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Author *Topic: camping adventure  (Read 1171 times)
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« on: September 07, 2018, 06:48:52 PM »

Written early March 2018 (not by me, but a request by topic/location/idea)
This is part 1

The road to the trailhead was long and bumpy, but my old truck would get us there safe and sound. Windows down, radio up, hands out in the fresh mountain air, singing songs, maybe sneaking a road beer (shhhhh, no one cares out here). The smell of the pines filling you up, wiping away all the stress. As we climbed higher and higher, all your cares just seem to slip away. No cell service, no deadlines, just a dirt road with a trail at the end of it. The hike in was hard, but beautiful. We stopped by a waterfall on the way up and washed the sweat and grime off in the deep pool at it's base. Even though the air is warm, the water up here is never much above frigid. Your skin looked so good covered in goosebumps. Nipples hard. The warmth of the sun clashing with the brisk water. The cold water is a bit tragic for me, as my balls are in my stomach, but what can a guy do. The sight of your sexy legs and cute ass help me to regain some pride. Even though you've never been to this spot, I insist that you walk ahead of me. Those little running shorts you like to hike in have me totally captivated as I watch you from behind. As we hike into the main basin of the lake your breath is stolen from you by the clean austere beauty of the setting. A small creek babbles from the edge of the clear mountain tarn and cascades down to the valley below where my little truck waits.  
"I know the perfect spot around the lake"
We have to scramble over boulders and fallen trees to get there, but the effort is absolutely worth the reward. Nestled in a grove of stunted fir trees is a small meadow, covered in delicate high mountain flowers, and untouched. The only sign that anyone has ever been here is a small fire ring. We pitch our tent in the middle of the waving grass and make our way over to the lake no more than 20 steps away.
"This is why I love this spot"
A perfectly flat slab of granite rests next to the edge of the lake. The stone is warm under our sore bare feet from the early afternoon sun. As you walk to the edge you are amazed to find that the water is 15 feet deep right off the rock. You can see all the way to the bottom. You dip a toe in, and shiver.  
"This whole lake was snow not long ago. Think you have it in you to go for a swim?"
Your eyes follow my hand as I point to a small outcrop of rock 50 yds away sticking out of the middle of the lake.
"It's quite a spot if you're willing to take the cold swim out."
You in?
As we undress, the warm granite under our feet, the mutual admiration is obvious. You seem to take a long time to get those little shorts off, bending over deliciously and catching my eye. I make a bit of a show of peeling off my shirt.  
"On 3"
We grab hands as we launch into the cool clear water. The shock is intense and we both come up laughing and sputtering for breath. What looked like a quick swim, now looks like miles, but sure enough we make it to the rock. Being the gentleman that I am, I offer a helping hand for you climbing onto the rock, my hand squeezing your ass as I do. We collapse onto the rock shivering and laughing uncontrollably, falling into each others arms. The sun warmed rock beneath us is a delicious counter to the goosebumps on our skin. Every nerve is alive and screaming after that swim. Your body next to mine is too much as I roll on top of you, my lips finding yours, your hips raising to meet mine. I am hard almost immediately. The feel of your body under mine is thrilling. Our public nakedness only increasing the excitement. What will we do if someone comes up? These thoughts pass quickly as our once cold bodies begin to warm with our passionate embrace. My hands find their way to your breasts, rolling your rock hard nipples between thumb and forefinger. I can feel your arousal as my cock begins to slide easily across your pussy. The wetness feels so warm after our swim. As much as I would like to tease you, I can't resist this feeling. You reach down to touch me. You rub the soft spongy head of my dick across your pussy. With a smile you guide me down with one hand and grab my ass with the other. You let out a cute little grunt as you pull my full length into you.  
Your warmth wraps around my hard shaft as our hips meet. You wrap your legs around and pull me tight into you. Your hips lift off the warm smooth rock to meet me. Pulling out only an inch and then grinding back into you, we sink into a slow, hard rhythm. The tiniest squeaks of pleasure fall from your lips each time we grind our hips together. My cock filling you completely. Our hips lock as we begin to kiss more deeply. No more in and out at all. My full length inside of you, just circling our hips and holding each other close. Your hands run across my shoulders, feeling the tone of my muscles and grabbing on. My mouth on your neck now, kissing your gently and taking little nips of your shoulders.

As I pull you up to a sitting position you notice them for the first time; a group of hikers who must have come up just after us. I am sitting cross legged with you in my lap, legs still wrapped around me. My back is to the trail so I have no idea we have an audience. Pulling yourself tight into me, so your tits are pressed into my chest, you begin to work your hips in small circles, your clit hard against my pelvis. As you whisper dirty thoughts into my ear your eyes never leave the group of hikers.

Your breath in my ear as you talk filthy tickles me and makes me pick up my pace. Your legs wrap tighter around me, making it hard for me to pull out more than a few inches before you squeeze me back in. Your arms pull our bodies together as you alternate between whispering in my ear and nibbling on my neck. Soon your motions become more urgent and rapid. Grinding as I use all my strength to lift you off of me, as you fight to pull yourself down. It's a glorious game of tug of war, and everyone seems to be winning. The exertion only serves to increase our passion. Your fingernails begin to dig hard into my back, and your words slowly turn into deep moans. I know you are close, so I begin to fuck you harder and harder. You relax your grip a bit allowing me to lift your ass up for long, fast, deep strokes, the full length of my cock slamming in and out of you, as your hard nipples trace lines up and down my firm chest. Leaning back now you begin to shake and spasm, your pussy gripping me tightly. With one last moan you draw me into you fully and hold there as your body is wracked by wave after glorious wave of pleasure. You are so lost in the moment that you barely notice as I begin to bear down harder, my eyes closing and my body tensing. My hips rise powerfully as my orgasm overtakes me. I cry out in unabashed joy as a toe curling orgasm draws rope after hot rope of cum out of me. When we both open our eyes we can't help but giggle. As we begin to kiss I notice the sound of clapping from the shore. The smile on your face tells me you aren't surprised by this at all. As I turn around I see small group of fit hikers lounged out on a log at the end of the lake. Hands above their heads, they hoot and cheer. As we stand to take our bow, my cum slides out of your swollen pussy and down your leg. My cock, coated in your wetness and my own cum, red and engorged waves deliciously in the warm breeze.  

Shall we invite them to camp with us?
They look fit and fearless. The redhead has caught my eye, while there is a tall, slim hiker who seems to be captivated by the line of cum dribbling down your leg.


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Deliciously erotic, my dear! Now what to do about this hard on??!  Cool smiley
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2018, 12:29:28 PM »

what a naughty story........ Cheesy
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