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Author *Topic: Painting  (Read 418 times)
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« on: April 04, 2019, 12:53:26 PM »

The door chimes when I walk into the small, quaint gallery.  As I walk around an older lady watches me from behind the counter.  We exchange pleasantries as I pass by her.  A long thin painting of a woman catches my eye, and I am rendered absolutely speechless.  Her young naked body positioned strategically behind an old wooden frame.  The artist captured her innocence so expertly it takes my breath away and I unconsciously place my hand over my heart. 

A moment later the older woman approaches me while saying “Bill is our most intimate artist”.  “We have been showing his pieces for many years”. 

“The painting has a mystical quality and it speaks volumes to me” I whisper, almost breathless.

“Yes, his natural talent encapsulated her raw beauty in this painting” She says confidently. 

I nod, smiling but force myself to move around the room.  I am unable to give any other painting my full attention as I am constantly drawn back to the young woman holding the window pane.  Surprisingly, my body reacts as I follow his brush strokes over her beautiful body.  I am filled with emotion as I imagine how the artist felt as he brought her to life.  The way the sun light cascades down on her, highlighting her nipples sends ripples throughout me.   I find myself wanting to be her.  My attention quickly shifts to her and I immediately feel aroused imaging the artist’s eyes taking in all her features so intimately and personal.

Without  noticing, the older woman approaches  and is now standing by my side along with a middle aged man with just a little bit of grey at his temples but a fresh friendly face.   

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt but I thought you would like to meet the artist” She says.  She introduces me to you. I turn extending my hand, my face now flushed and my heart beating quicker I pray you cannot read my mind.  “Hello, I am Sara.  Your painting is exquisite which evokes many emotions and for that, I thank you.” I whisper.  You smile and say confidently “thank you young lady, I am humbled you find Isabel so pleasing.  She is a strong confident young woman which I had the immense pleasure of painting while she was visiting the area”.   You continue telling me the story and I find myself completely enthralled and wishing even more that I was Isabel. 

The gallery is empty, the older woman resuming her duties we are now standing alone when you reach out and place a finger on my cheek while quietly saying “Sara, forgive me for being so bold but you are strikingly beautiful and I would be honored to paint you”.  Blushing I glance away, my mind reeling.  My body clearly screaming yes while my common sense says no!  You recognize the internal struggle battling within me so you say “Here is my card, please call me if you change your mind.  It was a pleasure meeting you Sara; your eagerness is quite refreshing”.  As you take a few steps away, I blurt out “Yes! Yes I want you to paint me!”  You turn back to me and your eyes tell me you are secretly pleased with my decision.  “Wonderful” you reply.  We agree to meet at the studio which is above the gallery tomorrow afternoon. 

At promptly 2:00 p.m. I knock quietly on the door.  You usher me in and we exchange small talk before you lead me over to the corner where the stool waits for me.   You turn on the flood lights and I instantly feel the heat but the flame igniting deep in my belly is stronger.  I watch as you move around gathering the necessary tools, paints but when I see the window pane used in Isabel’s painting, reality sets in and I start to panic.   I repeatedly tell myself I can do this and surprisingly it calms my nerves, for the moment. 

“Ready?” you ask.   Not trusting my voice, I simply nod.  My heart beating so quick it is deafening in my ears as you hand me a robe and direct me over to the closed door.  “You can change in there” you say. 

Feeling butterflies in my abdomen I take the robe and head to the bathroom.  My fingers shake as I remove my clothes; the panic returns as I neatly fold my clothes and set them on the small bench.  Wrapping up in the cozy robe does nothing to calm my nerves and I begin to shake uncontrollably.  “Can I do this” I ask my reflection in the mirror.  “Ready or not, you cannot chicken out” I scold myself. 

Quietly I open the door and quickly walk to the stool and sit down.  I patiently wait while you explain how you will start painting some of the background to ease me into the process.  Then as I feel comfortable and ready I may disrobe and pick up the window pane.  But once I do, I must not move and must remain quiet for as long as I can. 

Grateful for the many breaks you promised but wondering if you will forget as you get lost in painting. 

I watch intently as you begin to fill the paint brush with paint. Taking dabs of different colors to create just the shade you are searching for.   You pause, glancing at me, then at the blank canvas.  I close my eyes waiting for the swooshing noise as it makes contact but I am surprised to hear nothing.  The wet paint gliding along the smooth surface is like pressing a hot knife into butter, quiet and effortless.   

After what feels like a long time, my eyes shut tight; I muster up my courage and slowly letting the robe slip off my shoulders.  I hear nothing except the rushing air from the A/C turning on again.  I open my eyes and see you’re distracted so I take the opportunity and bravely shake the robe down to my waist.  Feeling exposed, vulnerable and extremely nervous, I pause taking a deep breath, wanting to bolt from the room, but eventually I lean down and pick up the window pane and position it like I was instructed. 

I bravely open my eyes and quickly glance at you, you are ignoring me, and your eyes fixed on the canvas.   Thankful, I begin to relax.  My arms and shoulders sag slightly and I shift finding a comfortable position and get ready for the ache that is sure to find its way into my muscles. 

My confidence growing, I constantly watch you now as you gaze at me, then back to the canvas.  I can’t help but wonder what you’re thinking.  I try to control my thoughts but i am unsuccessful and they quickly turn naughty.  I smile, wishing the easel didn’t block my view of your lower torso, wondering if you are aroused.  “Ahem” you say.  Jumping, I immediately blush then stop smiling.  You gaze at my lips but this time you do not look away, I resist the urge to lick them.  My rosy cheeks clearly giving away my embarrassment but I force myself to hold my pose, not wanting to disappoint you.  Eventually you look away and I let out a long sigh, not even realizing I was holding my breath.

“Need a break?” you ask.  “No, I can go a little longer” I reply.   “Good girl” you say smiling at me.  Then silence once again fills the room. 
Watching your arm holding the brush so delicately, like you’re holding a delicate glass rose, I can’t help but wonder how it would feel for you to apply the paint to my body instead of the canvas.   The rush of excitement suddenly makes my nipples erect.   I close my eyes and my breath quickens.  Imagining my blood rushing up to the surface to meet your brush strokes but feeling the cooling sensation of the paint confuses my senses, driving my desire through the roof.   As the brush moves across my hard erect nipple it sends shivers up my spine and I smile, desperately wanting more.  I grab your wrist feeling the strong beat of your pulse.  You dip your head to mine, your tongue sliding the length of my bottom lip, sucking it finally into your mouth.  Your tongue toying with mine, tempting me to plunge deeper, your hands slide up so that your thumbs tease the curves of my breasts.

“Sara?” you say breaking my fantasy like a balloon popping.  My eyes fly open and I quickly reply “yes?”.  “Let’s take a short break.  Would you like a cup of coffee?” you ask.  The muscles in my back screaming “YES!” But I simply nod and carefully put down the window pane.    Standing and stretching I feel the blood rushing to my arms but promptly regret it as pins and needles quickly take over.  As I slip on my robe I Instantly feel the wetness between my thighs and excuse myself to the washroom.  Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I giggle and without blushing I slip a finger between my thighs and through the wetness I feel my hard swollen clit. Clamping a hand over my mouth, I moan as quietly as I can.  Circling around my clit with the tip of my finger, I grip the edge of the sink and press hard into my finger.  Biting my lower lip I cup my breast while pinching my nipple with my forefinger and thumb, my pulse quickens.   Guiding my fingers expertly, I slide them deep into me and thrust in and out a few times.  Gripping tight around them, I plunge deeper and with each thrust my orgasm threatens to detonate.   Releasing my nipple, I slide my hand down my flat stomach and gently pinch my hard clit.

The pleasure rippling through me and my heart hammering in my chest I allow myself a few more minutes of pleasure.   Not wanting to be gone too long, I regretfully force myself to stop and return to the studio but not before tasting myself from my fingers. 

You pass me a cup of coffee and I politely say “thank you”.  I walk around your studio admiring your paintings and ask you about a small painting of a couple by the river.  You explain you didn’t know them but as they interacted with each other you could feel the love they shared and you simply had to paint the scene.   The look on your face reveals you are a romantic old soul and I cannot help but smile. 

“Bill, how long have you been painting” I ask.  You laugh and reply “I cannot remember a time I haven’t painted so I guess it’s been more than 40 years”   Doing the math in my head, disbelieving your age.   We chat a few more minutes before you suggest we resume. 

Having gotten to know you a little better, I slip off the robe more confidently and you guide me back into the correct position, but the softness of your hands rekindles the flame I tried so desperately to extinguish a few minutes earlier.   I look up into your gentle eyes and see a lifetime of happiness and we smile at each other and you dip your head and kiss my forehead and say “You’re doing great Sara; I will be quick so you can be on your way.” I blush as my thoughts again take a hard left, which leaves me wondering what it would feel like to have your lips on mine. 

Quickly, lost deep in thought, you resume painting and I am mesmerized watching you.   As you finish the last few strokes you stand and survey your work, satisfied, you put down the brush.

Smiling, obviously pleased with yourself you say “Ok Sara, we’re done”. “May I see it” I ask cautiously.   You laugh “yes, of course, please do” you reply.

As I approach the easel, I see myself and am instantly struck speechless.   I turn to you with tears in my eyes and without thinking I wrap my arms around you and hug you tight.  “Bill, I am in awe” I quietly say.  You wrap your arms around me and pull me tight as you say “It’s easy when I have a beautiful model”. 

Shifting my weight from one foot to another, my hip bumps yours and I am shocked to find you aroused.  You do not pull back, but instead hug me tighter.  You unconsciously thrust forward, removing all doubt about what I felt.  “Sara” you whisper seductively in my ear.  “I’m too old to be embarrassed by my reaction.  Painting you was exhilarating! You are intoxicating and your beauty made it very difficult to concentrate.  I wanted to take you right there especially when you returned from the bathroom and I could smell you as I passed you the mug of coffee.  Sara, I want you.”  “I had no idea” but before I could finish your mouth is on mine, kissing me with such intensity it takes me by surprise.   I feel you part your lips and I jet my tongue in, tasting you.  Our tongues dance! 

You effortlessly scoop me up into your arms and carry me over to your bed.  Laying me gently down, you quickly strip down and lay beside me.  Your mouth on mine again, but this time there is a hunger.  You cup my breast and my nipple instantly reacts, begging you to touch it again.  My moan escapes, bouncing off the walls as your thumb flicks over it.   I slide my hand down your stomach and find your hard cock, stroking you slowly as your thumb continues to tease my nipple.
You position yourself on all fours, hover over me waiting a brief moment as I wrap my legs around your waist and arch my back before entering me.  My body opening up to you, surrounding you, welcoming!  Fired by need, I grip your biceps and thrust hard up, wanting you deep inside me but you hold me at bay.  Your mouth crushed down on mine, we kiss for an eternity before the need takes us both.  You begin the slow rhythm, savoring every inch of your length entering me then pulling out.   My heart pounding in my ears, my broken moans bounce off the walls as you possessively take me over and over.    Your hunger is insatiable, thrusting now harder.  We are panting, our moans coming in unison.

You pause, wrapping your arms around me, we barrel roll, and I am amazed you’re still inside me as I find myself lying on top of you.  Taking my hands, our fingers intertwined, you push me up so I am sitting up on your hips, you deep inside me.   I smile down into your handsome face as I use your hands for leverage, rising up and down.  As you gaze into my eyes, your passion and desire flowing into me and a smile appears on my face.   The world stops, we are the only two souls.  You pull me down, your mouth taking mine.  My hard nipples rubbing against your chest, and I hear your moan deep in your throat.  “Sara” you moan over and over.
Sitting up, I feel my swollen clit tucked neatly into the folds of my lips and as I rock back and forth, my swollen nub presses against your abdomen, the sensation driving me crazy.  Increasing intensity, I feel my orgasm flicker to life.   The familiar buildup starting deep inside my core, my whole body shaking and I convulse around your cock as my orgasm finally erupts sending ripples throughout my entire body.  Before I can recover you grip my hips and lift me up and thrust me hard back down on you.  Not satisfied, you roll us over again thrusting hard down into me, over and over. My nails digging into your warm soft flesh, I wrap my legs around your hips so I can meet your downward thrusts with the same intensity.   Panting through our moans you whisper “Sara, oh god Sara” and I feel you are close.  All of a sudden you stop moving and I feel your cock jerking inside me, then the first wave of cum hits my inner walls.  You continue to shoot rope after rope deep inside me, moaning my name the whole time.  Breathless you kiss me until you begin to soften and slip out of me.  Scooping me up into your arms, pulling me close I rest my head on your chest.  I can hear your heart beating as I close my eyes and sigh contently. 

“Bill” I purr quietly.  “Yes, my darling” you reply.  “Do you think there is a couple out there doing the exact same thing” I giggle as I realize how silly it sounds but you murmur “Oh darling, I am absolutely positive they are!”      Snuggling further into the blankets we dose on and off for about an hour or so until the sun starts setting in the horizon. 

Smiles on both of our faces, we talk for a while before you reluctantly walk me to the door.

Kissing me on the nose you say “I hope you will let me paint you again soon”.   I giggle and whisper “I would love that” and slip out the door. 
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Intensely erotic & romantic. I’m craving making out & fucking.
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Whew!  This is a nice piece of well-written erotica.  Got me going Smiley

Well done  Thumbs up
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that was hot
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