Orgasmanic Tango
Do you like to watch others "do it"? Do you like to be watched while "doing it"? In Orgasmanic Tango, up to 12 people (per room) can masturbate together! Superb cam quality let's you see every stroke and every spurt. There's also apps for iPhone and Android, so you can cam and cum on the go!
All rooms can now hold up to 12 people!
We strongly suggest you change your name from "Guest" to your O name. It's more fun to masturbate with people you know. Plus, if the room is maxed out, non-cammers and "Guests" will be the first ones kicked out.
Tango Main
This is the main Tango room. Camming is required (if room is full).
Experimental Rooms
Tango Vocal
Go here to talk and/or moan. Mic required. Cam optional.
Tango Couple
A room for couples to give shows. Singles can watch and/or participate. Cam optional.
Tango Watch
This room is for those who like to watch others, but not necessarily show themselves. Fun for exhibitionists too! Cam optional.