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Author *Topic: mutual masturbation contest  (Read 1643 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 05:06:58 AM »

Hi all, I love writing naughty stories. This is my first posting here. This is total fiction, though it is a fantasy I would love to play out for real. Depending on your feedback, this might be the first of many postings:

Part one: The  mutual masturbation contest

I boarded the flight to Sardinia, to attend yet another conference. Many people would think it would be great to be invited to speak at conferences all over the world, all expenses paid, but I was starting to find the travelling both tiring and boring. It didn't help that my height means I dont fit airplane seats very comfortably.  At least this was a short flight, not like the 22 hours to  Singapore earlier in the year. I looked for my seat allocation: 21A window, and settled in. I always worry a bit about who I will end up sitting next to me. Someone who decided to eat a massive curry the evening before travelling, someone who takes up the space of two seats and crushes me into the side of the fuselage, or a restless kid bouncing about in the seat. What will it be today?  Then I saw these two pretty girls walking down the aisle. They were quite happy and a bit giggly, probably from having spent their time waiting for the flight in the airport bar. The stewardess checked their boarding passes: “ 21B and C, over there on the right” she said pointing on my direction, I thought this flight is going to be a lot better than I expected or hoped for. The girl who would be sitting next to me in 21B was about 5’8” tall, slim with brown eyes and long, over the shoulders, straight black hair. As she stretched up and put her bag in the overhead locker, I couldn't help but notice her shapely breasts, I estimated about 34c, Her t-shirt lifted a bit  and I caught a glimpse of her  tummy and up at het pink bra. She must have sensed me looking at her and gave me a polite, but knowing, smile as she sat down.

As the flight readied for take off, I decided to break the silence by asking the girl sitting next to me where they were going. She answered in a slightly sarcastic voice “Sardinia”, her friend in the aisle seat giggled on hearing this. I said “I know that, I mean where in Sardinia?” . She told me the name of the resort hotel. It  was the same hotel as the conference was taking place in, about an hour and a half by road from the airport. I asked what they were going for. “Holidays silly” she said and her friend laughed again. I explained that I was going for work and just wondered if they might be attending the same conference. “do we look like a pair of nerdy scientists she said” Again her  friend  laughed, they were clearly in a  lively mood.

Thinking that the whole trip could turn out to be a lot more fun than I expected, I offered to give them a ride from the airport to the resort in the taxi the conference organizers were sending to pick me up. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word ride as they both started giggling again. “Shut up you two” you said to them.

We landed in Sardinia, and took the taxi to the resort. During the taxi ride I learned that the girl with the long black hair was named Sarah and her friend, a blue-eyed blonde a bit shorter and not as slim as Sarah, was called Caroline. I noticed Caroline had wonderful large breasts, probably 38D. I thought to myself that I would find it difficult to choose between these two girls if I had to. As things turned out, I wouldn't have to. When we arrived at the resort the girls thanked me and  Caroline asked if they could you do anything to pay me back for the ride, at that Sarah giggled. This looked good! I thought, they both  seemed well worked up and in the mood for a bit of fun. I told them they could buy me a drink that evening in the bar. They agreed and suggested we meet at 7pm. We then went to our rooms to rest from the journey and prepare for the evening.
As was normal for a key-note speaker, I was given a vip suite, with two large king-sized beds. I got in the room, flopped out on the bed and had a nap. They, being holiday makers on a budget, were sharing, two girls to a standard twin room.  They laid on the beds in their room and planned  what they would do in the evening: It would be their favourite game when they got a guy between them. They  would tease me terribly, get me all worked up, and at the end let me down and leave me unsatisfied. They  loved the thought of me rushing back to my room, desperate to get off, and stroking myself quickly to climax. They laughed about it between them and then got dressed up in the sexiest clothes they had packed.

We  met in the bar as planned at 7:00 pm. Sarah bought the first round. The plan was they would take it in turns to get the drinks until we had enough. We started drinking and talking, they told me about your plans for their holidays. It started off normally enough, they  would talk about getting up late, going to the beach and tanning a bit, going in the sea, having dinner and going dancing/drinking in the evening. A typical  holiday, but true to their plan, they started slipping in sexually suggestive things, like “pick up a hot guy or two and...” as we got to the second round of drinks the talk went up a notch in naughtiness. I was starting to get a bit excited in the presence of these two girls apparently talking themselves into a hornier and hornier state as time passed.

The third and  final round of drinks arrived, but the bar tender said we would have to take them to our rooms as he was about to close and clean up. I said I had a bog enough room to comfortably fit all of us and invited the two girls  back.

We reached my room, I  sat on the sofa and Caroline and Sarah sat on the end of one of the big beds. Sarah then threw herself back on the bed and said “what a lovely big bed, just right for having a bit if fun in” then Caroline flopped back and gave Sarah  a pretend lesbian kiss, all designed to get me a bit more wound up.

The two girls sat up again and Caroline’s eyes were drawn to the bulge  in my trousers, “are we getting a little excited then?” she joked. My face turned red with embarrassment. “yeah, I reckon half a dozen  strokes from you, Caroline, and he blows his load” said Sarah. I protested: “I’ve got more staying power than that.” “I bet not in my hands” said Caroline. The exchange of words went on a bit, then Sarah interjected: “I know what we can do to settle this” she said, “Caroline, you and him masturbate each other and see who can last the longest.”

What I didn’t know up to this point was that Caroline was an intensely competitive personality and was absolutely up for the challenge. “OK, I’m up for it if he is” she said. They looked at me, expectantly, “OK” I said. “I am the referee to make sure there is no cheating” said Sarah, “and, these are the rules”: “You both strip fully naked and get on top of the bed, rounds will last 5 minutes, with a one minute rest break in between. You will masturbate each other and the one to cum first is the loser and, as a forfeit, must pleasure the winner in whatever way the winner desires. Do you both understand the rules?”. Caroline and I nodded yes, and began to strip, watched intently by Sarah: First we removed our tops, then as I undid my belt, Caroline took off her bra, revealing a wonderful pair of big 38D boobs, with large nipples, already part erect from the horny talk earlier and the expectation of what was to happen. I removed my trousers and stood in my boxers, the bulge and large damp patch obvious, the girls giggled and looked at each other wide eyed. In the meantime, Caroline  had dropped her skirt and stood in just her panties. “Now don't be shy” said Sarah “both together, undress each other”. I faced Caroline, and her me, we took hold of each others underwear waist bands. “On our count” said Sarah “3...2...1”, we pulled each others underwear down, heads almost knocking as we did. Caroline’s  cleanly shaved pussy came into view as did my cock, which, now already fully erect, bounced up as it was released from the elastic waist band of my boxers and hit my tummy. I noticed Caroline had a neat symmetrical pussy, inner lips just peeking out. We faced each other, and exchanged a kiss on the lips, like two boxers would tap gloves at the start of a fight as a mark of respect. Then we got on the bed, laying on our sides, facing each other in the 69 position. Caroline lifted her leg to give me access, “ seconds out, round 1” said Sarah, and we began.

Immediately, Caroline grabbed the shaft of my cock and started rubbing it, while she wrapped her lips around it's head and sucked. I responded by licking along her slit, then upon reaching her clit, making a seal around it with my lips and sucking. “Break!” Sarah shouted “No oral allowed unless there is no winner by round 10”. She wanted some entertainment, not for it to be all over in round one.

“Continue” called Sarah,  and we got to work with our hands: Caroline looped her thumb and finger around my cock and gave me long slow strokes from the base to the tip, while massaging and squeezing my balls with her other hand. I rubbed her clit with the index finger of one hand while probing her moist pink hole with the middle finger of the other. I was groaning and Caroline was moaning as we masturbated each other, both had our eyes half closed concentrating on trying not to cum. “End of round 1” said Sarah, in the one minute timeout, I went to the bathroom, made a towel cold with water and wrapped it around my genitals to cool and calm them. Caroline, confident of victory and wanting to get on with it, just sat on the bed face showing signs of impatience as she waited for round two to begin.

Round two began as round one ended, with stroking, rubbing, squeezing and fingering. With oral disallowed there was not much variety. But, despite each others best efforts, we were managing to control ourselves. Rounds 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 passed, it was now over 30 minutes of mutual masturbation, and it was having the inevitable consequences. Despite our best efforts, we could feel our orgasms building deep inside. Our individual efforts were now becoming more focussed on resisting our own orgasm than working for the other person’s. Caroline’s face had a look of concentration on it as she struggled not to give in and cum. My face must have looked the same and I was starting to turn cross-eyed with the strain. She bit down on her lip hard as to try to divert her senses from her erogenous zone to elsewhere. The end of round seven was a relief for both of us, but the one minute break seemed too short and round 8 begun.

Less than a minute into round 8 we were both back on the edge. I was in a kind of trance, my senses elsewhere, then I heard a moan and a sigh, like a girl cumming, followed by the sharp staccato breaths as her body convulsed, I’d won! But no, it turned out to be Sarah on the sofa bed having an orgasm at her own hands, so turned on was she from watching us. We continued, I would thrust forward my hips on Caroline’s up strokes, so that the stroke would not reach the now super-sensitive head of my cock. Caroline  would wiggle, so my finger kept coming off het clit. She was soaking, her pussy making a squelching noise as I finger-fucked her. Her juices were spread all over her pussy, making it glisten under the room lights. Strings of pre-cum were dripping from the tip of my cock and her hand slid smoothly over it from the natural lubrication. End of round 8 and 40 minutes of mutual masturbation, how much longer could we keep this up?

Round nine was much of the same, utter anguish for both of us. We were moving our bodies as much as possible to foil our opponents efforts. At one point Caroline closed her legs and Sarah called break. Another break was called when I pulled back causing my cock to come out of Caroline’s hand. We were both trying so hard to get the other off in round 9 because neither of us knew how long we would be able to withstand oral in round 10. But neither of us succeeded and the end of round nine was called.

Sarah announced that we could have a five minute break before round 10, we had after all been masturbating each other for 45 minutes. I tried to lose my erection, but it was hopeless, especially as I could see Sarah playing with herself. I really didn't want to lose this contest, the man in me didn't want to lose to a girl, but also because I wanted to save my load for better things later. The start of round 10 was called by Sarah, and we immediately got stuck into oral. Caroline sucked each of my shaved balls into her mouth while she stroked my shaft. Then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked so hard I thought I would turn inside out. She slid her mouth up and down over the head and along the shaft. All the while, I sucked on her clit, played with it using my tongue, while I had my thumb in her pussy and middle finger probing her ass hole. It was all too much for both of us, it took mere seconds to undo the effect of the five-minute break. I could feel myself cumming, then I heard “oh, fuck! nooooooo” and my cock fell out of Caroline’s mouth as her body shook and her pussy flooded my face with it's juice. My cock twitched once, then stwice, I thought I was about have a ruined orgasm, but just managed to hold it back. After her orgasm subsided, Caroline looked totally pissed for losing. Sarah suggested she get in the bed and rest, before pleasuring me.

To be continued...

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That was great! Thanks for sharing!
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Great story so far... thanks for sharing.. can't wait to read what happens next Thumbs up

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Wow that was a hot story!...makes me want to go on another conference... Jerk it
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