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Author *Topic: Cut or Uncut  (Read 11537 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 23, 2008, 10:02:22 PM »



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« Reply #31 on: September 24, 2008, 03:45:11 PM »

my sons (if i have any are going under the knife)

Leave them intact and let them decide.

Few males with foreskins choose to be denuded, but it's up to each to decide.

Personally I LOOOOOOVE my cock with that glorious skin protecting its most sensitive part, and the foreskin is a wonderful toy.

Enjoy sexuality and beauty wherever I find it. Get a big kick from exhibitionism so I like to be out in public in chat rooms and not much into whispers or PMs. Love giving shows and watching your show and enjoy stroking along with you on cam when you are jacking or jilling.
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« Reply #32 on: September 23, 2010, 08:09:10 AM »

Well I am a circumcised male and I fine with it.  In fact I am happy about it.  I am American so most of the other males I encountered in school locker rooms, fitness club locker rooms, etc. seemed to be circumcised.  During those awkward, frustrating childhood and adolescent years, I would think that many males would prefer not to be "different" from their peers in various aspects of existence from clothing worn to weight.  Also, I was circumcised as an infant.  I would shudder at the thought of having to have a foreskin removed during adulthood due to difficulty of retracting the foreskin.  I am assuming that is NOT a pleasant surgical procedure to have to recover from.  So, personally, I have no regrets and I am content with my circumcised penis.  It serves me well.
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« Reply #33 on: May 27, 2017, 03:11:51 PM »

I know this is kind of an old thread, but to be honest, I find uncut kind of gross. It might be part of my upbringing (non observant Jew) but it just looks gross to me.
« Reply #34 on: June 01, 2017, 02:36:12 PM »

As my username suggests, I'm circumcised. So I'm obviously biased  Wink
When I was younger ..... a lot younger I was a little embarrassed about it. It's not a hugely common thing here in the UK. 
Now I'm older and wiser and realise how daft I was to be shy about it, I love my cut little friend  Grin
I just think cut looks so much nicer and a lot cleaner. The only downside for me is the loss of sensitivity but that's no big deal really and it works just fine.
I've also found that the woman I've been with and seen it preferred it too......unless they were just stroking my ego and just saying they preferred it......lol
Anyway for me it's definitely cut over uncut
« Reply #35 on: July 16, 2017, 02:38:50 PM »

Circumcision never really made it to my shores in a big way, as such I'm uncut.
But I've thought about it a bit:

Objectively speaking: circumcision by definition reduces sensitivity; as you eliminate a significant portion of sensitive tissue, you eliminate the capacity for sensation at the site.
The foreskin is very receptive to tactile stimuli and temperature shifts, the glans; less so. However, objectivity has no tangible basis in which is better as sexual experience is always unique to the individual! Anecdotally, I've known people to have undergone the procedure in later life. Initially the sensation (particularly during sex) is pronounced as the glans is exposed, thus receives more in the way of stimulation; but like all continuously exposed parts of the body, that sensitivity rapidly begins to decline. Not relevant for those circumcised in early life.

I had skirted around the idea myself thanks to tight foreskin, not phimosis to a painful degree but enough to make me question it. Instead I used steroid creams and stretching to overcome it and it's turned out alright (good thing to try if anyone reading is in a similar state).

Does it affect cleanliness? Not if you're conscious enough to clean properly.
Does it look better? Mmm, maybe? I prefer a cut one in whatever porn I happen to be watching, but that's just me.

Of course there's ethical considerations...Cool smiley
In any case, a cock is a cock and will be treated as such  Jerk n cum Grin

Old thread, but I was asked about it recently.
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« Reply #36 on: March 18, 2019, 08:08:48 AM »

Uncut here in New Hampshire, USA and VERY Thankful my parents left me Naturally Intact!! I was extremely lucky, being born at he beginning of the 60's, they decided it was wrong even though my father was circumcised! Two brothers after me were also left intact as are my two sons and none of us have ever had any sort of medical complications, infections or disease related to having a foreskin!!  Routine circumcision is Genital Mutilation and Female Genital Mutilation is banned world wide so why is not banned from being preformed on boys? Thankfully the rate of infant circumcision is falling quickly here in the United States but not quick enough!!
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« Reply #37 on: March 19, 2019, 08:11:26 AM »

I was circumcised at birth and for many years accepted it as being natural here in the states!! I had 2 friends in school that their parents left intact!! I have been infatuated with the natural look of the male penis with the foreskin left intact!! I have did my homework and found out that you can restore your foreskin by growing new shaft and inner skin!! I have been restoring of and on for the last 9 years!! But the last 2 years on a consistent basis!! I started at a very late age for this journey, but I hope I get to see the finished product!!

Love uncut cocks and bald pussies, but hairy ones are nice toohttps://i.ibb.co/LhkLnMN/IMG-3730.jpg
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« Reply #38 on: April 06, 2019, 02:01:13 AM »

I have experience with both cut and uncut but I always have a preference of uncut (mainly down to the fact Iím more familiar with uncut as I myself am uncut.)

I just find skin fun to play with and I find it easier to handle
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