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« on: March 10, 2017, 07:37:56 PM »

sorry if some you you find this story a bit long

First Music Festival

I has finally picked up the courage to go to my first music festival but none of my family or friends could get the time off work to go so I was alone and when I arrived at the festival grounds I found a spot to pitch my tent next to someone else’s tent so I could ask any questions if I wasn’t too sure and o was having trouble putting up my tent when I heard rustling of a tent door opening and I looked up to see you and you asked “need some help?” and I smiled and said “that would be great” and we got to work putting up my tent and once it was up you saw how big it was and thought it could fit a family in it and you went back to your own tent before you did you said “if you need any help just holler” and I smiled my thanks.

As I got my hair bed blown up and into my tent I closed my tent door and sorted out my things and I had arrived a good day early to get my surrounding and feel comfortable knowing where everything was and maybe get to know one or two people and as I was relaxing as it was still pretty early in the day I started to imagine all the sexual shenanigans that will probably be going on and I started to get turned on and I started to tease myself forgetting where I was in that moment and after about 30 minutes I was so wet I had to take of my knickers and I went to look for the small stash of dildos and vibrators I took with me and I was in the mood for having my pussy filled and didn’t really want to just hook up with a guy just for that so I took out one of my larger dildos and stood it up on the ground and lowered myself down on it and started to rub my clit and ride the dildo slowly at first then faster and it was only the second time I had used this dildo so it stretched my pussy more than the guy I had lost my virginity to less than 10 months ago and it felt nice to have my pussy stretched for a change and as I started to ride the dildo faster my breasts started to jiggle since I wasn’t wearing a bra and my nipples were rubbing against my top turning me on more and I heard a noise but didn’t slow down and it was only you getting out of your tent and you were going to check out what bands were performing on what stage and the times when you heard me moan and you wondered what I was up to so you walked up to my tent and pulled my tent door open a little to see me on my knees with my head on the ground riding a dildo and now you knew why I was moaning and you stood there for longer than you should have and as I continued to ride the dildo my ass started to jiggle and you felt your cock stir and you closed my tent door and went back to your tent totally forgetting why you came out and as soon as you were in your tent you took out your cock and started to stroke your cock and after several minutes we cummed second apart not knowing that you had seen me.

After I had recovered and put my dildo away both of us exited our tents within seconds of each other and we sat between our tents and chatted for a while and after about an hour you said “I heard something coming from your tent earlier and I wondered what you were up to and I had a little sneak peak and saw you fucking your dildo” and I blushed as I started to get a little wet and after an awkward silence I said “am sorry you saw me do that” and you replied “am not it was incredibly horny so much so that I had to unleash a load” and we laughed nervously and we went to check out some of the things near our tents until midday and we saw the ferris wheel and had to go on it and we had been on it for several minutes when I heard you say “you much have had quite a exciting love by the way you were riding that dildo earlier” and I replied “not really I only lost my virginity 10 months ago and haven’t had sex with a guy since” and you were shocked by that and we were getting turned on it we had not stopped right at the top and I gave your semi hard on a few rubs and your hand found my pussy and I heard you gasp and I gave you a naughty smile and said “they got so wet earlier it wasn’t worth putting them back on” and you teased my clit a little and I moaned and the wheel was moving again so we kept our hands to ourselves.

We got off the ferris wheel and we found what we thought was a quiet spot and we wear only feeling each other up for a few minutes when we got caught and told to scram and we headed back to my tend since it was bigger and more room to move and we were so horny you pulled down your jeans and boxers and I got a condom and put it on your cock slowly enjoying the lust in your eyes for me and I got on all fours and you knelt behind me and you teased my pussy with the head of your cock before inserting it slowly and as you started to slowly thrust in and out of my pussy I heard you say “wow you’re so tight” and I tightened my pussy a little and you let out a moan and you started to thrust faster I started to match your thrusts and you grabbed my hips and started to go faster to the point where your balls started to slap against my pussy making noises and it made us more turned on and it wasn’t long before we were breathing hard and close to cumming and you reached round and put your hand under my top and started to play with my already hard nipples and as you did I let out a moan and said “am about to cum” as I said it my legs started shaking and my pussy pulsated like never before and my whole body started to convulse and you couldn’t hold on any longer and with one last thrust you let out a moan and a grunt as you unleashed the biggest load you have had in a long while and we both fell onto my air bed and my pussy pushed your cock out and we lay there for several minutes before either of us could move.

After we had recovered you pulled off your condom and chucked it outside and sorted ourselves and we were still feeling a little weak so we sat outside our tents for a little while as we talked more as we enjoyed the afternoon sun and after a little while you asked “how can you pussy still be so tight if you have been using the dildo I saw you riding this morning” and I replied “I do muscle tightening exercises so keep it tight” and you wondered how tight I can go and I saw in your eyes you wanted to and I guided your hand to my pussy and you put two fingers inside me and I started doing some muscle tightening exercises and after several minutes I heard you say “wow” several times at how tight I could go and when you took your fingers out you licked them tasting my juices and after you did that you said “I bet you could make me cum by tightening your pussy muscles round my cock” and I winked at you and said “if you are lucky enough I might try it on you before the festival is over with” and you felt your cock stir and we noticed more people were starting to arrive so we went back into our own tents and I was horny from having your fingers inside me so I took out my Rampant Rabbit and squatted over a towel as my pussy juices will soak my air bed and I didn’t want that so turned it on and teased my clit with the rabbit ears for about a minute before inserting it into my wet pussy and I had to put one hand on the ground as I was getting so worked up I started sliding up and down on the Rampant Rabbit and I felt my juices start to run down onto my hand and I kept at it for several more minutes before my pussy started pulsating and nearly pushing out the Rampant Rabbit a few times before it did and then I teased my clit with the rabbit ears and that’s when I felt like I was going to pee myself and a few seconds later I squirted a little and my legs went from under me and my legs shook for several minutes as my pussy oozed juices onto the towel I was now sitting on soaking it all up.

I sat there for several minutes until my body recovered and I put my Rampant Rabbit and soaked towel away and just in time as you rustled my tent door and asked if you could come in and I said yes and could tell my how flushed your cheeks were that you had did the same as I did and you could tell the same about me and you asked “which toy did you use this time” and I blushed and said “Rampant Rabbit” and you gasped and said “wow that must have been intense” and I giggled as I blushed and you knew you were right and it had quietened down so we went out for something to eat and drink as we hadn’t eaten all day and we found a quiet place and order food and drinks and after we had finished you pulled me into your lap and pulled your cock out and I positioned myself so that your cock slid into my still wet pussy and I started to move my hips as you started to rub my clit and we stay like that for a good 10 to 15 minutes before we were so horny that I stood up and you pulled me close so people wouldn’t see that your cock was still out and we found a dark quiet place and I bent over and leaned against the tree and you inserted your cock back inside my pussy and both of us started thrusting and within 2 minutes we were breathing hard and moaning when my legs started to shake and just as I thought I was able to last longer I screamed in pleasure and you pulled out and shot you load all over my ass and we both fell to the ground and we stayed there for as little as possible as we didn’t want to be found and we got up and as we went into the crowd we got separated and we walked round seeing different things and we made our way back to our tents and when I saw you standing in front of my tent with all your belongings I was about to ask why when I saw your tent had been trashed and when you heard me gasp you turned round and I said “you can sleep in my tent until the festival is over if you want” and you said “thanks” and we headed into my tent and I closed the door and you made yourself at home and I turned round in time to see you trying to hide a small butt plug and egg vibe and I said “I take it someone likes a little ass play” and you blushed and smiled and since it was getting dark I got naked and laid on the air bed and pulled the sleeping back over me but keeping my breasts uncovered and as I lay on my back you started undressing and my nipples got hard pretty quick and as you lay down next to me I feel you start to lick and on them in turn and I let you do this for several minutes.

After a little while I started to stroke your cock which was already hard and you lowered one of your hands and teased my clit and I moaned and arched my back and you inserted two fingers inside me and we take each other to the edge of having another orgasm when we both stop and I take out your small egg vibe and turn it on and you get on all fours and I use some of my juices to lube up the egg vibe and your ass and slowly insert it into your ass and you give out a small moan as it slides in and you I lay back on the air bed and you position yourself between my legs and I put on a condom so we don’t have to stop to put one on and you start to rub your cock between my pussy lips to lube up your cock and as I lift my hips up your cock slides into my pussy since it’s so wet and I wrapped my legs round you and you lifted me onto your cock so we were both in a sitting position and we wrapped our arms round each other and started to move in time with each other’s bodies and we continued to be like that for a good while until we heard others come back in little groups which made our feelings heightened as we could be found out or heard by anyone and two people walked past the tent and we thought we were about to get found out but we didn’t and our near miss made my orgasm come close to exploding and I knew I was going to be vocal so I started kissing you and you kissed back and just as we did my orgasm exploded slowly and intensely and my pussy pulsated strongly to the point where you thought it might do some damage but you were about to cum and you put me on my back and started to thrust hard and fast making me orgasm last longer and after a few thrusts you moaned “oh fuck” and you shot a load hard and fast into the condom and it was so intense that your balls and ass pulsated to the point your ass pushed out the egg vibe and we lay there convulsing until it slowed down and we were feeling sexually satisfied for now and we fell asleep in each other arms.

When we woke up yesterday’s sexual exploits came flooding back and we looked at each other shyly and you were already hard so I gave you cock a few strokes and you were still sensitive from yesterday but you needed a release so you got up on you knees and I positioned my breasts round your cock and you started thrusting and after a few thrusts you let out a moan and I licked the head of your cock and your hips bucked so I kept doing it every time you thrust and in under two minutes you had to hold onto my shoulders to steady yourself as you shot a small load all over my breasts and you sat back down on the air bed and I was horny and you were spent so I took out a small vibrator and I squatted and turned on the vibrator and started to rub my pussy with and I saw you watching me so I put my free hand back and leaned back a little so you had a better view and it wasn’t long before I was breathing fast and letting out small moans of pleasure and I lasted as long as you did and as I started to cum my pussy pulsated just as my legs gave way and I managed to turn off the vibrator and we both sat there for several more minutes before we got up and we got dressed ready for a day worth of music and fun and we went our separate ways for the morning and we saw a few unknown music artists and round about midday one of the big acts were playing so we both went to see them and both of us didn’t realise either of us were there and you saw someone with the same outfit and somehow you know it was me from spending yesterday with me so you and you pushed your way through the crowd and once you were standing behind me you gave my ass a gentle squeeze and I turned round to see you and we both smiled and I turned back round to watch the artist perform and you put your arms round me and during the set we frequently felt each other up for the first few songs.

As soon as the music artist spoke to the crowd I felt you put your hand under my skirt and I heard you gasp in surprise that I was wearing nothing under my skirt and you gave my clit a few rubs and my legs gave a little shake so I gave your cock a few rubs over your jeans and we continued to do so as the second half of the set started and you were getting so hard you hard to ease your cock out of your jeans without anyone noticing and my skirt managed to hide it as you did and we stroked and rubbed each other for the rest of the set and as soon as everyone went to see other acts we moved fast to find a quiet place as we needed a release and quickly and we found a huge tree with plenty of cover and I pulled out a condom and put it on your cock as we don’t want any accidents and you pushed me up against the tree and lifted me up onto your cock and I was so wet your cock slid straight into my pussy and we moaned loudly and you started to thrust in and out of my pussy and it slipped out a few times which turned us on a little and I lifted my top and started to tease my nipples which made my pussy pulsate which made us both moan and legs shake and you started thrusting harder and faster and I let out a scream of pleasure as I started to cum and my pussy pulsated to strongly that your legs gave way and as we fell to the ground you let out a moan of pleasure as you shot your load into the condom and we sat there on the ground shaking and feeling weak for a good few minutes before you pulled out of my pussy and took off your condom and threw it away and we righted ourselves and checked out a few more acts we wanted to see separately.

After both of us had checked out a local band we found ourselves seeing the same band again and we stood close to each other making sure that our bodies were always touching and after the band had warmed up the light went out and the only the stage had lighting and we both thought we could get away with having sex if we wanted and as the band started I felt your hands go up my top and tease my nipples and I gasped and leaned against you and turned round and unzipped your jeans and took out your cock and gave it a few strokes and turned back around and lifted my skirt and you pulled me towards you and your cock slid between my pussy lips and we were still turned on from earlier on that we didn’t want to take it so fast so we stood there rocking our hips back and forth and it didn’t feel like a good 45 minutes but the bands set was over and we sorted ourselves out and left the tent we went to get something to eat and drink and have a look at some of the stalls selling stuff and we didn’t like anything so we sat at one of the make shift seats of hay and sat down and talked about the bands we had seen and the ones we were hoping to see and it wasn’t long before I was sitting on your lap and we were in our own little world we didn’t realise hoe late it was getting so we went back to my tent.

As soon as we were in my tent we stripped naked faster than both of us had ever done and you were putting on a condom now before its gets too heated that we forget and we make out way to the air bed kissing and teasing each other and when we got to the air bed I lay down on my back and spread my legs wide and you got between them and your cock slide between my wet pussy lips and you rocked your hips so that your cock was rubbing my clit and I started to rock my hips as well and we carried on like that for several minutes slowly building up our orgasms when my hips bucked several times as my clit was getting sensitive and as my hips bucked your cock slid into my pussy and we both let out a loud moan and you leaned over and gave my now hard nipples some attention as you started to thrust slowly in and out of my pussy as I wrapped my legs round you and we had no concept of time so we were at it for several hours and it was close to midnight and we heard people coming back to their tents to sleep and we were starting to get loud so we started kissing and as we did you started thrusting faster and harder and I was so wet that every time you thrust your cock into my pussy it made a slapping sound which turned us on even more than we were and my pussy started to pulsate as I was getting close to cumming so you thrust harder and faster to the point where my nipples were rubbing against your naked chest and I let out a loud moan of pleasure into your mouth as my body started to shake and convulse and you were close to cumming yourself when my pussy started to pulsate and tighten like never before as I started to have a second orgasm which carried on where the first left off and you broke off the kiss and moaned into one of the pillows as you let a huge load shoot out into the condom and I felt the condom start to bulge when you collapsed on the air bed beside me and we lay there for a good while as we were totally spent from fucking most of the night to have a huge orgasm and after you had gained enough strength you took off the condom and as you did we both looked at it in shock at how big your load was and it filled a good bit of the condom and you threw it outside and you lay down beside me and we fell asleep.

Several hours I woke up and put on a long cardigan as needed to use the ladies room and they were nearby so didn’t see the point in dressing and I darted to the toilet and back to my tent and I started feeling horny remembering what we got up to earlier so I got out one of my bigger dildos and squatted over it and started to ride it and a noise woke you and when you looked round for me you saw me riding a dildo and I was in a little world of my own so I didn’t hear you come up behind me and the next thing I knew I felt you ribbing my clit and teasing my nipples and I gasped as you did but kept riding the dildo and I felt you get hard and your cock slid between my ass cheeks and you let out a small moan as my ass cheeks rubbed against your cock as I continued to ride my dildo and a minute later I let out a small moan and as I started to cum and you started to stroke your cock as I slowly pulled out my dildo from my pulsating pussy and you saw the size of it and knowing that I was fucking it turned you on more and you let out a moan as you shot a small load and went back to the air bed and fell straight back to sleep.

We woke up several hours later and last night came flooding back and we looked at each other sheepishly and we both got up to get dressed when you said “I can’t believe you can fit a dildo that size into your pussy” and I looked down at the dildo I used in the early hours of the morning and I replied “that’s nothing compared to giving birth” and you blushed and I put on my shortest skirt, matching bra and thong and see through top and you had just put on a pair of briefs when you saw what I was wearing and you came up behind me and gave my ass a gently spank and said “I swear you trying to turn me on with that outfit” and I turn round and replied “you bet I am” and I put one of my hands inside your briefs and give your cock a few strokes and you moan and I take my hand out and you get dressed and we head out to check out what time the bands we want to see and they don’t play until late afternoon/early evening so we get a bite to eat and we go on some of the theme park rides that are at the festival and we have a fun filled morning and we head back to my tent to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

Once we get back to my tent you decided to look through all my sex toys and you are a little shocked at the range of sex toys I have and you take out my last dildo and see that’s its bigger than the one I used last night and you say “WOW have you really used this?” and I reply “I have only used it once when I was so horny I had a multiple orgasm after riding it a few times but I did have a egg vibe in my ass at the same time” and you look at me more shocked than ever and I can see your cock start to bulge in your jeans and I crawl over on all fours and straddle you and ask “do you want to see me fuck it?” and I felt your cock stir and you picked it up and I stood up and took of my thong and lubed it up and I squatted over it and slowly slid down the biggest dildo I have until it filled my pussy and I rubbed my clit and started to slowly ride it and you watch my pussy as it stretches to fit the dildo and I have to stop several times before taking it out and my pussy pulsates only a few times and you insert two fingers into my pussy and you are surprised at how tight my pussy still is after having my biggest dildo inside my pussy and you are so turned on that you take your cock out and start to stroke it and I straddle you and since I still haven’t put my thong back on and I slowly put a condom onto your hard cock and I slide down your cock and I gently pushed you back and started to ride your cock as I put my hands on your chest so I could go at the speed I wanted and it wasn’t long before I was riding your cock hard and fast and you started to thrust to meet me half way and after several minutes we were breathing hard and you started to thrust harder and I let out a small scream of pleasure as I started to cum and my legs were shaking like crazy and after my pussy pulsated strongly a few times you let out a low moan as you let shot out a small load into your condom and we lay there until it was time to see the big bands we were seeing together.

As we left to see the bands we were going to see together I put my thong back on before we left and we held hands so we wouldn’t get separated and we managed to get a great spot right at the front and we waited for the band to start I felt you playing with my short skirt giving my ass a few gentle squeezes and slaps and you put your hand down my thong and gave my clit a few rubs before taking it back and I gave your cock a few rubs ad just then the band came on stage and started performing and we continued to tease each other without people noticing and the band was on for a good hour and when they finished their set we were turn on but didn’t want to miss the last band of the day as it was one of the biggest bands at the music festival but we managed to get a drink in before the band started and we pushed and shoved our way to the front as seeing this band was all we spoke about before coming to the festival and your cock was so hard it was getting a little painful straining against your jeans so you took out your cock and stood even close to me so no one would see and I pulled down my thong enough for your to slide your cock between my ass cheeks and for the whole set we rocked and rolled our hips in time with the music so people thought we were dancing but we were turning each other on even more and after the set had finished they went to see other bands in the tents or to get drunk and we sorted ourselves out and headed back to my tent and we had to stop several times as your cock was so hard it was getting hard for you to walk as it rubbed against your jeans and finally we got back to the tent and my thong was not soaked and you had a wet spot on your briefs from your pre cum and as soon as we shut the tent door we were so horny that we pulled our things down and you put on a condom as quickly and safely as you could and you lifted me up onto your cock and started thrusting as I used your shoulders as leverage to gently match your thrusts and we had wild passionate sex in several different positions before having loud and the most powerful orgasms we had ever experienced and we lay there for a good while still dressed and shaking slightly.

After we had recovered enough to most we got naked since we were planning on staying in the tent for the rest of the night and we looked around at how messy the tent was so we cleaned up the tent and I was just putting some dirty clothes away when you came to my sex toys and you picked up my rampant rabbit and said “I would love to see what this does to you” and I turned round to see you holding the rampant rabbit so I laid down on the air bed and spread my legs and you saw that as an open invitation so you positioned yourself between my legs and turned on the rampant rabbit and teased my pussy with it before slowly inserting it into my pussy enjoying how my pussy opens for it and when the vibrating rabbit ears touched my still sensitive clit I let out a lout moan and my hips bucked several times and when my hips stopped bucking you slowly started to fuck my pussy with my rampant rabbit making sure the vibrating rabbit ears hit my clit every time and you kept doing it for a good while.

After a while I felt like I wasn’t going to cum again tonight when you reached up and gently pinched my nipples in turn and as you did I let out a loud pleasurable scream as my orgasm hit and my hips started to buck like crazy but you kept going and as my orgasm subsided another one exploded and I just let go and for the next 30 minutes another orgasm kept hitting when the previous one ended and I was so spent that I couldn’t react and you turned off the rampant rabbit and slowly pull it out of my pussy and as you did I oozed juices for about a minute and you lapped up as much of it as you could and I lay there and your cock was so hard it was getting painful so you took your egg vibe and turned it on and inserted it into your ass and you spied one of my bullet vibes and put it round the head of your cock so it will send vibrations through your frenulum and it was so intense having vibrations from your ass and frenulum that you got on all fours and started to thrust like you were fucking me doggy style but with more vigour and I regained enough strength to sit up and you were in your own little world that you didn’t see or hear me and I knelt beside you and gave your perineum a few gentle rubs and you grunted with pleasure and you sat up as you felt like your were going to have the mother of all orgasms and cumshot and your cock was twitching like crazy and I used my free hand to steady it and as I did your hips bucked as you shot the mother of all cumshot and hit the ceiling of the tent a few times before I took off my bullet vibe and pulled out your egg vibe and your cock continued to ooze cum when you came to your senses and you took your cock from my hand and stroked it until your balls were empty and you looked at me but heard a dripping sound and looked to where it was cumming from and you looked worried and I said “don’t worry its only your own cum not rain” and you looked back at me and replied “WOW did I really cum that hard and fast” and I just smiled and nodded and we laid on the air bed too spent to do anything more and we fell asleep.

We woke up in the morning feeling rather tender in places and when we both sat up last night came flooding back like a tidal wave and we look at each other with a naughty smile on our faces and put on some clothes and find out that the festival planners had showers constructed overnight with warm running water so we grab the towels laid out at the tent door and rush to the showers and there was only one free cubicle and we have seen each other naked and more so we went into the shower and stripped naked and took turns in the shower and wrapped our towels round us and dashed back to my tend not bothering with our dirty clothes from yesterday and dried off in the tent and put on fresh new clothes and went and had something to eat and I asked “was last night the first time you did that to yourself?” and you knew exactly what I was meaning and you blushed and said “yes and if I knew doing that would do that to me I would have done it sooner” and when we went for a little walk we found a lot of the big music artists had already played and only local or unheard of bands were still playing so we found a sunny spot and sunbathed for most of the morning and after a little while we got chatting about our lives and found out we both worked for the same company in the same city but different departments and we agreed the chances of that happening was one in a million and we talked about our workmates and we suddenly remembered that we had bumped into each other at work and fantasied about fucking each other’s brains out several times and we both admit that to each other and we both laugh at now that we have done it but under different circumstances and we didn’t realise how late it was getting and it was getting pretty dark so we went back to my tend and got naked and packed everything away apart from fresh clothes for going home tomorrow and we were feeling adventurous so we quietly sneaked out into the woods near my tent and we were easily turned on as we could easily be found out and arrested.

After a while of walking around we found a moss covered fallen tree and we sat on it and I wanted to know what it felt like to have sex outside and not in a tent so I started to tease my clit and you heard my breathing changed and looked over at me and saw me rub my clit and you bent over and licked my hard nipple and I gasped and stopped and we didn’t think to bring condoms and we both agreed that we didn’t want to take that chance so you said “I would love to cum like I did last night without the toys” so I motioned for you to get on all fours and I knelt beside you and lubed up two fingers with my pussy juices and inserted them into your ass and found your prostate and started to massage it and you said “oh fuck that feel so good” and I got behind you and reached round and started to stroke your frenulum and leaned down and started to lick your perineum and your thighs started shaking in under two minutes and a minute later your hips bucked a little and I heard you say “fuck am going to cum” so I started to finger, stroke and lick faster and as I did I hear you scream in pleasure and you sat up and I continued to massage your prostate and stroke your frenulum faster and without warning you shoot a load all over the moss under us and I give your prostate a few more rubs and take my fingers out and as I do you slump onto the ground and after a few minutes and you say “that has to be more intense than last night” and I smile and get on all fours and say “my turn” and you up behind me and give my clit a few rubs before inserting two fingers inside my pussy and find my g-spot without realising and I scream in pleasure and you do the same again and get the same reaction and you tease my asshole and insert two fingers inside my ass and start to finger my pussy and ass slowly but am so turned on that I start to thrust back and you start to finger fuck me faster to the point where my breasts start to jiggle and I grab the moss under us as its getting too intense and I start to moan and my body starts to shake and you know am getting close and you bend over and give my perineum a few gentle licks and I scream louder than you think possible and my hips buck over and over and I move forward and rollover onto my back and start to rub my clit over and over and I let out a whimper and I start to squirt and you manage to lap up some of it before my body started to shake and after several minutes I recover enough and sit up and say “WOW that has to be the best orgasm I have had so far” and we sit there for several more minutes and we can still hear the music and we sneak back to my tent and when we get back we feel drained from days of fun, music and more sex than we thought possible and we fell asleep.

When we woke up we felt sad to leave the festival but knew we would meet at work so we got dressed and you helped me put the tent away and caught the bus home and while we were on the bus we agreed to have some more sexual fun but only at work as fuck buddies.
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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 03:22:08 PM »

Not too long at all! Definitely worth the read. I kept hearing a sexy Scots accent as I read, which made it even hotter!
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Loved it Claire  Thumbs up
I remember taking a former GF out camping and the thrill of sex in a tent where the sounds can be overheard by anyone nearby!
 Fucking doggy style
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