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Author *Topic: Weirdest sexual encounter  (Read 313 times)
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« on: February 26, 2020, 01:16:53 PM »

Anyone ever had a weird sexual encounter? I'm sure some have. Whether it be sex a weird place, or with someone you thought you'd never have a chance with.         I was shopping at Wal-mart, here in my hometown, and was confronted by two younger girls, that wanted to know if i would help them. I agreed, thinking that they needed some help with something they couldn't reach on the shelf. One of  them came closer to me and whispered in my ear that they wanted to suck my dick, and had to record it for some group they were in. I was baffled, to say the least! After a few minutes of questions, for clarification, I agreed. They told me to meet them at their vehicle outside. I was nervous as shit, being there were people I probably knew in the area, and something like this has never happened to me before.
I got in the  back seat, and they told me what was going to happen. Pretty much, one would suck my dick while the other recorded it. I was like, OK, lol.
Wasting no time, they pulled my pants down and one began sucking me while her friend recorded it. I was in heaven, to say the least! It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, and I gestured that I was close, and the camera girl told me to "cum in her mouth", and I happily obliged, filling her mouth with my hot cum. When she finished, she raised up and the camera girl got a shot of her open mouth full of cum, I guess for evidence, I'm not sure, then she swallowed it. I said thank you, pulled by pants up, got out, and went on with my day. I do find myself reminiscing of that day while I jerk off sometimes! Why not! 
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« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2020, 11:52:25 PM »

Not sure if this was weird or not, mostly it was reeeeeally fucking hot, to me.

I visited my FWB last month on his vacation with his brothers and sisters and their families.
The first night, after not seeing him for an ENTIRE year, I couldn’t wait to get it in. I love him but he doesn’t love me. So anything he does turns me on.

Feeling horribly rejected after he started snoring, I figured I’d at least fall asleep holding his dick. So I grabbed it and got it all comfy in my hand. He moved a little but not much. Kept snoring.
Sometimes when I’d move while falling asleep, it would cause my hand to move. I wasn’t trying anything though. I really felt sad and extremely hurt. I just wanted to be close to him in that way, any way I could.

After a few minutes his body realized there was a hand on his dick and he started to move a little bit.
I just kept my hand there tight, not moving.
After several minutes it was rock hard in my tight grip.
He started breathing heavier and I thought he’d start humping my hand but no.
He was squirming and he reached out and grabbed my boobs which were facing away from him. (I was on my side mostly, facing away. My arm was behind me holding “it”.

He just kept breathing harder and harder and grabbing my body and jerking it to him, against him sorta...squeezing my boobs sooo hard it hurt really bad but felt really good. I was breathing heavy now, my groin was on fire....it was frantic aching NEED. It was the most I can remember being turned on, maybe ever??

After a little while of his self created frenzy, he whispered “Hohh God......you’re making me cum......
And sure enough, I felt him pulse in my hand while he covered it in hot cum.

Just thinking of that experience makes shooting shocks of electricity down in my groin.
It was hot. If I could have recorded his sounds...FUUUUCK.

Then he snored and fell back asleep.
(I went to the bathroom to clean my hand but instead used his cum as lube on my clit to finish myself off.)
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2020, 01:33:44 PM »

 Not sure if this is "weird" but not what I was expecting.
So...loong time ago. I was at a girlfriends house after she called me to come over.
 I came in and she wasted little time and lead me over to the couch. She started giving me head, she seemed super into it... moaning and talking out loud encouraging me to cum.
After she finished, before I even had my pants pulled up her best friend walked in through a doorway that was literally right behind the couch.
My girlfriend wanted to show her how to give a blow job.

  Naturally... for some time after that, this was on my mind while masturbating.
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« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2020, 01:34:30 PM »

The above was me, not sure why it was anonymous.
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2020, 09:46:58 AM »

I wouldn't necessarily call this a "sexual encounter," but here goes...I'll try to make it as little like "Penthouse Forum" as I can, but I wasn't an English Lit major...

I was 29 or 30, in the midst of a long "dry spell." It was time for my annual doctor/wellness visit. My physician was part of a larger medical group, where you have a primary doctor (typically for routine visits), but for any given illness/condition you could be seen by anyone in the practice. I had been with them for years, as had my dad. Not a coincidence, he had recommended them to me when I got my first "real job" after college, and was looking for such domestic necessities.

As was typical, my appointment was made about a month in advance. But when I go to the office on that day, I was informed that my primary doctor had left for a different office (same medical group), but I was going to be seen by this other physician whose name escapes me. No big deal, I had seen plenty of other doctors there and all were great. The nurse leads me to the exam room, takes vitals, etc. and tells me the doctor will be here shortly. Pretty standard stuff. Then the doctor knocked and walked in.

To say she was beautiful would be a severe injustice. She was an absolutely STUNNING hispanic woman, I'm going to guess Puerto Rican. About my age, perhaps a few years older, red hair, hourglass figure, quite bosomy, perhaps one button open too far, about 5' 6", and what a voice! The exam was pretty routine, and I tried my best to be as stoic as possible, given the company. Kudos for not going full-wood, too. Then she says, "Well, I see you're 30 now. Even though it's still a little early, with your family history of prostate cancer (grandfather) and BPH (father), this puts you in a higher risk category and we should check your prostate."

Oh no, I've heard about those...I was mortified. But said, "Oh, ok then" trying to play it off as no big deal. It was very clinical, and very humiliating. Lay down on side, knees to chest, the whole thing. Not the most pleasant feeling, either. When it was done (everything ok, and has been since), I found myself looking at the floor, mostly, for the rest of the visit, which gratefully wasn't long. When I got home, I immediately found a new doctor's office. No WAY could I risk being seen by her again!

In hindsight, it may have just been my own insecurities (I've got TONS!), but there's a big part of me that's always wondered if she did that because I have a lousy poker face.
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