flow through my body. I wanted to grab her head and run my fingers through her hair while she pampered my hard cock w/ her perfect mouth, but with my hands restrained that was not going to happen. I began to moan with pleasure. Being blindfolded and bound was a whole different kind of sensation. My love and trust in her is boundless and thus I drifted into a fog of electric, lustful passion.

She then stopped and I felt her work her way back up my body. She squirmed up my torso and met my lips with hers. We deeply kissed for a few minutes and she then teased me w/ her tongue; first lightly touching my lips, then lightly licking my ear…my neck.

She began to adjust herself and I couldn’t quite make out what she was doing, but then I felt her moving her wet pussy slowly up my belly, to my chest…mmm I could now smell her sex and finally I could tell she was moving herself up to my face. She loves how I tongue her pussy.

She was now on her knees with her inner thighs on either side of my face and her pussy right in front of my mouth. She slowly moved her wet pussy to my lips and I began to lick and kiss her labia and clit. She let out an initial shudder as my tongue first glossed over her clit.

I normally maneuver myself around her magnificent pussy w/ my hands, gently moving different combinations of fingers in and out of her, gently rubbing, caressing or tugging at her labia, but being restrained I had to navigate her without the use of sight or my hands. It was wonderful, her wet pussy right on my mouth…She began to lightly moan and softly hump herself into my mouth. I felt her hands grab my head with her fingers through my hair and she began to guide my head into her at the rhythm she desired. It was making me so hard!

Just then, I felt a soft hand gently grab my cock and start stroking up and down. Oh, yes! God, that feels good.  All of a sudden I realized my wife had both of her hands on my head!  If her hands are on my head, then who’s stroking my cock?!?!  Wait… What the?!?!   I startled and began tugging at the restraints.

Sensing my obvious angst, I heard my wife giggle and she leaned down and again put her fingers on my lips and said, “Shhhhhh, it’s okay baby…happy birthday!” Then she leaned down and kissed me on the lips for comfort. And then she sat up and pulled my face into her to pick up where she’d left off, and began to guide my face into her pussy at the rhythm she desired.

My mind was reeling! Who the fuck was stroking my cock?!! God, it felt so good! Suddenly there were lips around my shaft and the wonderful sensation of my cock being engulfed by a mouth and the feeling of mouth and hand pumping up and down on my throbbing cock in unison.

Meanwhile, the world’s most perfect vagina is forcing itself all over my mouth. I love her pussy more than anything and I darted my tongue everywhere I could…along the folds of her labia…so wet and slippery. Her clit; a small, smooth mound that causes electricity to shoot through her body each time I tickle it with my tongue. I licked her taint and circled my tongue around her asshole, lightly tickling the opening. I made my tongue wide and flat and licked her whole pussy in one stroke…I made my tongue narrow and soft and tickled her clit. God, I love pleasing her!

Her breathing began to increase and she began to moan louder as her approaching orgasm loomed. Somehow the mouth on my cock was matching her rhythm precisely and as her orgasm crept slowly closer, mine did, too.

“Oh, God, yes, that’s it baby!” she said.

I began thrusting my cock into that wonderful mystery mouth as moans of pleasure escaped my lips while I attentively licked my wife’s sweet pussy letting her know just how much I loved her.

She lurched forward and ground her sweet sex into my mouth while pulling my head into her. “Oooooohhhhhh, God, mmmmmmmmm…” she exclaimed as the orgasm washed over her.
The electricity in my loins took over my entire body as the convulsions of my own orgasm exploded my cock and cloaked my senses into a fog of oblivion. The mouth and hands on my cock then slowed and caressed to a much lighter touch.

The room was now filled with only the sound of breathing beginning to approach normal…

Long awkward pause…

“Say, hun?” I said.

“Yes, my love?” she said while trying desperately to suppress laughing.

“Not to be alarmist or anything, and I don’t want you to panic, but I’m fairly certain there’s someone in the room besides us.”

“Really?” she said. “Hmm, I’ll keep an eye open just in case…it’s probably just a birthday present…nothing to worry about.”

The two began to laugh, and my wife moved herself from me towards this mystery woman. The giggling subsided and I began to hear caressing and kissing. There was a serious make out happening at my feet…on my bed…in my house…on my birthday…without me…and I’m strapped to the fucking bed!!

Slowly some slight moaning began to emanate from the embrace. Somebody was touching someone the right way. I could feel some sort of movement on the bed, but that’s all. Something lovely was going on, but I was totally in the dark…literally, as to what it was.

I could sense rhythm beginning to develop. Breathing increasing. Every so often, they would brush against me. I’d try to respond by gently moving my leg, or my torso or whatever was touched by moving in their direction, but at this point I was merely a decorative naked pillow.

I could hear the familiar light slurping sound of a wet pussy being touched. “Oooh, that’s nice…” I heard the mystery woman say.

My mind raced. Do I know that voice? Who is that? It’s familiar, yet not. What I did realize was that what was happening was that my wife was giving this woman immense pleasure. The mere thought of that began to make me hard again.

“Mmmm” I heard my wife say, clearly receiving some reciprocal pleasure.

“Hello?!” I said to what appeared to be nobody. Giggle-moans (a sound heretofore I’d never heard before) emerged from them both in response to my question/plea, and yet they continued to ignore me, and instead focus on one another.

Eventually there was a shift of movement on the bed and suddenly I felt hands on my feet and legs affectionately caressing me. Two of the hands left my legs and began to rub my chest and shoulders. Whoever was below was slowly working their way up my legs to my thighs. The other hands continued to work my chest, torso, shoulders and arms. I was in heaven. As the hands on my thighs slowly and methodically moved towards my balls I could feel my hard-on beginning to really emerge and lightly throb.

Then I felt them both adjust themselves to straddle me. One over my cock, and the other over my head. Only this time I could tell the one straddling my head was facing the one straddling my waist. As if choreographed and on cue, at once my hard cock was inside a hot wet pussy and another wet pussy was on my face. I could immediately tell that the one on my cock was my wife. I know that vagina by braille! The pussy now on my mouth was foreign, yet just as delicious. The labia was longer and the clit a little less pronounced, but exquisite nonetheless.

Again moans of pleasure began to slowly permeate the room. I could also tell they were leaning in to each other and kissing passionately. I was fucking my wife with all the desire and love that was in me while simultaneously tonguing and licking this mystery pussy for all I was worth. The bed was bouncing and the primal sounds of sex were literally bouncing off the walls.

I had the presence of mind at this moment to appreciate the fact that I was at this moment the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I took it all in, the sounds of pleasure, the aroma of lust, the incredible sensation of the 3 of us locked in some sort of perfect choreography beckoning the orgasms to wash over us. The rhythms increased, the moans grew louder. My wife fucking my hard cock with unbridled passion, Mystery Woman and I connecting as one between tongue and pussy. The bed was literally bouncing and shaking.

“Oh, here it comes” the Mystery Woman announced.

“Oh, oh, yes…that’s it, baby”, my wife said to me. “Make me cum, make me cum now, baby!!!”

I fucked and lurched and tongued and fucked and tongued and…

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” the three of us collectively clenched, spasmed, moaned, breathed, sighed, released and finally, melted into a pile of consumed flesh.

As consciousness slowly began to return to the three of us, my wife and the mystery woman began to giggle. As their giggles started to become laughter, uncontrollably I joined in and the room echoed with music and laughing.

I felt them get up off the bed.

“Thank you, Doll!” my wife said to her.

“No, thank you to you two lovebirds!” said the mystery woman “It’s been a while since I came like that”.

I could hear and feel one of them approaching me. I sensed a face right next t my ear.

“Happy Birthday. I’m glad you liked my sushi” the mystery woman whispered in a soft, somewhat familiar voice, and she kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Wait, what? You made the sushi?” I asked. Again they began to laugh.

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Mmm... I love reading these erotic stories!!
Quite a turn on..... Cheesy

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« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2018, 03:16:03 PM »

Wow, very well written!!  I felt like I was right there !!
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Well done.  Sounds like a birthday I would very much enjoy.
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