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Author *Topic: Pizza Delivery  (Read 3743 times)
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« Reply #20 on: November 14, 2018, 03:41:54 AM »

....Ahh Ma'am..Im gonna have to stay while you enjoy Pizza to make sure are satisfied...with the Pizza  ;P
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I worked for a nursery as a delivery person and had a delivery early in the morning 9am of a tree large enough to require a tree cart to handle it.  I went to the door and a late twenties (I guess) lady answered in a shorty nighty and only herself. I immediately smell the familiar smell of sex on her. (I was only married for three months at this time so smell was very familiar) and instinctively looked at her crotch for a moment. (Note that I was two steps down from her at the time.) I also saw what appeared to be cum running down her thighs.

Well, being a horny 20 year old, I was immediately aroused and tried to conceal it while asking where to put the tree. She was a little nervous or maybe out of breath yet, but managed to tell me next to the garage would be fine and then shut the door. I was a horny mess for the rest of the day and never got to follow up on the guarantee as to how the tree was doing six months later .....

Only time that I have had the pleasure of seeing a naked woman .... not planned!!
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