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Here's an old one I just found...thought I'd share...kind of a fantasy of being a 'fly on the wall'.

The Massage:

Mickie clearly wasn’t herself. She’d been under such stress and with the recent moving of her office she was a mess. She was tense emotionally and physically. She was in desperate need of relief.

Steve loved her so much and just hated to see her in such disarray. The thing, he thought was to get her some much needed treatment…some acupuncture? Perhaps a massage. Maybe a spa treatment.

As he was about to leave one morning, Steve could hear her on the phone dealing with work stuff and could just feel her tension rising and her muscles tightening. He felt so helpless. While at work, he started asking around if anyone had any experience w/ local spas, acupuncturists or masseuses. He got a few responses, but nothing really resonated. Then someone suggested he talk to Theresa.

That afternoon in the break room Steve saw Theresa from the accounting department. He didn’t know her all that well…they’d seen each other around the office, and had occasional chats at the office get-togethers, but he had noticed that she was almost always happy, and had a very welcoming, friendly vibe. She was in her thirties and he liked that she always wore cat eye glasses. Just behind her ears she had small, bright green streaks in her dark hair which she always wore stylishly up. She looked like ‘pin-up girl meets rockabilly’.   He approached her… “Say, Theresa, can I ask you something?” 

“Sure,” she said.

“Do you know anything about spa treatments, acupuncture or massage here locally?” he asked.

“Is this for you?” she questioned.

“No,” he said, “it’s for my wife, Mickie. She’s been wound pretty tight lately and I really want to get her some much needed relief.”

“I see” she said. “Is she willing to trust your guidance on this, ‘sight unseen’?” 

“Well, of course,” he said.

She looked at him for a moment as if to assess whether or not he was up to what she wanted to suggest. She leaned in and her gaze became powerful and serious…almost seductive. In a lowered voice said, “So, do YOU want to participate in helping her relax?”

Now very intrigued, almost aroused he said, “Absolutely.”

She looked at him for a moment, smiled, looked around and then leaned in even closer and began to speak even more softly. He liked what he was hearing very much and they chatted for quite some time.

The day of the treatment his wife was excited, yet noticeably a little nervous. “So, where is this place?” she asked.

“Not far. Look, all I know is that this lady I work with did some work at this place and it really sounds like you would enjoy it,” Steve replied.

“Do I know her?” she asked.

“Probably not, she’s only been there a few months.”

“Well if it’s such a great place then why haven’t I heard of it?” she inquired.

“You’ve got me there,” he said. “I guess you’ll just have to let go and trust that someone other than you can take control of the situation,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her and brought her close.

She leaned in and put her head next to his chest and with obvious exaggeration, yet a hint of truth said, “But I simply must be in control.”

“There, there, I know,” he said. “Let it go today, and then tomorrow you can go back to controlling everything.”

She chucked, “Ok, but just this once,” she said and squeezed him lovingly.

Steve looked at his watch.  “Ok, we should go!” he said.

“Where is it, again?” she asked.

“I told you, not too far,” he said. “And remember, if you don’t like it, you can have your money back.”   

She chuckled, “Oh, I’m sure it will be wonderful and I’m very excited for this…thank you, sweetheart!  After all the stress I’ve been under I am SO ready for a massage!” she added.

“Well, I hope you enjoy it, my love! You definitely deserve some much needed relaxation & tension release…you’ve earned it…now let’s go”. He kissed her on the forehead and they gathered their things and headed out the door.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. The sky was full of billowing clouds and was a lovely blue that was just beginning to reveal the hue of the oncoming dusk. He put on a very relaxing instrumental playlist in the car.  They drove towards the edge of the city and pulled up in front of an old single-story office building. It was striking, but in desperate need of paint. The detail; simple trim and pilasters w/ chevron trim at the tops, its beautiful steel windows; all indicated that this Art Deco gem still had some creative & vivacious energy to offer. It welcomed them as they approached.

As they entered she was enveloped by the sweet aromatherapy of lavender, lilac, sage & eucalyptus. The faint chamber music couldn’t have been more soothing. As she looked around she immediately felt comfortable and was ready to relax.

Just then a woman walked up and greeted them. “Hi. My name is Theresa. Welcome!” she said.

“Hi,” “Hello,” they responded.

“We’ve been expecting you,” Theresa continued. “Do you like how the place feels?” she asked.

“Definitely!” Mickie said immediately.

“Good, I’m so glad!” Theresa continued. “We haven’t been open very long and are trying to create the right vibe. Anyway, again, welcome! Now, I just need you to fill out this form and we’ll get started,” she added as she handed them a clip board and pen.

They sat down in the waiting room and Mickie began to fill out the form. Steve looked up behind Mickie and saw Theresa who was looking at him as if to say, “Are we good?” Steve gave her a nod and continued to help Mickie with the forms.

When they finished they stood up and approached the desk where Theresa was waiting for them to take the forms. She started looking them over and said, “So, no specific issues, just in need of ‘working out the knots’, so to speak?”

“Yes,” replied Mickie.

“Ok, great. Why don’t you follow me and your husband can meet you back out here in about an hour or so.”

Mickie turned to Steve and gave him a very heartfelt kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, Sweetheart. I really appreciate this!” she said.

Steve smiled and squeezed her tightly. “Of course, my love. Go clear your mind. Let go of everything and just take it all in and relax…this is for you,” he said. She smiled and then turned and followed Theresa.

She followed her down a softly lit hallway to a small room that was candle lit and had hangers, hooks, a small table with towels and two chairs. “Go ahead and take off your clothes and hang them here. You can then wrap one of these towels around you and press this button over here.” Theresa said.

“Ok, sure.” Mickie responded.

She took off her clothes and carefully hung them up as instructed. She wrapped a soft towel around her and pushed the button. She heard a delicate bell ring in the other room and waited for Theresa to return.

Within a few moments Theresa returned. She opened the door and handed Mickie a glass of red wine.

“Whoa,” said Mickie. “What’s this?”

“Just a little something to get you started and help you relax,” she said with a smile. She handed the glass of wine to Mickie and offered her to take one of the chairs. They sat down and chatted while Mickie sipped her wine. The talked with one another and by the time Mickie finished her wine she was feeling even more comfortable and relaxed.

“Well,” said Theresa, “you ready?”

“Definitely,” said Mickie. Theresa motioned her to follow and they left the room and headed down the hallway.

They came to a door at the end of the hall. “Ok, I’m a little embarrassed to have to tell you something, so you’ll just have to bear with me,” said Theresa.

“What is it?” asked Mickie.

“As I mentioned,” Theresa began, “We’ve not been open very long and our rooms are still having work done to them right now. So this is the only available room that we can use today. And unfortunately it has no covering on the window along with a few other temporary eyesores. Now, I think all of your other senses will enjoy this room, but I think if we remove ‘sight’ from the mix you’ll be happier. So I have this little sleep mask for you to put on if you don’t mind, and then we’ll go on in.”

“Oh, ok, no problem,” Mickie said and she put on the mask. Theresa then led her by the hand into the room.

It was very warm and the aromatherapy and music were both very soothing. Had Theresa given her the mask and not said anything, Mickie would never have known about the room’s deficiencies. After just a few steps they stopped. “Here you go,” said Theresa, and Mickie could feel she was at the edge of the massage table. “You can just drop the towel and get on the table face down and put your face in the cradle”.  Mickie did as she was instructed.

She heard Theresa walking around getting things ready, getting everything in its place. Then could tell she was putting oil in her hands and rubbing them together. The oil had a sweet aroma she’d never smelled before…she thought she could make out eucalyptus…sage…maybe rosemary…coconut? Perhaps a hint of vanilla? Is that Mint? Then she felt Theresa’s soft, yet strong hands begin to rub her back. Mickie began to melt as she rubbed all the muscles in her shoulders and worked her way slowly down the small of her back. Theresa made sure there was always plenty of oil as her hands would glide all over with expert precision. “You just let me know if you want me to work on any particular area” said Theresa and she continued to work on Mickie’s back, neck and shoulders. Mickie’s mind began to wander. She’d never been given wine at a massage before, but she liked it and was glad that it gave her and Theresa a chance to connect. She liked Theresa very much. Especially now because she was hitting every tender spot and working it until it was gone.

Mickie could feel the tension slowly starting melt away. She was feeling content and taking it all in. Theresa worked methodically along her neck and shoulders…working her way down each arm and massaging each hand and wrist. This went on for a while and Mickie absorbed every second of it.

Theresa worked her way down her back and as she would smooth wide across her back, she’d slowly follow her ribs around the side, easing pressure as she did so. Mickie became aware of Theresa’s hands softly grazing the sides of her breasts as she did this.

She worked the muscles of Mickie’s lower back and sides with strength, healing and purpose. She worked her glutes and, using her elbow, was able to dig in to some precise points that took the build-up of weeks’ long tension and vaporized it. Mickie was melting.

Theresa then massaged down each leg (a little too quickly, Mickie thought) until she arrived at Mickie’s feet. She stayed here a while. She kneaded the bottoms of each foot and worked on each heel and ball. She worked every single toe. Mickie was succumbing to the pleasure of touch and massage and began to drift into a calm place of being in the moment and receiving pleasure.

Theresa then began a slow methodical ascension up Mickie’s legs one at a time. She worked the Achilles gently. Then slowly moved to her calves where she stayed and worked some deep tissue. Mickie loved this. Then Theresa moved towards the upper leg. She worked the outside of each thigh making sure to get to the deep tissue there as well.

With each new area she rubbed, Theresa would get her hands oiled and warm and the unique smell of this oil continued to permeate the room and add to the ambiance.

She placed one hand on the outside and one on the inside of Mickie’s lower left thigh, just above the knee and started to massage. This was really beginning to send Mickie to a nirvana of relaxation. Theresa slowly worked up the thigh, stopping about mid-way and working the hamstring. She continued slowly up the thigh and when she got to the top her right hand ever so lightly grazed Mickie’s outer labia. This sent an unexpected electric pulse through Mickie’s body. The pleasure of it caught her completely off guard, for she figured the touch was not intentional.

Theresa then began to address the other thigh the same way; freshly oiled hands; starting low and moving her way up the thigh taking the same course as on the previous leg, and again as she made it to the top, her hand brushed her outer labia on the other side…and once again unexpected pleasure buzzed her senses. Now Mickie wondered if that was intentional. Theresa began to work the ‘glutes’ again and every now and then would get close enough to Mickie’s sex to generate an electric awareness. Mickie realized she was loving this…she actually wanted to be touched more!

“Ok, sweetie, flip over for me,” Theresa said. “Everything alright so far?” she asked.

“More than you know!” Mickie responded as she got comfortable on her back.

Theresa walked to the head of the table and began to massage Mickie’s head, temples & face. Mickie was now acutely aware of just how covered in oil she was, and it was warm and smelled so soothing. Then Theresa started working her way down Mickie’s neck to her shoulders…again she took care to work down each arm in its entirety. Afterwards, she worked Mickie’s upper chest and down to her abdomen. As Theresa worked her way down Mickie’s chest, Mickie couldn’t help but notice how deftly yet sensuously Theresa rubbed her breasts…not too long, not too brief, not too light, not too hard, and with an energy that was very female, healing and ‘loving’.  She’s had massages before and the rubbing of her chest had almost always felt clinical at best. This was somehow different. Mickie was surprised to make the realization that she was aroused.

Theresa worked Mickie’s stomach muscles and when she got down to the lower abdomen she stopped. Then she walked down to the foot of the table and worked her feet again. She now worked up her shins and also attended to her knees. From here she oiled up again to attend to each thigh. She worked each quadriceps with some deep tissue work. She worked up the side of each leg, re-visiting the side of each ‘glute’ before working her way up the sides to resume the lower abdomen where she’d left off.

She worked the abdominal oblique muscles and worked her way around to the inner thigh and the adductor muscle. Theresa was rubbing all the muscles around Mickie’s sex concentrically and it was making Mickie very aroused. The circular motions began to get nearer and nearer to her vagina and she could feel herself actually getting wet.

“Does this feel ok?” asked Theresa.

Mickie had finally reached the relaxation point of pure acceptance and release. She had given in completely to the moment. She didn’t actually respond to Theresa’s inquiry with words, but rather a large exhale/breath-moan accompanied by an involuntary raising of her hips as if to say, “Please continue.”

Theresa’s touch now began a slow transition from professional to sensual. First, she attended to relaxing the lower abdominal muscles, then with one hand she softly cupped Mickie’s pubic mound and applied just the right amount of pressure, while the other hand went back to Mickie’s chest.

Mickie, knowing that she’d just crossed a line that she had heretofore never considered, relinquished all that she had and gave in to complete submittal to the reception of pleasure. Her mind was a complete blank. She focused on nothing other than the simple pleasure of receiving the touch of Theresa’s hand.

Sensing Mickie’s willingness to receive only excited Theresa to want to continue with absolute focus and energy. Her oiled hands smoothed simultaneously over Mickie’s pudenda and her breasts. With absolute precision her hands worked their way over Mickie’s entire body.

Mickie’s breathing began to slowly intensify.

By now Theresa was in complete control. She now wanted to focus on Mickie’s wonderful pussy. She began by once again working the pubic mound w/ pressure. Then she worked her way in to upper thighs, slowly getting closer to her labia and easing the pressure.

With both hands she lightly rubbed each lip gently, slowly opening them up. With one hand she started circling her clit while the other hand gently rubbed her taint.  She then began to rub her clit w/ slightly more precision and pressure. And with that, she slowly inserted her middle finger deep into Mickie’s pussy curving up to gently massage her g-spot.

“Mmmmm…” Mickie, barely audible, said.

Theresa kept this going at a tempo that was perfect for Mickie as if Theresa intuitively just knew the right speed.

Mickie’s orgasm was rapidly approaching. Theresa could sense this and while the one hand was still fingering Mickie’s wet pussy, the other began to massage her breasts. With perfect timing and pressure, Theresa pinched Mickie’s nipples. Each time she did so Mickie’s impending orgasm crept decidedly closer.

“Ohhhhhh…” Mickie began to moan.  “Yessss, that’s it.”

And like a master playing an instrument, Theresa guided the orgasm from deep within Mickie to come forth and erupt in a convulsion of electric pleasure that vibrated every muscle in her body simultaneously into a glorious rapture of bliss, and calm and deep relaxation.

As the waves of pleasure and release gently washed over Mickie, Theresa’s touch guided her gently back to this world and came to rest lovingly on her torso, moving slowly up her chest and finally ending with a gentle, finishing squeeze on her shoulders.

Mickie lay motionless for what felt like an entire season as her senses slowly returned.

“Remember to drink lots of water for the rest of the day,” Theresa said and with that she laid a large towel over Mickie and exited the room.

Mickie was so relaxed and content at that moment. She was also in somewhat of a state of shock at the experience she just had. She’d never had a massage like that before! She wondered if Steve knew this was going to happen. No matter. It did happen. She hadn’t expected it, but it did happen and realizing how relaxed her entire body felt, she was glad it did.
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