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Author *Topic: Eyes wide shut.........where do i start...........  (Read 576 times)
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« on: March 07, 2018, 06:20:54 PM »

I turn the lights off too my room,  i jump into my empty bed, i rest my hand between my naked legs i slowly  caress my penis, I close my eyes, wishing that i can be in your bed next to you, cuddling you spooning you.... me being the big spoon you the little, our naked bodies lying next to one another your body pressed up against mine i can feel your silky smooth soft skin on mine, your warmth on my body, on my thighs on my chest, my hand rest on your soft perky breast ever so slowly massaging caressing kneading your breasts, my head nestled in behind your neck, I gently touch my moistened lips on the back of your neck, i hear a tiny gasp leave from your lips and goosebumps bumps magically appear all over your once smooth skin, from head to toe, I continue rubbing your breasts swapping from left to right trying not to favor one as they are equally my favorite i tease your nipples as i kiss your neck, they stand to attention as i play with them between my fingers gently plucking them tugging them, by this time my cock is well  more then erect it pulses with excitement anticipation , it twitches with a mind of its own its foreskin pulled behind its head it slowly leaks slippery sweet stringy precum like a dripping tap on your backside, your ass your checks, on your sheets, my heart beats faster with excitement my hands begin to wonder and explore your body, your stomach your thighs your legs behind your knee, your calfs your feet and toes, i run my fingers all over them caressing massaging making sure i haven’t left a page unturned,.... i scribble messages in your skin with my fingers in hope you would decode my thinking, the words “i love you” “sex”” i want to fuck you so bad” etched into your skin with my finger as i tickle, draw, doodle on you like a blank canvas, your hand begins to wonder behind your back reaching for my wet smooth cock that you waxed a day before, you grab gently at first then your grip becomes firmer as i whimper for your touch, you begin to stoke / wank my cock, my cock leaks more precum over your fingers and palm, my hips thrust back as i come close to cuming, you turn to me.... you lye on your back now, my attention turns to your neck with my lips and mouth I passionately kiss you,  your tongue dives in my mouth and i go crazy i fucking love it,  my tongue drives in yours, and they dance together, i alternate between kissing you and sucking your nipples i want to do everthing at the same time, i move my hand from your thigh to the inside of your thigh i tease your opening of vagina with my fingers they get moist instantly i quickly raise my fingers to my mouth to savour your taste, you move your legs wider apart to make it easy for me to play, i start kissing your neck your ear lobes i nibble away and you let out those beautiful soft moans which excites me even more, my cock twitches uncontrollably dribbling precum on your waist, your hand teases my penis your fingers playing - rubbing my swollen glands as it leaks juices out of its pee hole whiles you play with my chest and nipples exciting me even more, and as my fingers teases your clitoris, i dab my finger into your hot slippery vagina  i let out a moan of instant excitement as i slide two fingers into soak them in your funk, i move up to your clit and start stroking.... you start moaning lounder my fingers get faster i go down for another dip of your lube and bring it your clit and start rubbing teasing again, i cant take it much more i want that vagina in my face, i give one last kiss as if it was my last to your lips, a suck to your nipples to your breasts as i make my decent to your hot wet moist vagina, i kiss your mound and your inner thighs feeling the heat radiate between your legs on my cheek before diving in on the best fest of my life, i push my tongue as deep as it can go in your vagina, tasting your sweet juices sucking them up and swallowing them down my throat, my tongue lashes at your clit and pee hole vigorously my fingers exploring your vagina as i suck nibble and flick your clit with my tounge you let out these giant moans that push me more to make you cum, i stay down there between your centre, my hard cock pressed against your sheets, your hands on your breasts, a pillow on your face your hands pushing the pillow in your face your hands touching my head as i eat your vagina, your legs shake with anticipation  your hands directing my hands to hold your thighs, you then ask if we can do “69” my heart races even more , i come up from between your legs and i back up and hover over your body my ass in the air i get my self in position as do you, i lower my arms and part your legs i start burying my face in your sweet hot wet vagina, i can feel your mouth / lips against my penis i lower my hips and penis to meet your face as you suck on my penis, you gasp for air as i hit the right spots..... as do i, i start to get close to cumming you can feel me tense up in your mouth i lower my hips more as you prepare for my cum in your mouth, i lift my head up from your vagina my mouth covered in your juices i let out a moan as my body and cock spasms as i cum in your mouth, down your throat, after my orgasm subsidies i return to your vagina with my mouth and fingers i work furiously to get you to the point of orgasm you moan louder and louder my rubbing and flicking my tongue get faster, i secretly wish you would cum and squirt/ pee on my face.... i feel your legs shaking just before you get near, i pull up and slide my hot hard swollen slippery wet cock in your vagina and thrust as hard and deeply as i possibly can as long as i can, you let out these giant moans as i thrust in you i cum quickly again with excitement my thrust slow until my cock empties in your vagina my cock still as hard i pump your vagina full of my cum, as we both gather our thoughts I gently tease your sensitive labia soaked in our juices slowly rolling my fingers in and out of your hot cummy vagina you let out moans and arch your back begging me not to stop, i watch your vagina intently as my cum flows out of it and down to your asshole, my cock twitches and begins to pulse, it too covered in your natural
Lube and my cum drips on your leg and sheets, i thrust my fingers in and out of your pussy, i get you to get up on all fours and lower your head down with your ass in the air, i spread your ass and i gaze at your cum soaked vagina.... i lower my head to your lips and i lick mine and your cum up from your puffy pussy, licking it clean, you moan loud as your over sensitive vagina begs for me to enter you again, i get up wipe the excess with my fingers on your labia, i get my penis near your vaginal opening,  my purple swollen glands of my penis glistening with a bead of precum about to leave my head...... i grab my penis head and tease the opening and rub my precumed exposed purple helmet on your wet clitoris you push back wanting me to enter you, i pull back and admire your body your ass that you present before me.... i watch as your full breasts and nipples and those areoles of yours get me so amped i watch them sway, i rise my hand and i give those sweet cheeky ass cheeks a playful smack, leaving a rosey hand print on that beautiful ass you have, i guide my cock into your hot wet hole, i thrust hard and good varying my strokes in the intent to highten your sensation, you bury your head in the bed allowing your hips to rise and me to penetrate you deeper..... i grab your hips firmly and i push hard into you i feel your vagina clamping on my thrusts as my cock begins to ache with stimulation, i keep thrusting watching your body move with each thrust, i feel myself starting to cum my cock heightens with pleasure i quickly withdraw my penis out....., Out with it a beautiful mess of liquids flow out and I swiftly move to your willing mouth i watch you engulf my length into your mouth and bring me to orgasm i feel your hands reach around to my ass to pull me hard into your mouth i feel a finger gently enter me as i cum.... i start to play and finger  your cummy vagina, i cum in your mouth and face, my cum randomly spurting and landing anywhere it pleases, i watch you dart your tongue over my cummy cock head and watch you lick your lips i help clean my mess and bring my lips to yours and kiss you deeply and passionately i lay next to you... mine and your exhausted bodies spent with pleasure, i lay next to you i hold you close us both on mine and yours cummed sheets i lay with my hand on your breast, i cuddle you close. Xxxoxooxxooxo
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