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Author *Topic: Dear Diary: Recount Bus Ride with Sarah  (Read 1011 times)
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« on: March 10, 2018, 07:01:38 AM »

Dear Diary,

Let me start the story off by telling you, Dear Diary, that Sarah had been a childhood friend from when we were both 3 and I had just moved into the area. She was my first love, besides my parents, and not romantically. We were inseparable from grade school to graduation. Sadly, as things go in life, we drifted from each other. I decided to take a break from the city and head back to my roots. Okay, okay! Fine Diary, I will tell the whole truth. I needed to give my poor, used pussy a little break from all the dick I had gotten the week before. But, that, is a story for another time. So, I went back to my parent’s house for a weekend of relaxation. Alas, being the whore I am, sex found me, but in the form of Sarah.

I was shopping for some lunch at the local grocer when we quiet literally ran into each other by the wine. Stumbling and stuttering an apology, we stopped and realized the person that stood before each of us.

“Sarah?” I stammered.

“Oh My God!” She squealed and jumped into my arms. Sarah smelled like rain and lavender and my heart fluttered at all the memories we had shared.

We went to lunch, then to a café where we just talked and talked. As the day wore on, and the years of separation melted into the comfortable companionship of long lost friendship, we began to sit closer to each other, started to find small reasons to touch hands or shoulders or hair. It got to be around dinner time when Sarah asked me if I wanted to join her at her folk’s place for dinner.

“They would love to see you again! It’s been ages.” Sarah remarked.

Since I didn’t want the moment to end with her, I agreed, and we drove out into the country a bit, rocking to our old favorites and singing at the top of our lungs. I could not believe how beautiful she was, Diary. My Sarah. My first love. All grown up and womanly and gorgeous and I wanted her. I remember that clearly. The need was almost a physical thing, something either of us could have touched or tasted in that car at that moment, if we had wanted to. I was getting a vibe from her, that she too was having the same longing towards me, but I didn’t want to look the ass, especially since I wasn’t 100% sure.

Dinner went well. I was greeted with open arms and warm hugs. We laughed and reminisced throughout the meal, and that same feeling of longing, of need, followed us about from room to room, wine glasses in hand. Around midnight, I decided it was time I got going back to my parent’s house. I thanked everyone for a wonderful night and promised to visit before I headed back to school in the coming days. I went to wait for the bus, when Sarah came running down the block.

“What are you doing?” I asked, trying to not sound so surprised while hiding my joy.

“Well, I drank too much to drive back to my place, and it is only a few stops farther from where you will be getting off, so I thought we could take the bus together.”

I smiled and took her hand in mine. “I am so pleased to be in your company for a little while longer.” (and Oh Diary, did I ever mean it!)

The empty bus arrived, and we took a seat towards the back, our fingers laced together.

“You know,” Sarah started. “When we were in high school, I always had a crush on you, but I was too shy and nervous to tell you. You were my best friend and I didn’t want to ruin it by declaring my love. It sounds silly now, saying it outload to you.” She turned away from me and hid her face. “I am so glad I ran into you today and got to see you again. You grew up to be more beautiful than I could have imagined.”

There it was! There was the validation and all the answer I needed, Diary. I lifted her chin and smiled at her. “Me too, Sarah. Me too.”

She bit her lip and I went in. I sucked her lip out from between her teeth and repositioned my lips, so my tongue could find hers. She gasped and sighed into my open mouth. I kissed her with everything I had and she gave it right back to me. Sitting there at the back of the bus, we demolished our old friendship with something more powerful. Need. My hand moved to her breast and when she didn’t stop me, but instead arched into my palm, I moved it under her shirt. Our tongues danced together as our lips plumped with friction contact. Sarah’s heartbeat was suicidal, her nipple felt like a hard diamond chip between my exploring fingers.

We pulled away from each other, but my hand stayed under her shirt, enjoying the feel of her flushed skin. Her lips were red, like she had been eating strawberries, and I imagine mine looked the same. I squeezed my thighs together and felt that all too familiar primal pull deep in my groin. She licked her lips and it was all the invitation I needed. I lifted her shirt to expose her bra and the one tit that had fallen out due to my frisky hand.

“Incredible.” I breathed, my voice all husky with desire.

I sank down upon that one perfectly round, hard nub of a nipples and sucked. My teeth nibbled, and my tongue caressed. I felt Sarah spread her legs, but I doubt it was a conscious choice. Her body was opening for me and I wanted to explore it in the worst possible way.

My stop was called, and I groaned in frustration. I unlatched myself from Sarah’s perfect breast and pulled her shirt back down for her. She was breathing heavily, and I could read her eyes, she wanted more.

“Would you like to get off here with me?” I asked her, putting a promising emphasis on the phrase “get off”.

Stay on the Bus
“Stay with me, please” she half pleaded, and half asked shyly. How could I say no to that face, to that need? I nodded. Her stop was only 4 after mine, but a lot could happen in that time.

I grabbed the back of her head and ground our mouths together, letting our tongues dance and play. She smelled of sweet perfume and tasted of strawberry lip gloss. Her moans encouraged my mouth. I found my way back under her shirt, her tit was still out of her bra and the nipple was very erect. Sighing, I pinched and rolled the nub between my fingers, enjoying the sharp intake of air Sarah took. We continued to make-out and my other hand moved to her skirt hem, which laid upon her lovely thighs, and slipped a hand under. Her legs opened wider, encouraging me to continue, not that I needed it. I could feel the heat baking off her secluded area and when I traced my fingers up her thigh and found my target beneath her panties, it was hot and wet.

“Fuck, you are so ready.” I gasped in her mouth as my fingers caressed the silky down of her public lips.

“Oh, Sasha,” she moaned. “I have wanted this moment for so long. I believe you are the reason why I like girls. I loved you from the first and its always been your face I pictured at night, alone in my bed.”

Pulling the panties aside, I slipped a finger into her depths as she bared her soul to me. “Is this what you imagined?” I purred. Another finger joined the first, then another. I curled the middle up and found the spot that I knew I loved so well. Sarah did not protest, but she had begun to whimper.

My mouth found her nipple again, the other hand found the other breast, and she closed her eyes and let me please her. I was wet, Diary, dripping in fact, but I could wait. This is where I wanted to be, where I needed to be. I began a scissoring motion with my fingers and she gapped, back arching, pelvis tucking back, locking my fingers inside. Kneading one breast and sucking on the nipple of the other, she started to shiver. I could feel her muscles expand and contract against my fingers, her breathing becoming irregular. I neglected her clit for a reason, I wanted the first time I felt that sensitive spot to be with my tongue.

“Yes! Oh yes!” she whispered. “I am so close, please don’t stop. Oh please. Oh please. Oh fuck.” Pitching forward she tried to curl in on herself before expanding out and convulsing. She didn’t squirt but my hand became soaked, yet I didn’t stop, I finger fucked her through her orgasm, making it last longer. I watched her the whole time, enjoying her face change from pent up sexual frustration, to orgasm, to satisfaction, and finally to after-glow.

Her stop was called, and I withdrew my fingers and popped them in my mouth. Oh, the musky sweetness that exploded on my tongue. I wanted to taste it from the source. Haggard looking, Sarah got up on legs that threatened to buckle and awkwardly pawed at her skirt to try and regain some decorum. I giggled behind her and waited at the exit. When the bus stopped, I took her hand and we exited into the night together.

Get Off the Bus

“Come with me, I’m not done with you yet.” I whispered into Sarah’s ear. Thankfully, in this area, parks are about as plentiful as street lights. We walked along a path and found a bench. Wasting zero time, I pushed her down and sat on the ground, cross-legged, before her.

“Spread your legs for me, beautiful.” Sarah blushed deep red in the waning glow of the park’s light but complied. “Hike up your skirt.” She does, and I felt my heartrate flutter at the darker batch on her panties, centered around her opening. “Fuck.” I breathed. Sliding my fingers up her thighs, I grasped each side of her sex-drenched underwear and pulled them down. She lifted her ass, assisting me and settling back, bare assed, on the bench. It must have been cold, but she was heated from a fire within and took no notice. “Here, smell yourself. Smell your arousal.” I placed the panties under her nose and she inhaled deeply, followed by a full body shudder. “Now, move to the edge of the bench, just like if you were at the doctor’s office. Very good. Lean back, I want to take a good look at you.”

Diary, few things have made me speechless in my life, but seeing Sarah like that on the bench was beyond anything I could have imagined. She had her head draped on the back of the bench, back arched to facilitate the spread legs and awkward position of being on the edge, her pussy exposed at my eye level, soft public hair glistening with moisture. It was a sight worth painting. She was beautiful, and she was mine in that moment, I knew it and she most definitely knew it.

I inhaled. “You are gorgeous, Sarah. Now relax and enjoy this.” Moving in, I kissed the top of her mons and used my hands to spread her open. She was drenched from my fingers on the bus and her clit was already exposed. I could just make it out in the dim light, if I tilted my head just right. It was there, waiting for me to introduce my tongue to it. Who was I to keep it waiting?

Starting at her opening, I took one long, slow lick up, flicking across her hard clit before stopping and smelling her again. She shook and sighed loudly. I did it again, dipping my tongue in deeper and gathering as much Sarah juice as I could and redistributing it up the length of her pussy. Her clit pulsed and enlarged against my tongue. It was everything I wanted it to be, Diary. Burying my face into her swollen flesh, I concentrated on what I purposely neglected earlier, her clit. Hips met my face in time with my tongue’s actions and a hand snaked into my hair, pressing slightly. Encouraged, I inserted 2 fingers and slowly fucked her. Hips responded. She groaned. I smiled against her pussy and took a small nibble of her most sensitive part.

“Fucking hell, that feels amazing. I…. I have always dreamed of this moment but…” she trailed off, words forgotten as I flicked my tongue back and forth, then up and down. Her hips pumped up and down, trying to fuck my face and get deep friction from my fingers.

I pulled back, concentrating on my fingers inside her. She was too close already and I was not ready to let her cum, yet. Looking down at me, I saw the pleading in her eyes. She looked between me and her pussy and back, it was a clear message umm hi, don’t stop, thanks. I smiled and used my thumb to do maddingly slow circles around her clit. It was like pushing a button that made her dance out of her skin and pant like a dog on a sweltering day. Her hand groped for my head again and tried to push it back into her. I laughed.

“Tsk tsk, my dear. Now that I have you like this, I am not ready for it to end so soon.” I chided, but not unkindly, all the while working my fingers.

“Sasha, please.” She whined. Oh, Diary, she was so irresistible when you whined, begging me to make her cum again.

Leaning forward, I stuck out my tongue and teased her throbbing clit. Groaning, she arched her back even more, trying to create more friction, for my fingers to go deeper, for my tongue to cover more area and harder. My ass was starting to go cold and slightly numb from sitting on it at 1 in the morning, and my pants at the crotch were soaked with my own desire. The hot and cold sensation so close together was more of a turn on then an annoyance, but I figured I shouldn’t sit for that much longer on the ground or I might catch a cold. A cold to a whore is like the plague! Its death to an active social life.

I increased my tongue speed and instead of just using the tip, I unfurled it and made the surface area wider. It’s what Sarah wanted, and I was rewarded for this change of pace with more panting and deep in the chest moaning. Unconsciously, her hands worked her breasts as I worked her cunt. We went into a rhythm together, her hips grinding my tongue, my fingers probing her wetness, her hands massaging her perfect tits. My free hand moved to my pants and I popped the buttons and unzipped the zipper. Plunging into my own wetness, I found my clit rock hard (that expression is not just for men) and over sensitive to the touch. I couldn’t touch it straight on, I had to massage above it, pinching to each side.

“Right there, oh yes, oh fuck, oh God, oh Jesus…” Sarah muttered under her breath. The words lost coherent thought or form and turned into a string of grunts, moans and whimpers. My own climate was close, as was hers.

Faster my fingers worked into and out of her, and still she held on to the edge of her orgasm. Her body was tight enough to make the muscles on her thighs stand out, straining hard to release, so close yet so afraid to lose it. I sucked deeply upon her clit and it sent her tumbling over the edge and into great shudders of ecstasy. Her scream was ripped out of her throat, much to both our surprises, I believe. I sucked and sucked and sucked, all the while playing with her g-spot with my fingers. I didn’t release her until I was sure I had drained her, until I knew she was sated.

And let me tell you something, Dear Diary, I hadn’t even realized that I came until I felt my fingers. Not only did I orgasm without know, I squirted and soaked my pants. Oops! I guess I was a little bit distracted. HA!

After Sarah stopped shuddering, I withdrew my fingers and teased her tormented clit. I couldn’t help it; her begging was just too cute. With a final lick, I leaned back and looked at her. She was still a vision, but now her shirt was rumpled up around her neck, hair all a mess, slumped like a drunk on the bench. I got up and felt my crotch, yep, wet from my own discharged pleasure. *sigh*.

“Here, taste yourself,” but before she could answer, I popper my fingers in her mouth and she sucked then clean like a good girl. Her dancing tongue made my clit twitch like a rabbit’s nose. Down girl I told it. “Now taste me,” popping the hand that was in my pants into her hungry mouth. She closed her eyes and savored my flavor. Another twitch.

“Thank you for that, Sasha.” She said after several minutes of recovery. “That was, in a word, amazing.” I smiled and agreed. “Can I see you again? Before you head back to school, I mean.” Agreeing, I rose from the bench and helped her to her feet. She composed herself and took my hand.

We left the park and stood under a street light in the early morning hours. Turning to her, I kissed her deeply. “Goodnight sweet Sarah. I would love to see you again,” dripping promise and longing from my words. She nodded and we kissed one last time, before putting our backs to one another and heading off to our own beds, and possibly cold showers.

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i like it.

nice use of a precision c-bomb
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