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Author *Topic: The Holiday Office Party  (Read 1861 times)
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« on: December 30, 2016, 12:37:20 AM »

This was a request for someone VERY hot...you know who you are!  Wink  Enjoy.

Office Party-

She knew this was her husband’s office Christmas party, and she knew all the people, but somehow she felt like it was HER night. She could sense it. She could feel it in her mind, but also in her sex. And she knew it was up to HER to make it happen.

As she pulled the black, lace-top stockings up her creamy white legs and clipped them into her garter belt she began to feel an erotic power. And when she stepped into the black heels and looked at herself in the mirror she could see it vividly. She squeezed two mists of perfume in the air and walked into it. As a finishing touch gave a small spray to her panties. She finished by slipping on the tight, black glittery skirt and the white silk blouse. She was mesmerizing and she knew it. Bring on the night…

She walked with purpose, giving her hips slightly more choreography than she normally would, into the Living Room to see her husband, Charles waiting for her. He was so handsome in his tailored black suit. His eyes widened as he saw her approach. “My God, woman you’re breathtaking!!!” he said as he slowly walked towards her. “There is a different kind of radiance about you this evening, Love” he said as he slipped his hands around the small of her back. “I’m not sure what it is, but I like it!”  She reached down and felt that his cock was slightly aroused. “I can see that!” she said and gave it a squeeze.

“Let’s go” she said.  “Wait, what?” he said. I’m always the one saying ‘let’s go’. You’re certainly eager to get the night going” he continued. “You have no idea!” she said, kissed him on the side of the cheek, grabbed her purse and headed for the car.

As they merged onto the freeway he said, “Remember we’re starting first at Ron’s room, right?” “I was counting on it” she said. He looked at her with delightful suspicion. “Rather genius for him to get a room in the hotel where he’s throwing his company’s Christmas party, don’t you think?” she said.  “Actually” Charles said, “he got us a room as well! Surprise!”. “Really?” she responded. “Well, isn’t he just the perfect boss!”  “Partner” he corrected her. “Excuse me” she said, “I meant to say ‘former boss’. Yes, ‘Partner’ is more apt anyway” she smirked and looked out the window. Again he looked at her wondering what she was brewing in that gorgeous head of hers.

They pulled into the valet, and headed into the hotel.

“Greetings, Holmes!” he said to Ron as they entered his suite. “Good of you to come, Watson” Ron returned and they embraced. Ron then looked at Sharon. “Wow, my dear! You look good enough to eat!” he said and kissed her on the cheek. “That was my intent” she said and looked them both in the eye. They, in turn looked briefly at each other.

The room was on the 11th floor. Very contemporary in feel, it had a breathtaking view of the city. There was old-school jazz filling the air on the stereo and the lighting was dimmed just right.

“So, what are you two drinking?” Ron asked. “Vodka/soda with lime”, Sharon immediately offered. “Sounds good. I’ll have the same” chimed Charles. Ron began to concoct the libations.

“Charles said you got us a room here tonight as well. Thank you! That was awfully sweet” said Sharon. “Glad to do it!” said Ron. “The purpose of the night is to celebrate the success of this past year while looking forward to next year. We should be comfortable and not have to deal w/ traffic, Uber, any of it! Just one night of pure celebration, don’t you think?” he said as he handed out the cocktails. “Definitely” said Sharon. She held up her glass. “To a night of pure celebration” she said and again, looked each of them deeply in the eye and smiled as they all clinked glasses and drank.

They began to chat and let the evening begin to generate itself. As if turning on auto-pilot, they talked and laughed with such a familiar ease that they almost forgot they had a party to get to downstairs. “Shall we have one more before we go?” suggested Sharon. “Sure” “Ok” Ron and Charles said in unison.

She went over to the bar to make the drinks. As she finished and was giving them a final stir, she accidentally dropped the spoon. As she bent down to pick it up, she saw in the window reflection that the two men were fixated on her ass. She carefully put the spoon back on the bar and grabbed the drinks and headed towards them. Charles noticed that she was approaching them with the same purposeful walk she’d displayed when she got ready earlier that evening.

With a drink in each hand, she walked over to Ron who was sitting on the edge of the bed and leaned over long enough so that he couldn’t help but look down her shirt. She watched his eyes go from her breasts to her eyes at which point she let go of his drink. She walked over and did the same with Charles who was seated across in the easy chair.

“You’re beautiful!” Charles said and he leaned up and kissed her on her bright red lips. As he planted his kiss, he reached behind and lightly squeezed her ass and then flipped up her skirt for Ron to see. “Magnificent!” said Ron, obviously watching this. Sharon turned around to see Ron smiling, looking at her.

She stood up, grabbed Charles by the hand and instructed him to stand up. As he did so, she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a very passionate kiss during which she slowly rotated him so that when they finished Charles was next to Ron. When she finished, she motioned him to sit and he did. She grabbed Charles’ glass which was over near the chair and hand it to him. She then held up her glass (and they followed suit) and saying nothing, gave them each a once over, took a breath and then took a good size drink and set it on the table. Her heart was beating…

“Ok boys, I’m just going to come right out and say it…” she said. “Whoever of you cums first does NOT get to fuck me later”.

…long pause.

Charles and Ron looked at her, then at each other. Before either of them could say anything, she sat down on the edge of the bed between them and put her hands on their respective crotches and began to squeeze through their pants. “Let’s just see, shall we?” She said and continued to rub. She could feel their erections beginning to fill their pants which made her want to see these two cocks. She then knelt down in front of them and reached up and unzipped each of their flies simultaneously. She reached in and pulled each cock, now hard, out into the open.

With them just sitting there, she wrapped her fingers around each throbbing cock and then looked at them both, back and forth…just squeezing their cocks, not moving.

“Ok, here we go…who’s it going to be?” She began to slowly stroke the two cocks at the same speed. “Who’s going to cum all over my hand, hmm?” “You know you want to” she coaxed. “It feels so good having your cocks pumped like this, doesn’t it, boys?” Charles and Ron were saying nothing, but were rather lost in their respective pleasure zones.

“But, oh, the dilemma you face!” she said and began to stroke their cocks a little faster now. “If you cum now, you don’t get to fuck me later! What to do? What to do?” she said and began to speed up a little bit more. She loved being in control. Here she had two throbbing hard cocks at her absolute command. She could feel her pussy getting very wet with anticipation.

Charles and Ron were in such deep pleasure at this point and every now and then one of them would roll their head backwards or forwards as the sensations enveloped their bodies, bitter sweetly beckoning the simultaneously wanted and unwanted impending orgasms.

She continued to pump their cocks. “Mmm, it feels so good, doesn’t it?” she teased. “Don’t you just love how it feels to have me stroke your hard cock? Oh, how good would it feel to have your cock explode in my hand!!! Oh, yes, c’mon, you know you want to cum for me” she said. “Or would you rather wait and fuck my soaking wet, hot pussy later?” she said to them. “Yes, perhaps you should wait…on second thought, don’t cum now…my pussy is so wet and in need of a good fucking” she said and began pumping their cocks faster.

The two men were beginning to show signs of obvious distress. They were beginning to breathe harder and she could see their balls tightening up and knew they couldn’t hold out much longer. She continued to jerk off their hard cocks even more quickly.

“Ok, boys. Cum now or fuck me later…what’s it going to…” Her sentence was cut short just as Charles convulsed, and let out a very loud moan and exploded all over her hand. “Ohhhh, fuck!” he exclaimed. She let go of Ron’s cock and on Charles’ she slowed to almost no movement at all…she knows all too well how to gently bring him back to earth.

“Don’t you dare touch that cock” Sharon said to Ron. “What!?” He protested. “But if I don’t…” She held her hand up to him to cut him off “Ah-Ah…” she said. “You will have to go through the entire party tonight w/ swollen balls. Just try not to think about my wet pussy…if you can” she said. She turned to Charles, leaned in to him and kissed him. “We’ll just have to see later if there’s anything left in Santa’s bag for you” she said with a smirk and excused herself to the bathroom to wash her hands.

When she returned they finished up their drinks and headed downstairs. “Well, this should be a fun night, don’t you think, gentlemen?” Sharon said to them both as they made their way down the hall to the elevator. “Oh, yeah!” said Ron. “It already is!” chimed in Charles. “I’m really looking forward to see if Santa brings me anything” he added and they all laughed.

They arrived at the ballroom. It was elegant and decorated to the gills in Holiday attire. The band was playing the perfect mix of jazz, oldies, rock, country and Christmas music. The spread of food was amazing. Nothing left for the imagination. They made their way to the bar and ordered drinks. Ray was immediately pulled in 20 different directions. Charles and Sharon mingled amongst the crowd. They laughed and danced and took full advantage of the endless buffet and bottomless bar. The night was shaping up perfectly.

Out on the dance floor the 3 of them wound up gravitating towards one another at different intervals. The chemistry was building with each dance. At the slow dances, Sharon would only dance with Charles. They would gently sway to the groove of the song and she would inconspicuously grind her pussy lovingly into his cock. She loved how easily she could make him hard even after all these years. They were enjoying themselves immensely.

They continued the evening’s festivities in different combinations…all three together…two at a time…separately…and they made a point to connect with as many of their friends and associates as possible.  As the evening began to get late, the crowd started to thin considerably as people began to leave. Ron and Charles were sitting at the bar nursing their drinks when Sharon approached. “Well, I’ve talked, danced and drank with everyone I’ve needed to. You boys ready to move this party upstairs?” she said to them both. “I thought you’d never ask” said Ron “my balls are killing me” and he immediately stood up and downed the last of his drink. With a large sigh Charles said, “I guess so” and he stood up as if he were tired and ready to leave. With that Sharon reached over and slapped his ass. “Get your ass upstairs” she said with authority.

She was relishing her power right now. She knew that at this moment she was completely in control of the evening…and more specifically, her pleasure. The three of them got in the elevator…she stood in the middle between the two men. When the door closed she immediately reached out to either side of her and gave their cocks a squeeze and immediately felt their erections begin to return. “Yes, I think these will suffice” she said.

The entered the suite, adjusted the lighting, got the music back on and then were all standing at the foot of the bed. The men reaching out and starting to put their hands and arms all over Sharon and the three of them rode this for a brief moment making eye contact with one another.  Sharon stepped back. “Charles, you go make us some drinks and then sit in that chair right there and don’t move. You may remove your clothes, but you are NOT allowed to touch yourself” she said.  “And you” she said, turning to Ron, “you get those clothes off immediately and get on the bed”.

As the two men were doing as they were told, Sharon removed her skirt, yet left on her silk blouse. She walked over to the window and looked out at the city. In the reflection of the window she saw Charles pointing his camera at her. She lifted her blouse to expose her ass. “How’s this?” she asked Charles. “Perfect”, he said. “Now, turn around and lean against the window” he ordered. She turned around. “Now sit in that other chair and open your blouse”. She did as she was told. “Did you get that one?” she asked. “Oh, yes” said Charles. “Good” she said. “Now, sit there, be quiet and watch” she commanded.

She turned around to Ron who was lying on his back on the bed. She removed her shirt and got on the bed with him. She inched up to him and put her breasts in his face. He obliged by gently licking each nipple with tender precision. She then turned around and began to stroke his cock, making sure it was visible to Charles. She looked over at Charles who was now naked in his chair. She kept stroking Ron’s cock and looking at Charles. She could see Charles’ cock begin to grow. She leaned down and took Ron’s cock in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down…her eyes never leaving Charles. She could see Charles’ cock beginning to throb. She sat up. “Remember, don’t you touch that cock”, she ordered at Charles. Charles flipped her the bird. She winked at him as she went down even further on Ron’s hard cock.

She turned around to Ron. “You’ve been a good boy, doing what you’re told”. “I’ll bet your balls ached all through that party tonight” she said. “God, you have no idea!” he said. “Let’s see if we can do something about that” she said. She straddled herself over his face. “Now be a gem and lick this wet pussy, won’t you?” she said. Doing what he was told he started licking her labia, being careful to avoid her clit. “Mmmm” she murmured, and leaned over and again put her mouth on his cock and began to expertly bob her head up and down the now throbbing shaft. He slowly pumped his rock hard cock in and out of her mouth as he deftly attended to her magnificent wet pussy at his lips. He continued to lick the outer labia, gently sucking each lip into his mouth and lightly nibbling. She began to uncontrollably rock her pussy back and forth on his face desperately trying to get her clit on his tongue which he continued to avoid.

He then licked a finger and stuck it into her now sopping wet pussy. “Ohhhh, God, yes” she said and began to suck his cock harder. She looked over at Charles who was watching with pleading eyes, his cock visibly throbbing. Just then, Ron put his mouth over her clit and began to suck on it while pushing his finger into deep into her hot pussy, reaching up to massage her g-spot. Her breathing began to speed up and her moans of ecstasy filled the room. “MMMMM. God, yes, don’t stop!” she commanded and rocked her pussy on his face faster as she felt the orgasm overtake her. “OHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried as the convulsions of sheer joy enveloped her body. She looked at Charles and smiled as she began to resume her senses. His cock now was throbbing quite visibly and she could see pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip of his beautiful shaft.

“Ok, now it’s your turn” she said to Ron. She got off of him and moved to the edge of the bed on all fours. “I want you to fuck this wet pussy” she ordered to him. He got up and got behind her and inserted his rock hard shaft easily into her dripping pussy. “Ooooh, fuck, yes” she said. She looked up at Charles. “Get over here” she ordered. Charles immediately did as he was told and walked up to the edge of the bed and offered his throbbing cock to her. She eagerly devoured it in her mouth while Ron continued to fuck her from behind.

“Oh, yeah” said Charles. “Suck this hard cock”. She began to suck and stroke his cock only stopping occasionally to moan uncontrollably as she continued to be fucked from behind by Ron who was now moaning with pleasure himself.

The room was filled with the sound of sex: the music; the wet slurping of Sharon sucking Charles’ cock; the squeaking of the bed and the sound of Ron’s balls slapping against her as he pumped her from behind.  She was in heaven. She was taking in every second of this pleasure filled scene she’d created. No sooner had those thoughts entered her head, she could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching. “That’s it baby, fuck me harder” she commanded. Ron proceeded to fuck her vigorously. “Ohhh, yes” he said, “That’s it…cum, baby, cum!” she moaned and began to jerk off Charles with her hand and mouth. “Cum for me now baby” she said looking up at Charles and devouring his cock in her mouth.

In one magnificent moment, Sharon’s orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. Ron pulled his cock out and proceeded to jerk his cock and cum all over her ass and back, while Charles exploded into her mouth, so much so that what she couldn’t swallow just dripped out the sides and on her hand. She thought their collective moans were so loud that security might be called.

The only sound now in the room was that of heavy breathing returning to normal, and the music on the stereo.

“Well done, boys!” she said, “just magnificent!”

“God that was good!” Ron added. “Indeed”, agreed Charles.

“Who needs a shot?” Sharon asked. “Bring it!” said Charles. “I’m in!” Ron added. She went over to the bar and they watched her walk over still wearing her garter, stockings and heels. “That’s the finest ass I’ve ever seen” said Charles. And with that she gave a little shimmy. She grabbed two bottles of water off the counter and turned around and tossed them to the boys. “Here, stay hydrated…we’re not done yet!” she said. She then poured three shots and walked back to the bed.

“Here’s to a great evening, gentlemen!” she said and they all downed the shots.

“And now, boys, we’re back where we started” she said. “The last one to cum is who sleeps with me tonight…give me those cocks” she ordered. She got on her knees in front of them and began to slowly play with these two perfect cocks until once again they were standing straight up. She stroked each cock in her hands, slowly building up rhythm. At random intervals she’d lean down on one and start sucking on it while still pumping the other with her hand. “Mmmm, feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked. “Oh, God” said Ron as he rolled his head back. “That’s so good…stroke that fucking cock, baby” he said. Charles put his hand on the back of Sharon’s head when she bobbed her head up and down on his throbbing cock. “Yes, that’s it, baby” he said. She looked up at them both while jerking their cocks more quickly. “C’mon, who can hold out the longest? Hmm? It’s difficult isn’t it as I stroke your hard cocks. You like that don’t you? You like the feel of my soft hand pumping your cocks?” she coaxed. And with that she stopped, got up and walked over to her purse and pulled out a small bottle of lube. “This should make it a little more interesting” she said.

She knelt back down on her knees and squirted generous amounts of lube on each throbbing cock. She then wrapped her hand around each one and started stroking up and down again. The slurping sound of cock in her hand was so erotic. “Oh, God!” said Charles. “Yes, baby, that’s it, ohhh…”   She kept jerking their cocks…faster…faster. “Cum for me, boys, cum all over me!” She pumped their cocks harder and faster. “That’s it, I know you want to empty your balls all over me now…do it, cum for me!” she ordered. “Ohhhhh, God!” Ron bellowed as cum shot out of his throbbing cock all over the side of her face and neck. “Yesssssss, baby!!” Charles said as his cock exploded all over her neck and tits.

“Mmmmm, good boys! Well, that answers that!” she said. “Ron, it looks like you’re sleeping alone tonight!”  “That’s okay, baby” he said. “I’m not going to be able to walk for a day or two anyway, so that’s fine!”

They cleaned themselves up and shared a nightcap. “We should probably have a New Year’s party, don’t you think?” Asked Charles and they all laughed and clinked their glasses and drank.


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You do have a way with words.
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Why thank you! I hope it made you as wet as it made me hard!
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