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Author *Topic: July nights  (Read 3142 times)
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« on: June 04, 2018, 06:11:39 PM »

I was standing in the lobby of Calypso, a high rise condominium in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was a hot Sunday afternoon, I had just made the 5 hour drive from my home. I was trying to get checked in as were alot of other people. It was summer time on the Gulf coast, people were plentiful, enjoying vacation. I was carrying a couple bags, I was just in town for business, just your standard conference, and meetings. I had initially declined the trip, it had been 8 months since my divorce was final. I had just put my head down and concentrated on my work, just getting through the days. My friends had talked me into reconsidering the trip, thinking it might do me some good to get away. It was a three day conference, I would check out wednesday morning, attend a short meeting and then head back to my little spot in the world. 
I was checking my email on my phone when a woman caught the corner of my eye. I turned to look, she was third in line behind me. She was standing there with a suitcase on wheels, a bag on her shoulder, and her purse. She looked to be about my age, around 5 foot 4 inches, dark hair, very attractive. She looked like she regularly visited the gym, nice muscle tone. She looked oddly familiar, like maybe she was a little known actress that had been in a movie or two that I had seen. I tried, but could'nt place her, plus I was trying not to stare. She was turned partially away from me, so I couldnt see her really well. Apparently she had my attention a little to much because I suddenly heard "next"...."next". I was a little embarrased that I was holding up the line, but I dont think anybody really noticed. I checked in, got my card keys and turned to head up to my room. I glanced at the lady in line as I went by, she seemed aggitated, maybe it was the wait, or the kids in line in front of her who could no longer be still and quiet. I dont think she really noticed me as I passed by, but it wasnt the last time I would see her.......to be continued

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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 07:57:54 PM »

Oh please do continue  ....  Wink

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« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2018, 03:21:26 PM »

They placed me in room 1205, it was a good spot I thought. The front of the building faced the strip, and you could glance a place called pier park. I stopped for a moment on my way in the door to admire the view. I thought about all those lives going on down there, people on vacation, or summer romances, people that I would never know or meet. Suddenly, Kenny Chesney's song "anything but mine" came to my mind. I went on through the door, the condo was well decorated, and nice size. I wondered how much this place was costing the company. I put my things in the bedroom and walked onto the back balcony. I stood, leaned up against the rail looking around, taking in the sights. I'd never been to the Gulf coast before, my ex-wife and I talked about it, but never made it. We always opted for the Atlantic coast, since it was closer. I could see why the Gulf was so popular and why people drove long distances to visit. The sand was white and the water a emerald green that you really have to see to appreciate. The beaches were full of people as was pretty much anywhere you looked. I didnt do much, stayed in the condo and watched TV, I did get out to pick up dinner from a fast food chain. 
Monday morning was pretty normal, cup of coffee then off to meetings. We had meetings all morning, then broke for lunch about 11:30. They gave us an hour and a half for lunch because of the traffic and crowd. I went to lunch with a small group of guys, we went to one of the seafood restaraunts. (It was fantastic BTW) Jeffery, a guy that works with the same company I do but is in North Carolina office came along. I had heard a little about him but had never met him. We got along well, we are both jokesters, and tried to keep everybody laughing, while we waited on our food. Monday afternoon was much the same, more meetings and some product evaluation. The meetings ran late, which apparently they expected since they had our dinner catered in. Dinner was salad,seafood or steak, and desert, I chose the seafood. I was thinking I could get used to eating fresh gulf seafood on a daily basis. We all kind of stayed around after dinner talking business, and personal. Jeffrey and I were trying to keep everybody laughing and having a good time. Finally about 10 we shut it down and I went back to my condo, for the night.
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2018, 03:26:08 PM »

Tuesday morning I woke up before the alarm went off. I checked my phone, it was a little before 6. I decided I would get up and watch the sunrise. I made my cup of coffee and took a seat on the balcony. The sun started to rise over the horizon, it was pretty incredible, something out of a picture. The sun, with the sand, and water made the colors bold and stand out. It was worth getting up early for sure. The meetings went a little better that morning, the main speaker was a funny guy. He told some funny stories and hit a couple of one liners to make things go a bit quicker. Lunch was catered in, I think it was Moe's Grill, it was good but it wasnt the seafood they had fed us the night before. Nothing too much happened in the afteenoon, but we did finish up early. Jeffrey and some of the guys were going to get a early dinner, but I declined, it was a little early for me plus I wasnt really hungry at the time. I decided I would go back to the condo and relax. I got back about 5 in the afternoon, I decided I should at least walk on the beach while I was here. I didnt really have any beach clothes so I just slipped on a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt. I didnt have any flip flops or anything so I just went barefooted out the condo onto the beach. It was about 90 degrees but with the wind blowing in off the water it wasnt too bad. I decide I would walk down the beach a while and enjoy the sand, ocean, and the view. I must have walked a mile or so looking at the different condos and businesses that seemed to go on forever. Finally I decided I should make my way back towards the condo. As I got close to my condo I checked my phone, it was a little after 6. I looked up the beach 15 or 20 feet and spotted the woman from the lobby on Sunday. She was sitting in a chair with a umbrella over her, sunglasses and a hat. She was looking at something but I couldnt tell what.(it was her phone I later discovered) I tried to decide whether to speak or not, at this time I havent really spoken to a woman except for business purposes since my divorce. I struggled with myself, trying to get the courage up. I finally decided if I looked like an ass nobody on the beach would notice. I walked up to her and told her to not think I was a creep but she looked familiar but I couldnt figure out where I knew her from. She looked at me from under her hat and said " I dont think you do". I introduced myself and told her where I was from. She paused for what seemed like 10 seconds and said "you kinda look familiar now that I look at you". She told me her name was Carla and she was from Virginia. We decided we couldnt have met before. We talked a few more minutes and I ask her if she minded if I had a seat? She said she didnt mind and I just took a seat there on the sand.
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« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2020, 01:02:33 AM »

We sat and talked for awhile, about our hometowns and our jobs. I asked her what she was doing there by herself. She told me her husband had passed away a year or so ago, some kinda work related accident. She didnít elaborate and I didnít ask. She told me she had played some college softball but had a serious knee injury that ended her career. She had joined a gym after her husband passed, said it really had helped her mentally.  I told her the work was paying off. I hadnít been able to help but notice how attractive she was. She had different tan lines from wearing different suits on different days. She had a great tan and a cute bikini on, It was pink with white stripes. It was enjoyable talking with her, eventually she said it was time for her to head back to her room. She needed to shower and have dinner. I told I enjoyed her time and conversation. I had gotten ten feet or so away when I turned and ask her if sheíd like to have dinner together. She thought a second and accepted, she recommended a little pizza place up the road. Said I could call in a order and go pick it up, as to avoid the long wait in lines. She told me what she liked said she would see me shortly. I gave her my room number and hurried back to my room.
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